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Chain & Chain Hoists

Garage Door Chain and Chain Hoists 

A chain hoist is a mechanism to lift and lower heavy loads, such as a garage door. It uses a chain to make the door adjustments. When the chain is pulled, the movement causes it to wind around the wheels of the chain hoist. From there, it begins to lift the garage door, which is typically attached to the chain through a hook. 

These chain hoists are incredibly beneficial when using a garage door because you can quickly and safely open it. There is a wide array of garage chains options available on the market, which include: 

Chain Hoist Section Doors 

You can choose between various 1-inch and one ¼-inch shaft sizing options for chain hoist section doors. These include the J.R.G V2 Section Door Chain Hoist, Model 200 D Sectional Door Chain Hoist, Model 2000 D Chain Hoist, J.R Sectional Door Chain Hoist, Model 2000 R Chain Hoist, Model 2000 R Chain Hoist, Disconnect Chain Hoist (with a 1-inch bore). 

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Chain Hoist Rolling Doors

Chain hoist rolling doors come in many different types. These include the RDRG Chain Hoist Basic Kit, 2000R-OM Wall Mount Chain Hoist, RDP Chain Hoist Basic Kit, and RDD180 Stationary Chain Guide. 

Chain Hoists and Accessories 

You can also add an array of accessories to your garage door’s chain hoist system. These include a jackshaft sprocket 1-inch or one ¼-inch bore, sash chain, chain keeper, hand chain tensioner, or a 26-inch galvanized hand chain.

Master Links 

Master links come in various sizes, such as a #50 chain, #48 (or #65) chain, #41 chain, or #40 chain. 

Roller Chain

Roller chains are essential for any chain hoist system and can come in a variety of options. These include a 10-inch #50 chain, 10-inch #48 (or #65) chain, 10-inch #41 chain, or a 10-inch #40 chain. 

Offset Link 

Offset link choices include a #48 (or #65) chain, #41 chain, #40 chain, or #50 chain. These are all designed as an offset ½ link. 

Chain Tools 

You can include Chain tools in your system with a roller chain breaker and roller chain holder. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How Does a Chain Hoist Work? 

Chain hoists use a pulley mechanism that is operated by hand. This mechanism lifts the end of the chain when the pulley is turned. 

What Are Master Links Used For? 

A master link is a roller chain accessory that offers convenient disconnection and a chain connection without a dedicated chain tool. 

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