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Other Hardware

Garage Door Other Hardware

Are you searching for a specific garage door part? We have many options available. Take a look at our various products to find the one you need:

  • Exhaust ports are often used on garage doors to ensure that the vehicle’s fumes can escape the garage and protect everyone inside. 
  • The bottom and top fixtures are often called seals. They go on all the length of the door. A pro Garage Door Technician should install the sealing on the ground and above the door to keep the inside more comfortable. This is especially helpful for a heated garage.
  • Door bumpers are often used for overhead doors with a jackshaft opener. They keep tension on the torsion and cable system and can ensure that the door doesn’t slam into the back on the track.
  • Low headroom kits can help you use the garage door system if there’s less-than-optimal spacing. Typically, you need at least 4.5 feet of headroom. Most people find that the Super Sneaky Low Headroom brand is ideal!
  • Mini-warehouse parts & hardware can include many things, such as:
  • Seals
  • Lock plates
  • Latches (flat, four-bolt, etc.)
  • Lift handles
  • Splice plates connect the vertical and curved door tracks and are often anchored with a flag bracket. Sometimes, a steep angle is required for the arm attachment of the garage door opener.
  • Jamb brackets come in various sizes and are the trim pieces to cover rough frame openings for a garage door. Sometimes, they’re called liners or wraps.
  • Step plates are great as a template to locate the holes and their proper position.
  • A section saver sometimes called a door ratchet, stops door drift while opening the door. It’s suitable for manual and vertical sectional doors.
  • You also require a pull rope or release cord. It’s an essential security and safety feature and can be used if the opener loses power or malfunctions.

There are plenty of fire door accessories available! We offer a fusible link; a 30-pound pull fusible link, a sash chain, and #8 S-hooks.


Why Do Garage Door Systems Have So Many Parts?

While homeowners tend to focus on the significant components, such as the door itself, motor, and track system, you require many other parts and hardware. That’s why it’s always a good idea to hire a professional and get details from a trusted source!

What Are the Benefits of Having a Fire Door?

You’re going to find that fire-resistant doors can:

  • Keep employees safer
  • Protect your assets and property from flames and smoke
  • Limit the spread of fire, soot, and other dangerous chemicals
  • Help you recover from a fire sooner
  • Provide more security from the outside world

Generally, you want this small door to be between your garage and main property and should be fire-resistant. Often, self-closing devices and smoke seats are used here.

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