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garage door repair Garden Grove

garage door services garden grover caYour garage door can provide easy access to your home, storage for your cars and supplies, and additional security measures in times of need. That’s why if something malfunctions with your garage door, garage door opener, or more, you need to call for first-class service repair services, such as Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply, one of the premiere garage door service in Garden Grove.

With Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply, you can count on our certified technicians to provide you with great service and affordable prices, all in a timely manner. At the locally owned Ben’s, we pride ourselves on providing personalized customer experiences and excellent service. Our team can effectively utilize their tools and knowledge to help fix your garage door or various malfunctions with dynamic solutions.

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Why You Should Leave Your Garage Door Repair to the Professionals

Garage doors and their repair services can be a very tricky and complex business. While you alone can perform your garage door repair job, you only make things harder on yourself down the road. From garage door installation and garage door spring repair to garage door opener repair, these are increasingly complex technical and mechanically-rooted jobs that our garage door technicians have spent literal years preparing for. Without that level of expertise and training, there is every chance you could cause greater damage to the garage door in your attempts to repair it, only resulting in an even greater and more costly repair job.

garage door technician iconBen’s Trained Technicians Are Ready to Assist You and Your Garage Doors

That’s why Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply is only a service call away. Ben’s garage door technicians can quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem and deliver prompt, fast repair. At Ben’s, we know that malfunctions rarely seem to happen when it’s most convenient for you. That’s why our emergency service team is standing by right now, waiting for your call so that we can resolve your garage door repair problems.

With Ben’s quality services and offerings (including a free service call and the ability to schedule a same-day appointment) throughout Garden Grove and Orange County, CA, we have earned our reputation as perhaps the premiere garage door repair company in the area.

Ben’s Familiarity with Garage Doors

Our trained Ben’s technicians can diagnose and exclusively handle any and every broken part of your garage door. From a regular tune-up, spring replacement, rollers replacement, cables repair services, garage door motors repair, track service, and installation services of an entirely new garage door. When it comes to garage door repair, Ben’s is the best company to perform an excellent job within the allotted time frame.

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The Finer Details of Garage Door Service

All of these larger terms and possibilities relating to garage door repair services can often make the idea of a garage door repair service or new garage door installation seem a bit foreboding. But if your garage door broke recently, not only are Ben’s certified technicians here to fix it for you, but our team also wants to demystify some of the elements regarding garage door repair services so that you can better understand and avoid these issues in the future.

knowledgeable teamBen’s Team Repairs and Educates

That’s why our specialists are happy to provide you with valuable insight, such as instructions on how to properly and safely adjust garage door springs efficiently or change out your garage door cables. These are relatively simple, minute tasks that property managers can often perform on their own, so long as they know how to properly go about it, which is why Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply is here for you.

The Cost of Garage Repair

On average, a garage door repair service with Ben’s can cost anywhere between $100 and $400, so if it’s a minute issue that you can execute solutions to on your own, Ben’s wants to ensure that we give you the tools to properly and promptly do that.

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Larger Jobs Need Specialists

But when larger, more substantial garage door issues arise, you should absolutely give a service call to Ben’s offices. Such a larger garage door issue can range the gamut from an off-track garage door, broken springs, broken cables, or even a broken panel. These are the kinds of jobs that you should absolutely not be performing repair service on your own, as they are incredibly difficult and dangerous.

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broken spring iconHow Often do Garage Door Springs Need to be Replaced?

Every time you utilize your garage door opener, the lifting and closing of your garage door puts immense pressure and tension on your door springs. This is why it is best to replace your garage door springs every ten years. Regular use without garage door spring replacement can lead to hidden issues that create even larger problems for you and your home down the road.

Just Because it’s Working Doesn’t Mean it’s Perfect

So even if your garage door isn’t overtly making a sound or refusing to open for you if it has been years since you last replaced your garage door spring, you should give Ben’s in Garden Grove, CA, a call so that we can come out and fix it up for you.

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Is a Garage Door Spring Easy to Replace?

For a specialist from Ben’s? Yes. For you, by yourself? Not at all. We strongly encourage you to enlist the help of a garage door repair service specialist for such a job. Whether Ben’s (who always scores off-the-charts in customer satisfaction) or one of our lesser-reviewed competitors, such as Champion Garage Door Repair Garden Grove, CA.

Repairing or performing garage door spring replacement is no easy task. It requires in-depth knowledge of garage doors and the correct tools to quickly and safely disassemble and reassemble entire chunks of garage doors to make repairs to the garage door as a whole.

The Cost of Spring Replacement

The average cost of a garage door spring replacement or repair is generally a bit cheaper than more extensive repair jobs, often costing between $100 and $300, depending on the number of springs involved and whether those springs are being replaced altogether or simply repaired.

garage door opener repairs

Garage Door Opener Repair

Residing in the Garden Grove area can be an absolute dream come true. The scenery is beautiful, the weather is great, and the architecture is gorgeous. But, as with anywhere else, one must be ever vigilant in protecting one’s home to ensure the safety and security of you, your family, and your home.

opener repair garden grove caThe Crucial Element of Garage Doors

While garage doors play an immeasurable role in securing your family’s safety, one element stands out above the rest as being especially crucial, even if it’s not something many would often think of as the garage door opener.

Why are Garage Door Openers so Important to Keep Safe?

Think of your garage door opener as your key to your garage door. Any door is only as safe as its key is secure, which is valid with garage doors and door openers.

If someone gets a hold of your garage door opener, that grants them immediate access to your home through your garage. Similarly, if your garage door opener is malfunctioning, it leaves room for an error to occur and open your home up to potential burglars.


Correct the Issues Early

That’s why it’s so important to constantly keep your openers up-to-date with repairs. If you find that your garage opener is no longer working the way it should, whether it be taking longer than usual to effectively open or close your door or simply not responding at all, the problem is almost certainly of the electrical or mechanical variety.

How Ben’s Fixes Up Garage Door Openers

To best repair and/or replace your opener in the Orange County area, all you need do is call us at Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply. Our on-call specialists and technicians are prepared to fix this for you.

At Ben’s, we can address the issue and repair it quickly for you. The problem causing the malfunction could be anything from broken parts to worn-out gears to broken chains and loose wirings, or even simply a faulty remote.

Ben’s Also Replaces Broken Pieces

Our team also performs garage opener installation and also has parts for replacing defective and broken pieces of your garage door. From Chamberlain opener parts to Craftsman opener parts to Genie opener parts, parts and components such as these are always in stock in Ben’s inventory.

off track replacement

garage tracks serviceGarage Track Repair Serving Garden Grove

Another element that could drastically affect or even damage your garage doors is the door’s track itself.

The track of a garage door is precisely what it sounds like: the track upon which the door travels as it opens and closes. The rollers of garage doors roll upon these tracks, keeping the door both centered in place and versatile in its mobility. Of course, much like springs, given the intense amount of pressure and tension these tracks are subjected to through the frequent use of your garage door, these tracks can get bent out of shape, or the rollers can even come off-track.

garage door repair near meWhat Happens When Garage Doors Come Off-track?

Understandably, this is not ideal. In order for your garage doors to remain both safe for the users and secure in their larger purpose of protecting your home and family, the door must be aligned correctly on the track. When garage doors come off-track, it can be dangerous as a security violation to those near and around the door, as off-track garage doors risk collapsing altogether.

The specialists at Ben’s have profound insight into such issues and are here to provide such garage door services to you whenever and wherever you need them most. They can also check or install safety sensors on your garage track to ensure your family’s added safety and security around the garage door.

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garage door installation garden groveGarage Door Services for a New Garage Door Installation

If nothing else seems to be working for you, if you’ve had the springs replaced, the opener checked out, your track looked into, and your door still appears to be malfunctioning, then oftentimes the best solution for you may simply be to call Ben’s for same-day new garage door installation services.

We at Ben’s recommend exploring your other potential fixes first, as replacing a set of springs, an opener, or a track will be substantially cheaper than replacing the entire garage door. But, if it comes down to that, Ben’s specialists are still very much here to help in any and every way we can.

What is the Cost of an Average Garage Door Replacement?

On average, a double sixteen-by-eight garage door (the most commonly used size) can cost anywhere between $1,200 and $2,600. The price is subject to change within these parameters based on factors such as the door materials, the brands, and the manufacturers used in the replacement. As with any large expenditure, Ben’s always advises their customers to get multiple price estimates for garage door replacement before fully committing to a single service.

faq garden groveHow Ben’s Makes it Easy for You?

Installing entirely new garage doors is a gargantuan job that will require multiple specialists to complete, but that’s why Ben’s has numerous highly trained specialists prepared to provide same-day service to you when you need it most. They will remove and get rid of your old door, look further into the nuts and bolts of what remains to ensure you don’t have any further difficulties, and install your new door altogether.

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about usWhy You Can Count on Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Supply

Whether you find yourself in need of a whole new set of garage doors or a simple tune-up, Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Supply is the garage door repair service company in the Garden Grove, CA area that you can trust and rely on.

From garage door repair to installation services and more, Ben’s remains one of the most trusted names in garage doors for a reason. For proof, all one needs to do is read just a few of the glowing reviews left by some of our customers. From complimenting our ‘great job installing’ and following services to being flabbergasted by our prompt and efficient same-day service, local homeowners in the Garden Grove area have been routinely impressed by our work ethic, commitment to leaving our customers completely satisfied, and our ability to generate dynamic solutions.

The next time you may need a fast garage door repair in Garden Grove, CA, be sure to call Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Supply team at (323) 302-1223. We pride ourselves on making the experience as pleasant, affordable, and prompt as possible and are eagerly awaiting the chance to serve you.

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Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Reviews

simon l.Fantastic job replacing the broken torsion springs!

“I’m extremely pleased with the service I received from Ben’s technicians. They were punctual, professional, and friendly; completed the job in a timely manner; and charged me a fair price for the labor.” – Terry S. Garden Grove.

alina q.Reasonably priced garage door repair

“They replaced my old opener with a brand new Liftmaster. Installation went smoothly, and the technicians even tuned up the door after they finished.” – Michael P. Garden Grove.

ryan s. Excellent customer service

“I had a wonderful experience with Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Supply. The technician was very knowledgeable, answered all of my questions, and helped me through the whole process. Highly recommended!” – Karen A. Garden Grove.

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