Garage Door Shaft & Struts

Getting the right components for your garage door can help you have a safer and better-looking door for many years. Each part is essential for it to work efficiently, and if one fails, overall functionality may eventually diminish.

Two of the most critical components of these doors are the shaft and struts. The struts help stiffen some door sections to not bend or break due to prolonged usage. Shaft components can provide more excellent resistance to shock loading.

Overall, you must ensure that you get the appropriate pieces for your door, and at Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Supply, we have them all! For struts, we cover everything from 3” 20-gauge struts to 2-1/4” 22-gauge struts, depending on what you need.

As for the torsion shaft, we can provide you with the necessary tubes/shafts, shaft keys, shaft collars, and shaft couplers. Remember that every garage door works with different components, so make sure to talk to our professionals if you need help to identify the optimal ones for yours.

Our company also offers additional equipment, such as an adjustable spreader arm, cotter pins, clever pins, and strut clips, which can help your door’s overall functionality. If you need a door that can open and close smoothly, you can find all the right components here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Struts Should a Garage Door Have?

It depends on your door type. Typically, double-wide doors with 25–26-gauge steel require three struts to work correctly. Two are for the top and bottom sections of the door, and a third one goes in the middle. Note that steel doors may only need a single strut to work.

Garage doors made of wood may need multiple struts to work correctly (two struts on each panel being the minimum). Remember that struts are responsible for providing your door with extra resistance, which can prevent damage to your top panel.

How Do You Tell What Kind of Shaft & Strut Hardware You Need?

At first glance, it may be challenging for the average homeowner to tell what kind of equipment their garage door needs. You want to make sure that you are getting the right components, so the best way is to contact a garage door professional to assess the situation. This is not the context to make mistakes in.

Today, you can call us at (303) 302-1223 to assess your purchase, repair, or installation needs.


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