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Extension Hardware

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When it comes to keeping your garage door as safe and efficient as possible, its extension hardware is an essential factor to consider. It may not seem like it, but several components are working simultaneously when you make your door open or close. Most of the underlying processes come from the extension hardware.

Damaged or old extension hardware can pose a severe health hazard for you, so if you are looking to take care of your garage door, ensure that you get the appropriate equipment for it. Here at Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Supply, you will find everything related to garage door pulleys, forks, and other extension spring hardware.

Remember that every garage door is slightly different, so you need to make an intelligent buying decision if you want your door to keep working safely. Besides providing you with a wide variety of pulleys and forks, our team also offers additional extension spring hardware, such as cable adjustment clips, spring clips, open eye bolts, extension spring containment kits, etc., components that may complement other garage door parts.

If you need a universal one-piece door hinge, we work with several hinge sets to fit most user needs. You can check our product catalog below and see which options fit your needs the best.

But, if you want to be less specific and get everything, you may contact our complete extension kits for single-wide and double-wide doors. These kits include all the extension components your door needs to open and close, such as bottom brackets, top fixtures, cables, flag brackets, bolts, screws, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Tell the Right Moment to Replace Your Extension Hardware?

Each garage door is unique, and several different factors may affect how your door performs over the years. Overall, you should seek to replace your extension hardware if you notice any problems with your garage door, such as loud noises, improper functioning, slow door movement, and others.

It may seem like a minor garage door issue, but they can turn into more significant problems for you in the future. In severe cases, the door may stop working entirely, leaving you or your car trapped inside.

Can Garage Door Pulleys Break?

If you hear loud noises (Sorry for your household & neighbors…) when you open your door or it stops moving altogether, the chances are that your pulley broke. Wear and tear may cause this, as may a fraying cable, or if the door has not been closing evenly.