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A standard garage door weighs around 300 pounds; the weight is calculated according to the type of material the garage door is made of, the insulation that surrounds it, and more. The big question is, how can a 7-year-old kid lift the garage door easily? Is he a member of the Justice League? Is he a superhero? The answer is no. Neither the child nor we can lift a garage door without the roller.
Yes. You should lubricate this little part with all the hinges, pins, springs, tracks, and more, at least once a year.
Although the roller does essential work in moving the garage door smoothly, The springs will absorb most of the garage door springs’ weight. The role of the roller is to keep the cables within the allowable range.

An ordinary garage door can weigh around 300 pounds. This weight is usually based on the materials used and the insulation present. Many ask how people can easily lift these structures if they are supposed to be so heavy. The answer lies in the rollers included in the garage door’s design. 

Yes, the garage door springs work to absorb most of the structure’s weight. However, the roller’s job is to maintain an efficient cable range. Here are some of the most popular types of rollers: 

Car Wash Rollers 

Car wash rollers come in various sizes. The most common ones are made with a 9-inch stem, and 3-inch nylon roller, a seven ¼-inch branch, and 3-inch sealed nylon roller, or a 7-inch stem and 2-inch sealed nylon roller. 

Precision Bearing Nylon Rollers 

You can purchase precision-bearing nylon rollers in an array of sizes. Some of these sizes include a 7-inch stem and 2-inch precision bearing nylon roller, a 9-inch stem and 2-inch precision bearing nylon roller, and a 4-inch stem and 2-inch precision bearing nylon roller. 

Steel Rollers 

When picking steel rollers, you can choose between 2-inch and 3-inch variations. These 2-inch steel rollers include a 9-inch stem and 10-ball steel type, a seven ¼-inch stem and 7-ball steel type, a 7-inch stem and 10-ball steel type, and a 4-inch stem and 10-ball steel type. 

On the 3-inch side, you can pick 3-inch steel rollers with an 11-inch stem and 10-ball steel type, a 4-inch stem and 10-ball steel type, a 9-inch stem and 10-ball steel type, or a 7-inch stem and 10-ball steel type. 

Nylon Capped Roller

These rollers are available in two 2-inch variations: a 4-inch stem, 13-ball capped nylon, or a 7-inch stem, 13-ball limited nylon style. 

Nylon Rollers 

These are equipped with a 2-inch roller that comes in either 11-ball nylon or 13-ball nylon types. You can choose between a 5-inch, 7-inch, or 4-inch stem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know If Your Garage Door Rollers Are Bad?

It is time to replace your rollers if the roller wiggles or has debris in it. You are going to want a roller that spins freely on the shaft. Replacing them also becomes necessary when the roller is locked up or seems like it is grinding. 

Which Rollers Are the Best?

Although all rollers bring different benefits, nylon rollers are known for being the better choice over steel roller types. This is because these nylon tire rollers are not as noisy and are more resistant to moisture.