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Bearings & Plates

Garage Door Bearings & Plates

When it comes to finding the perfect garage door part, Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply is here to assist. We have many options available, and our bearings and plates are a top choice. Learn more about the products we offer:

Every torsion spring system requires bearings along the torsion tube. They’re supported by hardware or stamped into the middle of the center bearing supports, sometimes called spring anchors. They are then secured with some lag screws to the header. 

You also have end bearings stamped into end bearing plates, which are then supported with nuts and bolts by the horizontal track angle and sometimes to the header, too. As steel bearings & bushings deteriorate, you want to replace them. However, most people replace the brackets, too. That’s often the best way to go about things so that you know everything is in good condition and ready to go.

You can also find flange bearings, which can offer more precision. They are often recommended for garage doors that weigh more than 1,000 pounds or cycle more than ten times a day. Therefore, many commercial properties are going to need them. However, we recommend that you use them on high- and medium-use doors that weigh more than 500 pounds with a chain-driven operator. 

With everything else, you need a spring failure device. This tool can reduce the risk of the garage door falling in case the spring breaks. We offer five options, with two being residential and three for commercial.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact us today! Otherwise, you may shop online to find the correct bearings and plates for your needs.


Is It Possible to Fix a Spring That’s Broken?

It’s not possible to fix a broken spring on a garage door. Instead of repairing the issue, you must replace the entire spring. That way, you know that it will hold the tension correctly and isn’t going to get broken again, possibly while you have it.

Can Garage Doors Work Without Springs?

While it is physically possible to operate a garage door with no springs, it’s very unsafe and unwise to do so. The springs are there to help open/close the door smoothly, which is why you often have two. If there are no springs or the ones you have break, don’t use the garage door opener at all. Most residential opening systems have the little horsepower. You could blow up the motor by doing this.