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Dealing with a malfunctioning garage door opener is frustrating. If your garage door opener is causing you headaches, call Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply. We specialize in garage door opener repair and replacement in Los Angeles and Ventura County .

Quality and Affordable Garage Door Opener Repair

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Ben’s garage door & gate supply at your service

Garage door openers can be difficult to troubleshoot since they’re made of several switches and a motor. There are various makes and models of garage doors on the market, and each one is built differently. Our technicians have experience with every brand and can troubleshoot and perform your garage door opener repair. If it turns out you need a garage door opener replacement, we keep the best brands in the industry in stock. When you need to hire a professional to fix the fault in your garage door opener, look no further than Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply.

Some of the services we provide for your garage door and garage door opener:

  • Remote repair
  • Roller repair
  • Garage door repair
  • Opener repair
  • Opener installation
  • Custom design
  • Safety sensors installation

We Offer the Most Reliable Names in the Industry

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At Ben’s Garage Door, we’ll never recommend or install a garage door opener brand that is prone to quality issues. We want to make sure our customers receive the best parts and service from our store. We are an authorized dealer for LiftMaster, and we can repair and install the following trustworthy brands: LiftMaster Craftsman, Stanley, Genie, Chamberlin, Wayne Dalton, Linear, Sommer, and Guardian.

Whether you need a replacement, an upgrade, or a new install, we can take care of your garage door opener needs. Ben’s is simply the best garage door repair company in Van Nuys, and we’d like the chance to prove it to you.

Common Issues With Garage Door Openers

At Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply, we have many years of providing service in the industry, so there isn’t anything we haven’t seen. Here are some of the more common issues homeowners and business owners face with their overhead doors.

Sensor Out of Alignment

Garage door sensor replacement
Garage door sensor replacement

When something gets in the path of your garage door closing, it can sense the object and stop before landing on it. That’s because each side of your garage door is equipped with safety sensors. If these sensors become misaligned or dirty, your garage door opener may stop functioning properly. If they are covered in dirty, wipe them clean, and see if the garage door opener issue is resolved. If it isn’t, our repair technicians can re-align them for you.

Transmitter Issues

Gate garage door transmitter problem
Have a problem with your garage door/gate transmitter?

If your garage door doesn’t seem to be receiving transmissions from your remote, it could be that you’re out of range. Check what the manufacturer says about the range your remote can operate within. The other issue could be the antenna that hangs from your motor. Make sure nothing is blocking it, and also check for signs of damage. If your garage door is opening at random moments, you may have a neighbor on the same frequency as you. Check your manual to see how you can change the frequency, or call Ben’s, and we can do it for you.

Disconnect Switch Enabled

Every garage door opener has a disconnect switch, so you can disable it when you lose power. This could have easily been enabled without you realizing it happened. If the motor is running like it’s opening and closing the door, but the door isn’t moving, check to make sure the switch is disabled.


Q: How do you troubleshoot a garage door opener?

liftmaster garage door opener
Installing LiftMaster garage door opener

A: There are several things you can do to make sure the issue with your malfunctioning garage door opener isn’t a simple fix. Check for the common issues above, and then perform the following:

  1. Make sure the garage door opener is plugged in.
  2. Check your circuit breaker to see if the switch is flipped.
  3. Inspect the manual lock to verify it wasn’t locked by mistake.
  4. Replace the batteries in your keypad or remote.
  5. Reset the remote or keypad according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If none of these fixes the issue, pull the emergency cord to disengage the opener. Now you should be able to manually open your door until a technician can take a look. Call Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply. We offer same-day service and can get your door back to fully operational.

Q: What is the most reliable garage door opener?

Garage door opener repair
Garage door opener repair

A: Many reliable brands of garage door openers, and Ben’s Garage Door and Supply carry them all. The recommended garage door for your home or business will depend on the type of garage door you have. Call Ben’s for a consultation in finding the best garage door opener to fit your situation.

Q: Why does my garage door opener keep stopping?

A: If your garage door is stopping in the middle of closing or opening, it could be an issue with the sensors. They may need to be aligned. Ben’s Garage Door can troubleshoot your issue so you can get back to having a hassle-free garage door.

Call Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply

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Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply offers same day service, and we’ll get you back to normal in a jiffy. When you want professionalism and honesty, call the most reputable garage door company in Los Angeles County at (323) 302-1223. You can also contact us on our website for a quote.


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