Garage Door Spring Repair Replacement

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Call Ben’s Garage Doors when you’re experiencing an issue with your garage door. Many problems are associated with the springs in your garage door, and we keep a large inventory of garage door springs from various manufacturers. We know you’re busy, which is why in most cases we can offer same-day service. Find out the many reasons Ben’s Garage Door is the best garage door service and repair in Van Nuys, California.

Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement

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We’ve been repairing and replacing damaged garage door springs for years at Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply. We are committed to providing you with quality parts, friendly customer service, and professional experience, whether you own a home or a business. If your garage door isn’t opening as smoothly as it should, then that’s a problem, and we are happy to help solve it. For any garage door malfunction, give us a call. We are fast to respond, and we provide the best service in the Los Angeles area.

Don’t Try Garage Door Repair on Your Own

Repairing garage doors is a dangerous task when you don’t have the experience and tools to efficiently and effectively repair them. A broken spring maybe just a small part of your garage door system, but it can cause a lot of damage if it isn’t removed and replaced properly. Always trust Ben’s Garage Door to do your garage door spring repair. In most situations, we can repair your broken garage door spring on the same day you call us.

Service From Licensed and Trained Technicians

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Diamond Springs | Garage door repair & replacement

Ben’s spring repair experts are licensed and have been through rigorous training in professional garage door spring repair. They can repair your garage door spring quickly, and when they’re finished, you won’t even notice they were there because they never leave a mess for you to clean up. We understand you need to get on with your day, which is why we offer fast and friendly service so you can stay on schedule. When you have a problem with your garage door springs, you can count on Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply.

Troubleshooting Your Garage Door Springs

Most owners know when their garage door isn’t opening and closing as smoothly as it once did. By waiting to service your garage door, you risk the damage becoming greater. If you notice any of the following issues with your door, call right away to have one of our experienced and knowledgeable technicians perform an inspection.

1. Squeaking Noises

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Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Warehouse

If your garage door is squeaking every time you open and close it, your garage door springs may need to be lubricated. As part of routine garage door maintenance, you should oil your springs at least once a year and more often if the door starts making noise. Be sure to clean off old debris before adding fresh oil. Ben’s Garage Door can also do maintenance for you.

2. The Door is Slow to Open

Garage doors that open slower than usual could have busted springs. It could also be that the spring needs to be adjusted. For either situation, give Ben’s a call. We can provide service for any needed repair:

  • Repair garage door spring
  • Replace garage door spring
  • Provide maintenance for your garage door spring
  • Replace other damaged parts
  • Repair other damaged parts

3. The Door Won’t Open

garage Broken spring replacement
Broken spring replacement

If the garage door doesn’t open at all, you likely have a broken spring. Your door isn’t going to open again until the spring is replaced. Call Ben’s, and we can be out immediately so you can open your garage and continue with your day.

4. The Door Doesn’t Stay Open

If you open your garage door, it doesn’t want to stay open, and your springs are experiencing tension issues. It could be that you have a damaged garage door spring, and Ben’s is the garage door company that can fix it.

For all your professional garage door spring replacement needs, Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply is your reliable garage door company.


Q: How do I know if my garage door springs are bad?

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A: If you’re having trouble opening and closing your garage door, check to see if your springs are worn or stretched out. If there’s separation in the spring or a loss of tension, it’s likely your springs need to be replaced. You can always call Ben’s to come to inspect your springs for you.

Q: How long should garage door springs last?

A: The average garage door spring should last up to nine years, but if you use your garage door more than twice a day every day, it’s likely the springs will need to be replaced much sooner.

Q: Why do my garage door springs keep breaking?

A: Your garage door springs shouldn’t repeatedly be breaking. If that’s the case, you could be using the wrong type of springs. Springs are rated according to their number of cycles, but even a lower cycle shouldn’t need to be replaced repeatedly. Give Ben’s a call so we can inspect your springs and make sure you receive the right model for your door.

Call Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply

Garage Door Broken Spring Repair
Garage Door Broken Spring Repair

Ben’s offers quality garage door spring repair & replacement in Ventura County. We are an authorized dealer for Diamond Springs. For professional garage door spring replacement, call us to schedule an appointment at (323) 302-1223.


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