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Black Powder Coated Hardware

Garage Door Black Powder Coated Hardware

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply have you covered when it comes to the best parts for your garage door. We offer a variety of hardware options, and our all-black powder-coated hardware is top of the line.

You’re going to get all the benefits of powder coating with a deep, dark black color. Many homeowners find it appealing because it goes with any décor. On top of that, you have many options, though our hinges are the top choice.

We offer #1 through #4 hinges with the black powder coating. Plus, you can also find bottom brackets and a junior adjustable top fixture. They’re going to last a long time and help the garage door run smoothly for many years to come.

Please check out our extensive part list. Order now by inputting your information or call. We’re available to assist, so if you’ve got questions, ask us!


What Is Powder Coated Black?

Typically, you can have a variety of powder-coated black items. However, most people go with the hinges. You may also find a pair of black-powder-coated bottom brackets that fit at the bottom of the door so that the cable can attach to it to lift it. There’s also a top fixture, which you can adjust to meet your needs.

What Is Black Powder Coated Steel?

Powder-coated steel is the treatment process used where a galvanized steel sheet is covered with a dry powder spray. The black powder acts like a protective metal laminate against discoloration, fading, scratches, and dings. Typically, the powder coatings are made using fine resin particles, which are directly applied to the steel base. You can find many colors out there, but black is an excellent choice for dark garage doors. Plus, many modern homes use black throughout. Even if the homeowner has a different aesthetic, black goes with everything and is a popular choice!

Does Black Powder Coated Steel Rust?

All types of powder coating are resistant to rust, abrasions, chipping, peeling, cracking, and damages caused by chemical exposure. However, it’s not indestructible. Still, it’s highly durable, retains its gloss and color, and goes on uniformly. When compared to traditional paint, this is an eco-friendly choice. 

Therefore, no, black powder-coated steel isn’t going to rust for a long time. It typically takes 50 years for it to start to rot. However, it’s a good idea to check the coating during regular maintenance to ensure that it hasn’t worn off in spots.