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Cones & Filler

Garage Door Cones and Filler

At Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply, we have everything you need for your garage door torsion springs. You can find a wide variety of universal cones for your springs, including the winding and stationary versions.

Spring cone safety is a massive concern for us. For that reason, we include a winding cone cover with 500 pieces. It’s designed to fit the 2-inch and 1-3/4-inch spring fittings and can promote more safety awareness. No one can gain access to the set screws or winding holes with this option. Plus, with so many pieces, you’re not going to run out anytime soon and can offer this extra service for your customers.

Along with our wide selection of cones for your torsion springs, we also offer PVC spring filler for the garage door spring shaft. It’s essential to have this filling between the shaft and spring. That way, there’s less spring chatter. Ultimately, this indicates that you have a quieter operation of the door.

Please check out our many selection options. It’s easy to shop for and buy whatever you need for your garage door or business. Take your time; there’s no rush. We’re available for questions and assistance, too. If you’re not sure what cone or filler you need, give us a call. Ben’s Garage Door friendly team is here to help you and assist wherever possible.


What Are the Different Types of Cones and Cone Sizes?

There are two types of cones, including winding and stationary. Each torsion spring uses the stationary cone to prevent the end of that spring from moving. At the other end of your torsion spring, you have a winding cone. This secures the shaft and spring together. Typically, this cone offers tension to the shaft and provides the lift required for the garage door. 

Generally, the standard cone sizes include:

  • 1-3/4-inch
  • 2-inch
  • 2-1/4-inch
  • 2-5/8-inch
  • 3-3/8-inch
  • 3-1/2-inch
  • 3-3/4-inch
  • 5-1/4-inch
  • 5-1/2-inch
  • 5-7/8-inch
  • 6-inch
  • 7-1/4-inch
  • 7-5/8-inch

Do Torsion Springs Usually Come with Cones?

Most residential torsion springs include a cone on each end. Spring cone safety is a primary concern here. Therefore, it’s always best to have the cones pre-installed. However, if your springs are in decent condition but the cones aren’t, you can get new ones and have them installed by a professional.

Typically, commercial torsion springs don’t have cones. Therefore, you must pay separately for the cones and add that to the price. Usually, professionals add about 10 percent for labor, too.