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Dealing with a malfunctioning garage door opener is frustrating. If your opener is causing you headaches, call Ben’s Garage Door Repair Los Angeles, CA. Our professional technicians specialize in:

  • Repairing garage door openers
  • New garage door opener installation
  • Electric gate opener repair, replacement, and installation

garage door repair Los Angeles


We have the best technicians for garage doors & gates.

We employ only the most skilled technicians, who are well versed in all garage door opener systems. Using Ben’s expertise, we can provide you with flawless garage door or gate openers every time!

We have the knowledge and experience to handle your troubles swiftly and effectively. Our professional technicians can pinpoint what’s causing your garage door problem, so you don’t have to worry. We are not only the best garage door company in Los Angeles, CA, but also the most experienced!

Ben’s Garage Door Repair Los Angeles is the number one choice for quality service when you have garage door issues or a gate repair. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

garage door opener

Why does a garage door opener malfunction?

If your garage opener is running slowly, if it makes loud noises while opening or closing, or it won’t open or close at all, there could be any number of reasons why.

  • A loose chain can cause the door to move slowly and make noise when it opens and closes.
  • A faulty safety sensor will prevent the system from working correctly.
  • If a belt or another part is stretched too far, it’ll affect the opener’s operation.
  • An obstruction in the door’s path will keep it from moving when you press the button to open or close it.

If you’ve tried troubleshooting the problem yourself but still can’t get your opener to work, it’s time to call in an expert. We’ll diagnose the issue and provide whatever repair or replacement services are needed to get your garage door operating smoothly again.

garage door opener

What are the most common garage door openers in Los Angeles, CA?

The most common types of garage openers are:

  1. screw-drive
  2. belt-drive
  3. chain-drive


screw drive garage door opener

What is a screw-drive door opener?

A screw-drive opener is the most common opener, which lifts a metal door up and down using a threaded steel rod. Its advantage is that it takes up less space than a chain or belt drive opener. This type of opener is less expensive than belt-drive openers.

The disadvantage of a screw-drive opener is that it tends to cause more vibration and noise than other types.

What is a belt-drive door opener?

A belt-drive opener runs the door along with two rubber belts. This type of opener can reduce noise and vibration compared with screw-drive openers, and it usually costs more than a screw-drive opener. A belt is more complex to maintain than a chain or screw, so that it will require more care and occasional replacement.

What is a chain-drive door opener?

A chain drive uses a long metal chain to open and close the garage door. Its advantage is that this type of opener makes less noise than other models, but it can be more expensive to install and maintain than a screw-drive opener.

repairing garage doors-2


What other garage door repair services do you offer?

In addition to repairing and replacing garage door devices, we also provide many other repair services.

  • New Garage door installation services
  • Garage door repalcement
  • Decorative garage door panels
  • Maintenance & door repair Los Angeles
  • Gates repair and replacement


broken spring replacement

Garage door spring replacement

Replacing broken springs is usually much cheaper than getting the complete unit replaced. When your garage door isn’t closing correctly, it may put excessive pressure on one or two springs, causing them to break prematurely. Replacing a single garage door spring could save you a lot of money.

Garage door cable repair and replacement

If your garage door cable is damaged, it’s essential to get it replaced right away, whether at the end of the door or along its path. If you don’t take care of this type of repair immediately, you risk stalling the entire opener system and leaving it unable to open or close properly.

At Ben’s Garage Door Repair Los Angeles, CA, we prioritize offering same-day service for this type of issue. If you notice a problem with the cables on your garage door, don’t hesitate to call our team today.

New garage door installation services.

Whether you’ve purchased a new home (Mazel Tov) or want to upgrade your old garage door, our team can install any unit for you. We work with leading brands for new garage doors.

Ben’s can help you choose the perfect door for your home or business and ensure that it opens and closes the right way every time. Call us today for a free estimate on a new door.

garage door replacement-2

How do I know if I need a garage door replacement?

If you are currently experiencing garage door problems, several signs signal the time has come to replace it. If it’s stuck open or closed, won’t close properly, is noisy when opening and closing, or looks like it needs repair – these are all signs that replacement may be necessary.

You may also need a new garage door if the door has dents, rust, faded paint, or other natural wear. The garage door look may be the first thing people notice when they arrive at your home – if it’s looking shabby, it’s time for an upgrade!

Garage door failure – Troubleshooting – 9 Tips


If your garage door is not working, the batteries in the transmitter may be dead. If this sounds like something that would happen to you because who doesn’t forget their remote sometimes? Read the Los Angeles Garage Door pros answer:

“It’s easy to change the battery on your garage door remote or transmitter. You can slide open the back of most or use screws to secure it in place- whichever you prefer; then remove any old batteries from inside (making sure they line up accordingly). Next, add an alkaline AA/AAA or 9-volt type.”

photo eye sensor


Un-aligned garage sensors

At Ben’s, we get many phone calls regarding a broken commercial garage door in Los Angeles. Many of these worn-outs occurred during trucks and forklifts driving in and out of your facility. Since 1990′, all garage doors and gates equipped with infrared sensors. This technology will be the future of safety just because it detects if anything is in front of your garage door when you close. This can save people from getting hurt or property from being damaged!

Not only at your business garage door. You must install photo-eye sensors at your house as well. Any garage door services in Los Angeles should be able to fix those for you. Ask our service representatives to quote you for maintenance services in Los Angeles. We will make sure that there are no malfunctioning garage doors at your home or business.

Off-track door repair


The Tracks on Your Garage Door Are Incorrectly Aligned

Your garage door can be a serious issue if it doesn’t work out of alignment. The metal track your door runs on needs to have its distances between each other and from rail perfectly straightened for you to see gaps or bends in them. Then there’s definitely something wrong! Not only does this affect movement but also operation- the heavyweight may compound these issues until they become dangerous and impossible to drive up safely.

It can be difficult for you to know what to do if your garage door won’t budge because of an alignment issue. The best option is to call Ben’s – Los Angeles Garage Doors. We will align your garage door tracks and replace any damaged cables. The most competitive price all over the Los Angeles Area!

debris garage door blockage


Debris & garbage are blocking the door’s operation.

Repairing garage doors in Los Angles is usually OK. But sometimes, we get service requests to repair a garage door or to replace an opener, even though there’s no problem at all. We love to give “Same day service,” but if you call us just to clean up your garage, you’ll have to pay a service call anyway.

So before calling our outstanding service, read the following tip: “To avoid a buildup of dirt and grime on your garage door tracks, inspect the area around them for anything blocking their photo eye sensor. If you notice any obstructions or see that there is an accumulation in between where two sets of metal bars meet when walking up to it from different angles, then take care cleaning out this space with both water sprayer bottle items as well as rags before setting off again!” If your door is now working – perfect! If not, at Ben’s, we offer all garage door repairs by licensed technicians.

broken garage door springs


In any season – a broken spring is a problem.

Whether it’s gate or garage door springs, you have to replace those ASAP. You cannot choose any spring you like. The different lengths & wire thickness should be calculated when purchasing a new garage door spring. The material of your garage door panels, the windows, the door height, and the total heavyweight of your door is crucial when deciding on the perfect garage door spring. Everything must be taken into account when choosing the right garage door spring. We all know that there are different types of springs for garage doors, so it’s hard to decide which type is the best for you. Garage door or gate repair Los Angeles – Only at Ben’s!


Set up the garage door limits

When your garage door isn’t closing all the way down and suddenly pulls back up, it might be the “limit settings.”

The limit range settings specify the distance the garage door should travel before being completely shut. If your limits are too high, the door will hit the ground before the opener thinks it should and consider that the door is striking something in its path. The door will then automatically reverse to avoid damage. But if your limits are too low, the door will not close completely.

Check out your opener manufacturer’s guidebook in order to find out where is the limit settings button or dial knob of your garage door.

locked garage door


Your garage door is on the “lock” function.

Well, kids are kids. There’s nothing you can do about it. Maybe, just maybe, some little creature played around and pushed the lock knob? You should know there’s a manual button switch on your motor. This switch should be on only when your garage door operator is stuck. This function is also available for your gate operator.

It’s very risky to work with an “unlocked” garage door. It might slam down on your car and bend your car’s top cover, or worse, on your head.


Is your garage opener wired?

Sometimes you call a garage door service just to find out that the opener device is disconnected from electricity. With Ben’s, you’ll get an excellent job at a fair price. When you call Ben’s, you will be asked all the above questions over the phone before arriving. This is what makes Ben’s Company be the top garage door service provider in Los Angeles and all the surrounding areas.


Loosed cables or cracked tension springs

Garage door cables may wear out and lose traction over time, so you need to keep your eye on them. When this happens, you can easily replace the cables with new ones. Cables should always be inspected for wear and tension.

On the other hand, garage door tension springs tend to crack, bend or break due to winter-summer seasons, salty air, and usage.

It’s a good idea to lubricate all the metal garage door parts if needed at least twice a year. If that’s not enough, then just call Ben’s!


Our garage door repair services clients’ reviews

Rodrik V., Woodland Hills, CA.Garage door repair service in Woodland Hills

“We live near San Frenando, CA. The house is new (for us), everything is perfect but the garage door. Since we know no one around Los Angeles, I searched Google for “repair garage door near me” and found Ben’s Garage Doors and Gate Supply. Ben’s team was here on the same day and replaced both garage door openers. They did a great job! From now and on, all garage door repair services – Only at Ben’s.” – Rodrik V., Woodland Hills, CA.

Elli A., Washington Blvd.Los Angeles’s best garage door replacement

“My niece has driven her truck into our garage door and broke it. It was at the last winter, and cold wind filled our house. I had to get an emergency garage door replacement service. I called all over until I found Ben’s garage repair in Los Angeles. Ben is so nice, and we had great communication. Ben was very considerate. He came before his team just to show us that he was taking care of that. He also performed a super professional garage door replacement service. My niece was so sorry about what she had done, but now I know who to call if something goes wrong again. Thanks, Ben!” – Elli A., Washington Blvd.

Herman L. los angelesOverhead opener installation for a commercial garage door

“I have a Rent A center in Los Angeles. My old overhead door opener died, and I needed someone to come over immediately. After searching around for the Los Angeles garage doors best services (and timely manner response), My secretary got a recommendation from one of my clients to call Ben’s Gate Repair services (He wasn’t sure if Ben’s team could handle overhead doors, all he knew was about Ben’s gates repair services). The team arrived within 35 min, did a great job, and got a nice TIP. Ben’s Garage Door Repair Los Angeles is the top overhead door installation service in town.” – Herman L.

Suzanne ROld garage door repair in Los Angeles

“My husband and I bought a new home near Culver City. The house is nice, but the garage conditions are awful. We called Ben’s and asked him to help us with our garage door repair. They did a great job; the old garage door has been replaced with a new metallic garage door, I love the windows, and the opener is working now smoother than ever. Thank you, Ben’s Garage Door Repair Los Angeles, for your great service and all the best!” – Suzanne R., Westchester.

Stephane W.Electronic garage door installation

“I am so excited to write my garage door repair services review. I recently moved into an old house near Hollywood Hills. The house was in pretty bad shape and needed a few repairs, so I called Ben’s for garage repair services. The technicians are very professional. They know what to do and how to treat the customer right. I am glad that I have found Los Angele’s best company for all my garage door needs and other services. After everything was done – I sat down to write this review.” – Stephane W., Crestview, Los Angeles.

Joaquin N.Double Garage Doors replacement near Leimert Park

“We have a double garage doors setup. I replaced the garage doors in 1995. Time has passed, and I needed to replace the door again. My friend told me about Ben’s Garage Door Repair Los Angeles, so I called him. He wasn’t too busy (doing great business), but he didn’t mind coming over on Saturday morning. He arrived at the scheduled time, did some measurements, and introduced me to a new insulated series of doors with great upgrades. The doors were installed next week and I am so impressed with the whole process.” – Joaquin N., Leimert Park, Los Angeles

Charles T.Garage doors fixing near Mid-City

“Our garage door got stuck and we called Ben’s. They sent someone the next day. The service was good, the price was very reasonable. I was happy to find a company that cares for their customers.” – Charles T., Mid-City, Los Angeles

Dave R.Garage Door Replacement in Jefferson Park, Los Angeles

“I just recently moved into my new home near Jefferson Park. The place is nice, but I needed to get the garage door replaced as it wasn’t working properly. My sister gave me Ben’s number and I called them up. They sent someone over on the same day. They did a good job – a new garage door was installed with no problems. Reasonably priced. Overall – good experience.” – Dave R., Jefferson Park, Los Angeles

Sarah S.Garage Door Repair Services Van Nuys

“I have never dealt with garage doors companies before and was a bit skeptical about the whole process and price quote. Luckily I called Ben’s and they sent someone over to help me with my garage door issues. The tech that came by helped me a lot and gave me a fair price quote. I felt good about the service and decided to use their service again. They installed my new garage door operator on time as per schedule, they cleaned up after themselves – no mess left behind. No questions asked.” – Sarah S., Van Nuys, Los Angeles.

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