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Garage door Locks 

A garage door’s complex structure includes many systems. Choosing not to have a locking system would make the mere presence of such a door redundant. That’s because while a garage door works to secure a property, the lack of a lock makes it vulnerable to intruders. Therefore, it’s vital for locking mechanisms to be put into place. Many systems in a lock’s construction contribute to its security. Learn about the most common features in a garage door locking system: 

Latch Sets and Parts 

When it comes to choosing latch sets and parts for your garage door, you have the option of an auto-latch, spring latch set with a sash chain, spring latch set with cable, or a spring latch set with sash chain. 

Dead Bolt Locks and Parts 

There are many types of deadbolt locks and parts, including a dummy T-handle set, a die-cast bolt lockset, and a replacement cylinder. 

Slide Locks

There are many mechanisms that one might choose to incorporate in constructing garage door locks. These include slide locks. When combining them, you can choose a universal slide lock for a two-inch or three-inch track with black powder coating, a residential two-inch slide lock, a universal slide lock, or an end-style lock. 

Locks and Handles 

When choosing locks and handles for your garage door, you can select an outside lock handle with keys or a keyed T-handle. 

Keyed Outside Disconnect (Keyed Alike)

Another element in a garage door locking system is the keyed outside disconnect. This option features a disconnect operator from outside the door and includes two keys, 3 feet of cable, and two tickets. The item can be keyed randomly, or you can use a specific part for the keyed-alike variation.

Lock Parts 

As you can probably tell, you can also integrate many different parts into your locking mechanism. These parts are either a #8 sash chain sold in 5-foot lengths, an S-hook #8, S-hook with a ¼-inch width and a two 1/2-inch height, an inside release handle (zinc) and an auto-latch striker. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why Should You Include Locks on Your Garage Door? 

These locks are known to contribute to the overall security of a home. It is essential to include locks that are secure and inaccessible to intruders. 

How Does a Garage Door Lock Work? 

Your garage door lock works only when the door is closed. After locking, the inside bolt will prevent the door from opening. It is most commonly a sliding lock or a T-handle lock featuring a release system.