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garage door cablesCables and Cable Drums 

Each garage door is designed to include at least two cables to hold the structure from its sides. The use of these cables helps raise and lower the garage door effortlessly and safely. However, the cables are known to lose their strength with time and usage.

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Consequently, you can expect the traction commonly found in new cables to loosen progressively. Loosen cables are the primary reason why a cable and cable drum serve an essential role in a garage door that you cannot ignore. 

garage door cables

What Types of Garage Cables Do You Get? 

Although most garage doors only have one type of cable included in the design, the three available all have different uses. These cables include the lifting cable, the emergency release cable, and the retaining cable. A malfunction occurring in any of these cables is likely to result in your garage door not working correctly or safely.

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Lift Cables

Lifting cables generally operate these garage doors with torsion springs. Once these cables are connected tightly to the door’s lower corners, a dependency relationship is created. The release or stretching of these cables will directly affect the garage torsion spring situated above the garage door, which works to raise or lower the structure securely. 

emergency release cable drum 

Emergency Release Cable Drums 

You may find these cables on any garage door opener. The lock system is installed in a hole located on the door. With a sharp pull of this release cable, you activate the trolley from the opener’s belt or drive chain, allowing you to open the garage door manually.  

The most used garage door cable elements are: 

  • Thimbles
  • Stops
  • Sleeves Cable Reels 
  • Premium Cable
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Cables Keepers 
  • Hi-Lift Cable Drums 
  • Vertical Cable Drums 

garage door cable

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Do the Cables and Drums on Garage Doors Do? 

These cable drums and cables included in a design play an integral role in the correct operation of a garage door. They work in unison to rapidly lift and lower the door’s weight when needed. 

When Should I Replace My Garage Door Cables and Cable Drums? 

It is usually time to replace your garage door cables if you see them fraying. You should also consider replacing the cable drums if the garage door goes off-track or sideways or if the cable breaks while closing or opening your garage door. Never wait too long as doing so could cost you later.

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The garage door

The garage door itself is the most expensive shifting part in your garage. Many garage door parts are required for a garage door to operate smoothly.

Notice! Some parts (as springs) are hazardous to replace without proper knowledge.

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