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Decorative Hardware

Garage Door Decorative Hardware

Everyone requires that specific garage door part to get the perfect look and functionality from their garage door. Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply has many options for decorative hardware. Learn more about each one to figure out what to recommend to your customers:

Cast iron hinges are an excellent idea. A top choice is the Fleur de Lis option. However, you can also find rosette hinges and spears. There’s even one with a rounded end, called a colonial hinge. Regardless, they all look amazing on the door and can add more aesthetic appeal!

We also offer cast iron handles. They’re more durable and robust, and you can use them to open the door manually. When going all cast-iron, these cast-iron lift handles are the way to go. You can find the spear lift, Fleur de Lis, and Colonial options to match the hinges.

Think about cast-iron pulls to create the right look for the door. It’s possible to mix and match the spear, colonial, or Fleur de Lis pull handle. Plus, we also offer a dome-end twist version.

Stamped hardware is also a great choice. You can find forged handles, stamped hinges, and a stamped lift handle to match.

If you’re not sure what decorative hardware you need or can’t find something, call us! Ben’s Garage Door team can help you find the right products for your garage door!


Can You Add Decorative Hardware to a Garage Door?

Decorative hardware for garage doors is widely available. There are various materials, colors, sizes, and styles out there. For most professionals, it is easy to add the hardware to the door. While you should always go with what the customer wants, they may go overboard with their selections.

We recommend that you find out what you can about decorative options and trends in your area. Give them advice and gently nudge them in the right direction. That way, they don’t end up taking away from the visual value of the door.

Is It Possible to add Magnetic Door Hardware to the Garage Door?

Yes, you may add magnetic hardware to your garage door. It’s going to add more curb appeal to the home. However, let customers know that this is mainly for aesthetics. Generally, the bond isn’t strong enough to use those handles while opening the door. If your client uses an automatic opening system, they may never have to open the door manually. Therefore, this shouldn’t be an issue.