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garage door repair in Irvine

garage door repair irvine caOftentimes, we take garage doors for granted. They are always there for us when we need them most. Like most mechanical wonders in our lives, it isn’t until our garage doors begin to break down that we fully appreciate just how much we use and need them.

garage door repairs

Garage Door Service in Orange County

Garage doors play a crucial role in every home. It keeps you safe, provides easy and comfortable access to your home, and helps enhance your home’s security. But like any tool or mechanism used extensively, garage doors tend to get damaged after years of use.

damaged garage door iconThese Little Damages Add Up

While these damages might start relatively small, if left unchecked, they can turn into escalating, huge issues down the road. For example, individual pieces of your garage door system, such as the springs, tracks, opener, and more, all have their own individualized complexities.

garage door parts irvine caEach Piece of the Garage Door is Crucial

But if any one of these items isn’t working properly, it can drastically affect the integrity of the others, leading to a garage door that is hazardous to be around and lessens the strength of the security of your home. Furthermore, a broken garage door is simply too dangerous for everyone involved.

garage door lubrication

emergency garage door services irvineBen’s Emergency Garage Door Repair Services

That’s why our highly trained team at Ben’s is here for you. At Ben’s, our company is dedicated to delivering a positive experience for you and your family, regardless of the service we provide.

From new installations to a simple tune-up to roller replacement to spring replacement, our trained technicians at Ben’s are prepared to make the necessary repairs and replacements, all while delivering excellent customer service. On top of all of that, we even offer same-day service too.

garage dangers irvine caThe Dangers of a Malfunctioning Garage Door

A malfunctioning garage door is not good for anyone. While it is certainly possible to perform your own garage door repair, it can be quite dangerous and make things even more costly later on.

irvine garage door prosBen’s Offers Good, Affordable Service

That’s why Ben’s offers prompt, efficient, and affordable garage door services, from garage door repair to garage door installation itself. At Ben’s, we are a locally owned company that specializes in Irvine garage door repair, offering quick response times and excellent service from Costa Mesa to Torsion Springs to Huntington Beach to Orange County and beyond.


garage door repair near meRepairing Garage Doors in Irvine, CA

As mentioned, garage door repair and maintenance services can become quite costly if not handled properly.

garage door cost iconGarage Door Repair Costs

The average price range for smaller-scaled issues, such as repairs to broken springs, cables repair, or fixing your wireless keypads, can often run between $300 and $900. Conversely, garage door installation of an entirely new garage door often costs anywhere between $1,200 and $2,600.

affordable garage door irvine caHow to Save Money on Garage Door Repairs

So whether you’re dealing with aluminum garage doors, Ranch House doors, Wayne Dalton doors, Door Crafters doors, custom garage doors, or even an urban garage door, it is absolutely in your own best interest to solve these smaller issues early on and save money, rather than waiting for them to balloon into larger expenditures. But if you feel you truly need a new door, Ben’s is here for you.

garage door faqsHow to Stop Small-Scale Issues Early?

If you feel that your garage is already experiencing difficulties or fear that some of these small-scale issues could already be taking root in your own home, you need to look no further than Ben’s.

Our company and garage door technicians have been proudly serving Irvine, CA, and Orange County for years now and can do everything from emergency repairs to precision door service to weather seal replacement.

good service iconBen’s Promise: Lower Prices, Greater Results

With Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply, you pay less for obscenely higher quality repair services. Our inventory sports a full line of business and residential openers and comprehensive tools for our specialists to provide the best door repair in Irvine, CA.

Whether you’re in the market for entirely new garage doors or simply looking to replace some broken springs, Ben’s has all the right stuff just for you.

garage door professionals irvineBen’s Fixes and Educates

Ben’s doesn’t just provide you with repair and installation services. Our specialists are also keen to show you the safest and easiest ways to perform inspections on your garage doors; that way, it saves you precious money and time in the future.

garage door repair near meFor Big Problems, Call the Professionals

However, it is important to note that for any large-scale issues (such as extensive door repair or garage door installation), you can and should always call Ben’s same-day service.

It’s easier, safer, and will ultimately save you a lot of money in the long run.

Broken garage doors are nothing to be scoffed at, and Ben’s is here to help walk you through the repairing process every step of the way.

garage door springs

broken spring repair irvineGarage Door Spring Repair

A garage door spring is an essential part of any functioning garage door’s ecosystem. Perhaps more so than any other single part of the larger system, springs are put through a tremendous amount of wear and tear by the very nature of their job.

garage door stressorsThe Stressors Put Upon Springs

Any time you open or close your garage door, an immense amount of pressure and tension is applied to the springs, as it is their job to hold the elements in place even amidst this massive amount of pressure so that garage door functions properly.

Garage door spring repair or replacement generally costs between $450 and $950, depending on the number of springs and the extent of the damage done to them (which also decides whether or not the springs can simply be repaired or if they must be replaced altogether).

It’s also crucial to note that, more so than any other singular part of the garage door’s system, the springs need to be replaced every 7-10 years. For such small and condensed pieces of machinery, they are constantly being exposed to such great forces that necessitate a greater amount of garage door services than any other part.

fix garage door irvineHow Ben’s Fixes Garage Door Springs

Fortunately, Ben’s offers a vast collection of garage door springs as part of its garage door repair and services. As the premier garage door repair company from Irvine, CA to Torsion Springs, Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Supply is only a phone call away and is happy to replace any broken spring you may have.

Off-track door repair

track alignment service irvineGarage Door Off-Track Repair

At Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply, we offer our customers the most affordable and best garage door repair services. Beyond just garage door repair installation or spring repair, our trained technicians are also educated and certified in garage door track repairs and replacement.

garage door faqsWhat is a Garage Door Track?

Your garage door’s track is precisely what it sounds like: the track along which the door’s rollers roll as it either opens or closes.

The track keeps garage doors centered in the correct space and also reinforces the security aspect of your garage door.

If your garage door’s rollers are even a bit off-track, it can lead to much more serious problems down the line, which will not only make your garage door less secure but also could potentially cause damage to you, your family, and your home.

garage door faqsHow to Fix an Off-Track Door?

Garage doors are complex mechanical creations that require near-constant attention and scrutiny. At Ben’s, our team is eager and ready to supply you with the garage door repair and services needed to quickly and efficiently fix your garage door.

So whether your garage door is by Door Crafters, Wayne Dalton, or a custom job, Ben’s is the garage door repair services company to get the job done for you.

garage door opener repair-3

door repair irvine caGarage Door Opener Repair in Irvine

A garage door opener is another crucial part of the functioning garage door’s ecosystem. Though perhaps not often thought of as vital as it should be, the garage door opener is essentially the key to the garage door’s lock.

garage door opener service near meGarage Door Opener: The Key to the Garage Door

In other words, it is exposed to strenuous wear and tear and expected to hold up against these tremendous strains for many years.

However, if a garage door opener breaks down, it can be catastrophic to your convenience and comfort and your garage door as a whole. A broken garage door opener is very dangerous and can cause severe injuries if left unrepaired.

opener remote servicesBen’s Garage Door Service Extends to Openers

Fortunately, the expert technicians at Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Supply specialize not just in emergency garage door repairs. They also in extensive troubleshooting when it comes to garage door openers and their installation.

From Chamberlain garage door opener troubleshooting to garage door opener installation to garage door panels repair to Genie garage door opener repair to Liftmaster garage door opener troubleshooting to MyQ garage door opener to Door Crafters garage door repair, Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Supply has tons of experience in not just garage door installation and garage door repair and garage door services, but also in garage door opener repair.

free estimate garage door-2

garage door company in irvine caIn Need of Garage Door Repairs in Irvine? Try Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply

Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Supply is one of the best garage door repair companies in Irvine, CA. With Ben’s, you can truly experience what it’s like to work with a company that puts its customers first and foremost, prioritizing timeliness, efficiency, and affordability that works for you.

best garage doorsBen’s is Here for You

Whether you need your garage door fixed or want to install a new opener, Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Supply is here to help you. Call us today, and let us provide you with the best garage door repair service in Irvine, CA! Our team of certified technicians will be able to assess your situation, offer a solution that fits your budget, and have your garage door working perfectly again in no time.

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