how to avoid garage door noises tips

Garage Door Noise Reduction: Tips for a Quieter Los Angeles Home

As a homeowner, chances are you don’t spend much time thinking and worrying about your garage doors – until there is a problem.

A noisy garage door is a cause for concern, especially if the strange sound is very noticeable, new, and accompanied by noticeable damage to any components – including a torsion spring, bottom bracket, ball bearing, or chain drive.

Never overlook a new and strange noise; instead, call the pros at Ben’s Garage Door at the first sign or sound of trouble.

Our technicians can handle everything from an overhead door spring repair or replacement to a complete garage door installation!

garage door problems
The noises coming from your garage door could be a prelude to worse problems!

Your Noisy Garage Door: Common Causes and Solutions

From a loud bang to screeching, cracking, whining, or a distressing grinding noise, there are several sounds your garage door should not make when it’s functioning correctly.

These unusual sounds can be distressing, but your friendly neighborhood garage door repair and installation company is just a phone call away.

Here are a few of the most common causes of a noisy garage door and some tips to help you fix the problem.

Improper Installation and Maintenance

It happens – You don’t do your homework and hire a garage door installation company your friend recommends or offers the cheapest price.

Unfortunately, as with most instances, you get what you pay for, and although the garage door worked okay for a few weeks, you are starting to notice strange noises, including grinding, rumbling, and a loud vibrating sound.

An improperly installed garage door will often slip off the tracks, or the other moving parts will not be adequately aligned, leading to many issues, including a damaged nylon roller, belt drive, or broken spring.

The worst-case scenario is that poor installation will cause the garage door to quickly fall off the tracks entirely.

Contact a professional garage door expert for a garage door replacement

The best option is to call a trusted garage door expert and start from scratch.

At Ben’s, we can not only reinstall the existing or a new garage door system correctly the first time, but we can also assist you in other repairs in the future, including garage door service and repair and emergency garage door repair.

garage door rollers
Coming in various shapes and designs, depending on the time period, garage door rollers help bring the door up and down

Worn Rollers

The rollers are small wheels or cylinders attached to both sides of the garage door panels and run along the length of the tracks.

When the metal, plastic, or nylon rollers work correctly, the door will open and close smoothly without making unusual sounds.

If your garage door starts jerking when it opens and closes or you hear rattling, squeaking, or grinding – Worn rollers might be the culprit.

Rollers experience normal wear and tear, and it is not unusual for them to fail after repeated use.

Replace damaged nylon, plastic, or metal rollers

Your best option: Replace both rollers. Like springs, hinges, and other components that come in pairs or multiples, you should also replace both rollers simultaneously to avoid severe injury if the rollers fail and the garage door falls off the track.

Roller replacement is just one of the many types of garage door service we offer!

Damaged Springs

Your garage door is fitted with two springs, or long, metal coils that help lift or lower the garage door by either extending or releasing energy by winding very tightly.

Either way, a single broken garage door spring can be very dangerous and should be replaced ASAP.

Failing springs will make a noticeable groaning, squeaking, or grinding noise, especially when the door opens and closes.

If you hear a loud noise that resembles a car backfiring or a noticeable bang, it is typically the sound of the spring breaking.

Talk to the pros about replacement torsion springs or extension springs

If you feel compelled to grab your socket set and fix the springs yourself, put away the nuts and bolts and leave a garage spring replacement to the professionals instead.

Whether your garage door repair company recommends a garage spring repair or a total garage door spring replacement, this tricky fix is not a suitable DIY project.

Broken torsion springs or damaged extension springs are tough to remove and replace, and improper installation can cause the springs to fail again in the future.

rusty chain garage door
Rust is the bane of every mechanical structure and the chains on your garage door mechanism are no different

Loose Chain Drives or Damaged Belt Drives

Over time and after repeated use, a chain or belt-driven garage door opener will fail.

This is why knowing the garage door noises associated with a damaged or bad opener drive is vital.

Additionally, the drive will eventually fail if there are any loose bolts or carriage bolt heads, overuse of the garage door, or excessive rust.

In addition to an uneven appearance, listen for grinding or rattling noise, and look up for damage to the chain or belt or a loose chain drive.

Repair or replace the drives

In many cases, if the chain is loose and the chain and opener are otherwise in good shape, the chain can be tightened.

However, a professional might recommend a new garage door opener installation if the chain is damaged and the opener is older.

garage door hinges rust worn
Rust and erosion on your garage door hinges should not be ignored

Damaged or Worn Hinges

The hinges are small metal plates that attach to the sections of your garage doors and are typically made from powder-coated galvanized steel to prevent rust.

If your sectional garage door opens and closes smoothly, your hinges are in good shape.

However, if the scraping, grinding, or squeaking noises come from the door as it opens and closes, the issue could be worn or damaged hinges.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the hinges to break or become corroded, especially when exposed to the elements.

When allowed to become severely damaged or even broken, the sections of your garage door can come loose, or your garage door could ultimately fail.

Give us a call to replace the damaged or corroded hinges

Diagnosing damaged or corroded hinges can be tricky, and removing hinges and replacing them with new ones can be even more challenging.

A professional can assess if the hinge is damaged and can be repaired or if the hinge should be replaced.

Replacing hinges often requires taking the door off the tracks and pulling apart the sections, which is time-consuming and requires specialized tools, knowledge, and skills.

garage door opener
Your garage door opener may be the source of the complications

Is Your Garage Door Opener the Culprit?

The door slips, and you hear a loud bang.

The garage door makes a lot of strange noises every time it opens and closes.

You’ve checked the rollers, springs, hinges, ball bearings, and every other moving part, but there are no signs of a problem.

What is left: A damaged or broken garage door opener.

Like every other component on your garage door system, the opener will fail over time and after repeated use.

Are you opting for a new opener? At Ben’s, garage opener installation is our specialty!

If you prefer a garage door opener repair, we can help with that, too!

garage maintenance work
Even if there are no glaring warning signs at the moment, routine maintenance work on your garage for components will keep any potential problems to a minimum

Prevent A Loud Garage Door With Proper Maintenance

Ask any garage door company, and you will be told that proper maintenance is the key to prolonging the life of your garage door and opener.

Luckily, garage door maintenance doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming.

Instead, follow these simple tips to extend the life of every component and prevent costly and unnecessary garage door repairs.

Avoid Poor Lubrication of All Moving Parts

The moving parts on your garage door and opener will eventually wear down – but lubricating garage door will help slow the wear down dramatically.

Refer to your owner’s manual to determine the recommended lubricant for your brand and make of garage door and garage door opener.

Don’t feel comfortable applying garage door lubricant – Don’t sweat it because this is one of the garage door servicing options Ben’s Garage Door offers!

Schedule Yearly Maintenance

Your house is your most significant investment, which is why you schedule regular maintenance for your furnace, appliances, and roof.

Your garage door and opener should also be inspected at least once a year.

Regular, scheduled preventative maintenance can help ensure your garage door is safe and working correctly, ultimately the best way to prevent damage that can cause serious injury.

Don’t think you have time to schedule garage door maintenance service – We offer same-day service!

tighten bolts on garage door
Grab a wrench and give your garage nuts and bolts a once-over. Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey!

Tighten the Bolts, Nuts, and Screws

Pay attention to loose bolts, loose nuts, loose or damaged screws, or other loose parts.

Tighten any loose components, but be careful not to overtighten any of these, as this can lead to lag screw holes or metal filings, which are signs you are striping out the metal bolts, nuts, or screws.

Is My Noisy Garage Door Dangerous?

Those loud noises are very annoying, but could a damaged garage door be dangerous?

Unfortunately, the answer is “yes,” so if you hear an unusual noise, you should call a pro immediately to schedule a garage door service or garage door repair.

The threat of serious injury

The average weight of a single garage door is around 100 pounds – which doesn’t include the added weight of the components.

A garage door replacement should always be handled by a pro to prevent a severe injury that can unfortunately occur if the garage door slips during installation.

Want to learn more? Here is some information about garage door and installation and garage door replacement cost.

Professionals take the necessary safety precautions

Do you know what to do if your door is off-balance?

What if one of your hinges breaks?

Do you know how to remove the hinges and replace them?

What if one of the springs snaps and your door is lying on the garage floor?

A damaged garage door is a serious concern, and any type of repair, no matter how seemingly minor or straightforward, should not be handled by the homeowner.

call bens garage door
Don’t waste any time if you hear any noises your garage door shouldn’t be making – call Ben’s Garage Door today!

Ready to Quiet Your Noisy Garage Door? Give the Pros at Ben’s Garage Door a Call

Your noisy garage door is becoming very noticeable, and you are ready to resolve the issue once and for all.

Luckily, help is on the way – A pro from Ben’s Garage Door.

With over ten years of experience serving the wonderful residents of central California, we can handle any repair or installation.

If you need new garage door springs, We’ve got you covered.

We can offer a free quote on all repairs and installation if you have questions about garage doors and repair or a garage door replacement price.

Should I Repair or Completely Replace My Broken Garage Door?

Your garage door is getting older, making strange noises, and has several noticeable dings and stains.

Is it time for a replacement, or should you put it off?

When you search “residential garage door companies near me,” Ben’s Garage Door Service will be at the top of the list, and for several good reasons.

A representative will come to your home and examine the garage door before making recommendations.

What are the pros of a replacement door? Increased safety, a fantastic return on investment, and outstanding curb appeal.

Of course, we will discuss the garage door replacement price before proceeding.

garage door problems
Garage door problems always raise hundreds of questions. We’re happy to answer as many as you can ask!

Our Customers Also Ask

Are noisy garage doors an easy DIY fix?

Unfortunately, in most cases, a noisy garage door is never an easy diagnosis or a simple, straightforward fix.

For example, a grinding noise could be a sign of a failing garage door spring, a damaged roller, or the tracks could be bent.

Your garage door won’t close all the way – The culprit could be a damaged spring or a photo eye sensor that is out of alignment.

Whatever the problem or concern, the issue is typically never easy to diagnose or fix – Which is why you should leave the repair or replacement of the door or any components to a professional.

How can I keep my garage door running smoothly?

In addition to lubricating moving parts and keeping an eye out for any minor problems before they become serious repairs, the best way to ensure your garage door and opener work properly is to schedule yearly maintenance.

Not sure where to start?

Simply search the term “garage door maintenance near me,” and you will be connected with the best garage door maintenance, installation, and repair company near Los Angeles – Ben’s Garage Door!

unbalanced garage door
The signs that your garage door is unbalanced can be as simple as taking a step back and observing!

What are the signs of unbalanced doors?

The initial signs of an unbalanced garage door can be subtle at first, which is why watching for these signs is critical, including:

  • The door looks uneven or off when closing and opening
  • You hear strange sounds – including grinding or rattling
  • The door sags in the center
  • The garage door takes a lot longer to open – or won’t open at all

The easiest way to test if your garage door is off balance is to pull the emergency release cord to completely disengage the door from the automatic door opener.

Next, manually lift the door halfway off the ground and let go.

A perfectly balanced door won’t budge.

If the door falls, it is out of balance and should be inspected and repaired by a professional.

call garage repair man
Give Ben’s Garage Door a call today and we’ll make sure your garage door is working as it should be!

Is garage door spring replacement expensive?

A broken spring is a serious safety concern that needs to be addressed ASAP.

Some additional signs of a broken garage door spring include:

  • The door closes very quickly
  • The garage door opener is struggling to lower and close the door
  • Gaps in the springs
  • Noticeable damage or rust

Are you concerned about a garage door spring broken and want to know the average garage door spring replacement cost?

Contact us today for an appointment and a free consultation.

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