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Cables & Cable Drums

Each garage door has at least two cables holding it from the sides. These cables are used to raise and lower the door. When using the garage door, these cables will lose their strength, and the traction in which they are located will loosen.

What to do when your garage door is off track?

A few things can go wrong (with your garage door) when trying to replace garage door cables on your own. The following tips & FAQs will help you prevent damage or, God forbid, injury. Read to understand how to replace your garage door cables.

Your garage door cables differ depending on the door and the type of springs used by the door installers.

Lift Cables

Lift cables usually operate garage doors with torsion springs. When the cables are connected very tightly to the garage door’s lower corners, stretching or releasing the cables will directly affect the torsion spring located above the garage door.

Garage Door Cables in Los Angeles

At Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply, we offer all garage door cables. You can order a custom cable by thickness, length, sleeves, tying type, and different extensions for each cable.

Some customers will prefer that we assemble the cable for them and install it; on the other hand, some customers will take all the cable parts and make it themselves—everything according to the customer’s requirement.

We have in stock all garage door cable accessories such as cable keepers, clamps, sleeves, thimbles, drums, and more. All these garage door parts you can find in a one-stop store for all of your garage door necessities in Los Angeles.

Garage Cable Drums in LA

Let’s review the three types of cable drums for garage doors: the standard lift, the vertical lift, and the high lift. The cable drums’ function keeps the garage door stable when opening and closing; these drums will help the springs lift and close the door smoothly.

Standard cable drums

These cables are primarily flat. The drums come in several diameters. The cable length is different for each drum diameter. The cable length corresponding to each drum is stamped on the side of the drum.

Cables & Cable Drums

Cables keepers