Hardware Kits 

Hardware kits are available to customers who plan on building garage door sections or those who have already bought ready-made units. Various elements are needed to make a garage door so that hardware kits can be incredibly beneficial.

When purchasing hardware kits for your garage door, these purchases generally come with rollers, hinges, and fixtures. These the sections of a garage door together and allow it to roll in the tracks.

When looking to install a wider garage door or an extension, you are likely to require struts to keep the sections rigid when the door is lifted so that you can lower it quickly. Included in these hardware kits is a torsion assembly that is used to counterbalance the door’s weight.

The assembly includes bearing supports, a shaft, springs, cables, and cable drums. Hardware kits also come with garage door seals, an opener, motor, and drive to raise and lower the door. Here (and across our products pages) are some of the most common types of garage door hardware kits you can purchase.

Residential Hardware Boxes

These are perfect for residential garage door construction. You can choose between an 8-inch double-wide, 8-inch H single wide, or 7-inch H double-wide residential hardware box.

Extension Hardware Kits 

These garage door hardware kits are an excellent option if you plan to make an extension to your existing garage door. They include an 8-inch H double-wide extension door, 8-inch H single wide extension door, 8-inch double-wide extension door, and a 7-inch single wide extension door.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Installing a New Garage Door Hardware on Old Tracks

Old tracks are typically unsightly and are the first things people notice when inspecting a garage door. A garage track that is rusty or old can detract from the door’s appearance. Therefore, you should always install a new garage door track to align with the new garage door. Doing so also ensures that your entire garage door system does not become compromised.

Where Should You Place Your Garage Door Hardware? 

It would be nice if you started by placing pull handles, latches, and ring pulls on the door. Organizing your garage door hardware should be done at a minimum of 34 inches and should not be any higher than the shoulder height of your driveway. This placement mustn’t be too low or too high. These strap hinges are typically positioned on the bottom or top of the rails at an intermediate location under the window area if the design allows for it.

Hardware kits

Residential Hardware Boxes

Extension Hardware Kits