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Ben’s Garage Doors Technicians Can Help!

Call Ben’s Garage Doors if you’re experiencing an issue with your garage door springs. Many problems are associated with the garage door spring, and we can help you with any of them. As always, our services are available seven days a week, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at (323) 302-1223 so we can fix your garage door today!

What Other Garage Door Repairs Do You Offer?

We also provide other garage door services, such as garage door opener repair, installation, and maintenance. Our goal is to provide our customers in Los Angeles with the best possible garage door service in Los Angeles, California, at the most affordable prices.

Licensed and Insured Garage Door Repair Company in Los Angeles

Ben’s Garage Door is a licensed and insured garage door repair company in Los Angeles, California. Our great company has been in business for over ten years, and our technicians are some of the best in the industry. Every trained technician is knowledgeable, experienced and will work quickly to fix your garage door problem.

We Are Experts in Fixing Garage Doors in Los Angels

Overhead garage doors can be a hassle when they’re not working right. Call the experts at Ben’s Garage Doors if you have garage door issues. We have many years of experience repairing and servicing all types of garage doors in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

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Reasons for a Stuck Garage Door

There may be several reasons your garage door might be stuck. It could be a broken spring, a damaged garage door opener, or even something as simple as dirt and grime build-up on the garage door tracks. Whatever the reason, our experienced technicians will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and get your door working again in no time.

We Proudly Serve Home-Owners in Southern California, Including:

Affordable Garage Door Spring Repair Los Angeles

If the garage door spring snapped, broke, or became damaged, don’t try to fix it yourself. This is a complicated project, and we highly recommend that you call our garage door services.

Ben’s Garage Door repair technicians have the experience, tools, and parts to quickly repair or replace garage door springs. We understand that a broken spring can leave you stranded, so we offer same-day service in Los Angeles, California.

Common Garage Door Spring Issues

Garage doors are heavy, and they need springs to assist in the opening and closing process. Over time, the torsion springs will wear out and need to be replaced. However, other issues can occur, such as:

  • The spring is too weak
  • The spring is too strong
  • The spring is improperly installed
  • The wrong spring installed

If you have any issues or concerns with your garage door springs, call Ben’s Garage Doors. Our trained technician will troubleshoot the problem and find a solution.

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Garage Door Spring Replacement Los Angeles

A broken garage door spring can render your garage door system useless. If you try to open the door without the spring, it will be challenging, if not impossible. A garage door torsion spring is a wound spring that helps balance the heavy garage door.

At Ben’s Garage Doors, we can replace your broken springs quickly and efficiently. We carry the best garage door parts in Los Angeles, California, and we offer a lifetime warranty on our high-quality springs!

Do You Replace or Repair Garage Door Springs?

The mother of all questions about garage door springs is, “should I repair or replace them?” The answer to this most asked question depends on several factors, including:

  • The type of spring: Torsions springs cannot be repaired; they must be replaced. Extension springs can usually be repaired if they are not too damaged.
  • The garage door spring age: Older garage door springs are more likely to break and may need to be replaced.
  • The condition of the spring: If the spring is severely damaged, it will need to be replaced.
  • The frequency of garage door spring repairs: If you have been repairing your springs regularly, it may be time to replace them.

At Ben’s Garage Doors, we will inspect your garage door torsion springs and recommend if repair or replacement is the best choice for your garage door.

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Diamond Springs | Garage door repair & replacement

What does a torsion spring do?

A torsion spring is a wound spring that helps balance the heavy garage door. The springs are located above the garage door, and they twist and wind as the door opens and closes. Torsion springs cannot be repaired; they must be replaced when they break. Garage door torsion springs, just like anything else, have a limited lifespan, and they will eventually break.

Are Residential and Commercial Garage Door Springs the Same?

No. Residential and commercial garage door springs are not the same. They are of different sizes and have other specifications. If you try to use a commercial spring on a residential door, it will not fit, and vice versa. The spring system on an overhead door for a business is designed to accommodate more weight and traffic.

The Benefits of New Garage Door Springs

New garage door springs come with many benefits, such as:

  • Improved function: New springs will help your garage door open and close more smoothly.
  • Lower repair costs: You won’t have to worry about repairs for a while after you get new garage springs.
  • Increased safety: Old and damaged springs can be dangerous. A new set of springs will eliminate this danger.
  • Better appearance: Your garage door will look better with a new spring.

A Garage Door Repairman Must Install the Right Spring!

If you need a garage door spring, hire a qualified garage door repairman who can install the right one for your spring system. The springs are under severe tension and can be dangerous if the right springs are not installed.

Torsion garage spring replacement and installation: We will replace your torsion spring with a new one that is the correct size and tension for your garage door.

Extension spring repair and replacement: A snapped spring can be dangerous. We will repair or replace your extension spring so that your garage door is safe to use again.

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We Also Service Commercial Garage Doors in Los Angeles California

Most garage doors in Los Angeles are for residential homes. However, we also service commercial garage doors. We understand that businesses need their overhead doors to be in top working order because they are used much more frequently than residential doors. Repairing broken spring systems and replacing damaged parts is our specialty.

We also offer scheduled maintenance for commercial and residential garage doors to prevent future problems. Our maintenance services include:

  • Inspecting and lubricating all moving parts
  • Tightening loose hardware for a safe operation
  • Checking the balance of the door
  • Testing the safety features
  • Adjusting the springs

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Get the Best Price For Garage Door Spring Replacement

Ben’s garage door springs are made from high-quality materials, made in the USA, and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Our garage door technician team in Los Angeles will only install the best garage door springs on the market. Different garage doors have different spring systems, and our technicians know which springs are the best for your door.

A broken garage door spring is a profound problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. A broken spring can also cause the door to fall and seriously injure someone. Call us today at (323) 302-1223 for any garage door work or to schedule a free on-site estimate, and we will give you the best price for garage door spring replacement or any garage door repair in Los Angeles!

garage door repair reviews

Ben’s Garage Doors Reviews

Reputable garage door spring repair in Los Angeles!

“I had a great experience with Ben’s garage door spring repair. My springs snapped, and the door fell on my car. I called them, and they came out the same day to fix it. Tim and Jeremy were professional and did a great job. I would recommend this great company to anyone in need of garage door repair in Los Angeles!” – Lilian S.

Honest Los Angeles garage door repair company!

“My husband tried to replace the broken torsion springs on our garage door, but he found out that it’s a complicated job that is best left to the professionals. I searched for a garage door repair near me and found Ben’s Garage Doors. I’m glad I did because they did an excellent job replacing both broken garage door springs! – Elizabeth D.

The #1 garage door spring repair in Los Angeles!

“I highly recommend Ben’s Garage Doors for any garage door repair needs. They replaced my broken garage door spring, and they did it quickly and efficiently. They are the best garage door repair company in Los Angeles!” – Anny V.

They have excellent prices for garage door parts!

“We installed a new door opener, but we needed some new parts for our garage door. We found out that Ben’s Garage Doors has a store in Van Nuys that sells garage door parts. We went there, and they had everything we needed. I even bought a couple of torsion springs if I ever need a garage door spring repair in the future. We were able to get our garage door working again in no time. Thanks, Ben’s!” – Carl W.

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