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Garage Doors Company Hansen Hills

Are you looking for professional garage door services in Hansen Hills, LA, or its surrounding areas? Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply is a leading provider of professional garage door services for residential and commercial garages.

We have been providing professional services in Hansen Hills for over a decade and have gained a network of happy and satisfied clients. Contact Ben’s for swift and reliable services if you are looking on Google for the best garage door repair or installation expert in Hansen Hills.

Customer Experience

Our technicians recently encountered a heavy commercial garage door that was stuck midway. Upon further assessment, the experts discovered broken springs that were hindering entire door movement. We replaced the garage door springs with industry-grade options from a top springs manufacturer, leaving the client satisfied and grateful.

Our Services

At Ben’s, we provide comprehensive garage door services for our most exclusive clients. Generally, our services include:

  • Garage door repair
  • Garage door replacement
  • Broken spring replacement
  • Panels repair and replacement
  • Garage door opener services
  • Door off-track
  • Maintenance.
garage door spring repair in hansen hills
Garage door opener repair in Hansen Hills, CA

Garage Door Repair in Hansen Hills, CA

Garage doors are generally exposed to damage due to the constant usage. Unfortunately, garage door malfunctions or breakdowns happen at the most unexpected times and cause inconveniences. We understand such situations and take it upon us to be there for you in the shortest time possible.

Ben’s garage door repair technicians are readily available at your convenience to come and diagnose as well as repair your garage door damages. We provide comprehensive maintenance for all parts or targeted repairs.

We are fully equipped to handle garage door repairs of any magnitude. Do not hesitate to call us as soon as you notice any garage door malfunction.

Garage Door Replacement

Typical garage doors have limited lifespans. If you have to consider replacing your current garage door system, read the following. Below are other signs that you need a garage door replacement:

  • Repetitive breakdowns
  • You are spending a lot of money on repairs
  • The garage door is too loud
  • Aging garage door design
  • The door is full of dents and dings
  • The door is no longer energy-efficient
  • It lacks the latest security and safety features
  • It looks less visually appealing.
Garage door spring replacement in Hansen Hills, CA

Some owners decide to replace their garage doors just for the fun of it. Regardless of your situation, we are the leading garage door replacement company with the expertise to replace doors in the best way possible.

We stock high-quality garage doors from reputable brands and manufacturers. Moreover, we replace and install garage doors from all brands, major and minor. Do not hesitate to contact us with your garage door replacement questions and concerns.

Broken Spring Replacement

Do you have a warrened out or broken garage door spring keeping you from accessing your garage? Torsion and extension springs play an essential role in the proper functioning of a garage door. Here are signs that you have a broken garage door spring:

  • The door closes too fast.
  • The automatic door opener does not raise the door fully
  • Loud snapping noises
  • Springs have gaps
  • The springs look rusty or stretched out.

A broken spring hinders the standard closing and opening of a garage door. Note! Do not attempt any DIY repairs or replacements if you have a broken or warrened-out garage door spring to avoid injury or damage. Call our experts for a quick diagnosis and relief. We will replace your broken door springs with top-quality springs from reputable brands.

Panels Repair and Replacement

Panel damages are mostly accidental or a result of extreme weather. Regardless of the cause, panel repair/replacement is vital to return the door’s original aesthetic and functional value.

Not every garage door repair company has the skills it takes to repair damaged or broken panels. At Ben’s, our experts are properly trained and skilled at repairing all types and materials of garage door panels.

However, if a repair is not an option, we can replace the entire panels with fresh ones. Call us for all your garage door panel repair and replacement needs in Hansen Hills, Los Angeles.

replace garage door spring in hansen hills
Broken garage door spring in Hansen Hills, CA

Garage Door Opener Services

Is your garage door not opening anymore? Chances are you have a damaged garage door opener. The door opener is at the center of the opening and closing mechanism and should function at all times.

Garage door openers are also prone to tear and wear after constant usage. Eventually, you will have to consider a total replacement.

If you have a damaged or old garage door opener, we are the ideal repair and replacement choice for all residential and commercial garages. Our experts are skilled at handling all types of garage door openers regardless of the brand.

Door off-track Repair

A garage door comes off its tracks for several reasons. It is an ugly and impractical situation that hinders garage door function. A garage door off-track situation is extremely hazardous and may cause extra damage.

The three possible causes of a garage door off-track include:

  • A broken lift cable
  • Intense impact
  • Misaligned track.

An off-track garage door situation call for immediate attention and repair. Our repair experts follow the necessary steps to return your garage door to its track. We also clean and lubricate door tracks for smooth closing and opening.

Garage Door Maintenance Hansen hills, LA

Without regular maintenance, a garage door’s lifespan is greatly affected by common, costly breakdowns. Contact our maintenance team at Ben’s to draw up a maintenance plan for your residential or commercial garage door.

Whether it is annual or biannual, our maintenance services keep your garage door systems in check. We conduct a thorough inspection to determine any concerns and prevent them from escalating further.

Is damage to the garage door and frame covered by insurance?

A standard homeowner’s insurance can cover your garage door. Discussing the specifics and budget with your insurance providers is very important. In this case, a homeowner’s insurance covers everything attached to it, even a garage and its parts. A garage door that is part of a structure not attached to your home may not be covered by insurance.

Hire Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply

Ben’s Garage Doors is a locally owned and operated garage door company with over a decade of experience in the industry. Contact our local team for swift, reliable, affordable garage door services in Hansen Hills, Los Angeles.

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