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We repair or replace garage doors in Los Angeles and Ventura County at Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply. We recommend you don’t attempt a garage door repair yourself. Garage door installation and repairs are dangerous, and without proper experience, training, and knowledge, you could be putting yourself and your family at risk. Our garage door service experts can do your repair safely and professionally.

Why You Should Choose Us

When you choose Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply for your garage door repair or garage door replacement, you’re getting professional service from experienced garage door contractors. We’re proud to provide you with value and service you won’t find with another garage door contractor. Our garage door installations will save you time and money, and we stand by our work.

We Deliver

spring for garage door
Garage door spring replacement

When we service your garage door repair or provide your garage door installation, our expert work and materials will be the last garage door investment you’ll need to make on that particular issue. You won’t have to spend time or money hiring someone else to correct problems you might experience at another company. When we service your garage door, we’ll make sure that we also perform any preventative maintenance, so you don’t have new problems shortly. We deliver on our promise of satisfaction and quality service.

We Stay Until You’re Satisfied

Our garage door experts stand by their work. When they finish your job, they won’t leave until you tell them you’re satisfied.

commercial garage door california
LiftMaster J50-1L5

Here’s what you should know about Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply:

  • We repair any garage door and gates.
  • We provide any garage door service.
  • We take pride in installing new garage door systems.
  • We protect your garage door investment.
  • We are garage door experts.

We are a reliable garage door repair company in Los Angeles, and we want to provide you with excellent service, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Choosing a Garage Door

garage door repair after
Garage Door repair and replacement

When you’re in the market for a new garage door, you want to make sure it offers quality and curb appeal. Because garage doors make up a significant portion of your home’s exterior, your priority may be apparent. In addition, garage doors are made in many different styles, so you’ll have options when searching for one to match the style and design of your home. When you decide on a type, your next step will be to choose a color that complements your home’s color.

You’ll also need to decide what type of material best suits your needs. For example, wood doors require more upkeep to protect the material from the elements, but fiberglass can have the same appeal as wood with less maintenance. While steel doors are strong, vinyl doors offer durability, especially if you live in an area with a lot of moisture. If you need your garage to stay warm, we can even find you a garage door that offers insulation.

Other options include aluminum and glass. Whatever your needs are, we can help you find a door to fit them. Then, we’ll order your door, and when it arrives, our experts will carefully and safely install it.

garage door replcement | before & after
Three car garage door replacement

Garage Door Brands

We install and repair many popular garage door brands in addition to custom builds and installations. Some of the garage door brands we recommend include the following:

Wayne-Dalton Garage Doors

wayne dalton garage door logo
Wayne Dalton

Wayne-Dalton has been making garage doors since the mid-twentieth century. They carry several garage doors made with different materials, including wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. In addition, they offer a wide array of panel designs, window options, and colors.

Clopay Garage Doors

clopay garage door logo

Clopay puts out a variety of residential and commercial garage doors. Besides offering a selection of materials and finishes, they also offer customization, so your garage door matches your vision for your home.

Amarr Garage Doors

garage and gate amarr logo

Like Clopay and Wayne-Dalton, Amarr has been specializing in garage doors for over 50 years. In addition to garage doors, they also manufacture garage door openers for residential, commercial, and gate applications.

Raynor Garage Doors

raynor garage door logo

Currently one of the oldest garage door manufacturers in the United States, Raynor also manufactures commercial, industrial, agricultural, and loading dock doors in addition to residential garage doors.

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply believes in these brands’ quality, and we believe when you purchase a door and installation from us, you’ll see why.

garage door installation
Installing three Liftmaster openers


8-12 garage door installation
8-12 garage door

Q: I’m having a custom garage door created for a unique project. Can your company install it?

A: Yes, Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply can install custom jobs. Give us a call to provide specifications and receive a quote.

Q: I need a new garage door, but I’m not sure how much I should invest. How much should I pay for a new door?

A: A general rule is your garage door should be approximately 1% of your home’s value.

Garage door off track
Garage door off track

Q: My garage door appears to need a panel replaced. Does your company provide service for small jobs?

A: No job is too small for Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply. We can find and install the panel needed to repair your garage door.

In-depth garage door repair cases

garage door repair and replacement
Garage door repair Los angles, California

Here I’ll share some real garage door problem cases as we experienced from our clients around Los Angeles.

My garage door sound bothers our neighbors.

Mr. and Mrs. Baker from Pasadena called that morning at the end of October 2020. Mr. Baker said that he could not open his door at night since its noisy sound bothers the quiet neighborhood peace.

Our team arrived at the Baker’s that morning, and inspecting the garage door was sagging. They had a heavy wooden garage door that got rotten due to moisture and UV rays from the sun. However, the door was maintained a few years ago.

Ask me, and I’ll tell you that this door is noisy for a long time before we came. Probably it didn’t bother the family until one of the neighbors complained.

wooden garage door
A wooden garage door repair in Pasadena, CA

We had to open the garage door manually and perform garage door alignment to balance the door. Then, replace the old door panels and lubricate the system. Now the Bakers can park day or night, and their door will work perfectly.

“No kidding. Our son just hit the garage door.”

This was the first sentence the lady told me over the phone. “OK,” I answered. “What is your address?” I asked. Then she started to tell all about her 20-year-old boy, that got his driving license four months ago. Tarzana, CA

garage door tarzana ca
Our garage door is bent!

Fixing a bent garage door

On a hot sunny day in Los Angeles, we went to help the lady and her son. Ben’s team has removed the bent door and replace the tracks and the spring. They had broken due to high pressure and equilibrium problems.

Garage Door repair or replacement? Learn more.

“I almost got hit by my garage door.”

Well, this line I know well. Unlike the customer from Tarzana, her son hit the door. Here, the door almost hit our client. You have to understand that the magic of pushing a button and the garage door opens is not real magic. Maintaining is not a forbidden word—this what happened in Thousand Oaks, CA.

The moment we arrived, I saw the neglect of the garage door. Trash and stuff are leaning against the tracks, and blocking the way was my first impression. Also, there were no safety accessories. The fasteners were loose, the cables and the perforated angles were dirty from oil or other stuff they tried to DIY. Anyway, cleaning the garage before fixing it took about an hour for three men. I didn’t take a picture because I didn’t want to embarrass her family.

“Please, I need to upgrade my garage door.”

“Sir, I need to upgrade my garage ASAP. Can you come this week?” So asked me Mr. H, from Santa Monica, CA.

“No problem,” I answered. “We can come today if you want, sir.”

“I have a nice house that I want to sell. When the realtor stepped into the garage, he told me, “Listen, if you want to get more on your premise, you have to upgrade your old garage door, put an automatic working on wifi garage door opener.” He said and added, “And please hurry up, I have “showing” on the next Sunday”.

“No problem, we’ll be there today afternoon,” I said and went to gather all the special garage door accessories that we can offer.

Call Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply is located in Van Nuys. We provide service to Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We have many parts in stock for your garage door and gate projects and provide same-day service. Call us for your next repair at (323) 302-1223.

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