Garage Door Repair Santa Ana, CA

garage repair santa ana ca

garage door repair santa anaGarage Door Repair Santa Ana, CA

There’s nothing worse than rushing because you are late for work and your garage door doesn’t open or coming home and leaving your garage and home vulnerable to crime because you can’t close the garage door.

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The reasons your garage door has problems could be due to damaged or loose mechanisms, a malfunction of your door opener, or any number of reasons. Whatever the problem is, you need repair services from a garage door company.

A broken garage door is dangerous for a lot of reasons, which is why you need to get it repaired in a timely manner by a quality garage door repair service company that’s going to do the job right. Here’s what can go wrong, why you need to repair it, and when to know when you need more than repair service and need a new garage door.

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garage door faqsWhat can go wrong with garage doors?

You use your garage doors daily, so its parts and your door opener may need professional services. Here are the most common reasons you may need to call for garage door repair in Santa Ana, CA, or garage door opener repair.

garage door sensors santa anaThe photo eye is out of alignment

What’s a photo-eye? It is the safety sensor on your garage door. It detects when something–a person or object–is in the way of the door closing. You might hear a clicking noise and see a flash of light from your garage door opener. If you do, you might have a photo eye issue.

If you have this issue, you should call a garage door repair service in Santa Ana, CA, that can fix it immediately.

professional garage door technician in santa anaWhen you need professional service

A number of things could go wrong that require professional service. If an object causes damage to the photo eye, you’ll need trained professionals. Also, wiring can be damaged by rain, vermin, and excessive use. You’ll need to call for your garage door opener service if the wiring is damaged.

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track alignment service santa anaImproper track alignment

The tracks must be even and straight for your garage door to open and close. If your garage door jerks around or makes grinding noises, it might have fallen off the track. A trained technician can adjust the track and get the garage door to operate properly again.

broken spring repair santa ana caTension springs are broken

The springs on a garage door make your door operate smoothly when opening and closing. It’s important to do proactive maintenance on your spring and inspect them every year so you can call a garage door repair service before they break.

garage door information santa ana caSome ways you can tell the garage door tension spring have broken are

  • The motor is running however, the garage door is not moving.
  • A sound like a firecracker comes from the garage.
  • The garage door feels really heavy as you try to manually open or close it.
  • You hear straining noises from the garage door.

Garage door tension springs are dangerous, so it’s always recommended that you call a garage door repair technician for this type of garage door repair. This isn’t a job you should try to do yourself; you need a professional.

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garage door remote iconYour garage door opener remote control has been lost or stolen

Your automatic garage door is controlled by your remote control or the wall-mounted keypad. If your garage door won’t open or close, you may need an opener repair.

If any or all of your garage door openers are lost or stolen in Santa Ana, CA, is lost or stolen, you need to reset the garage door access code and erase the remote from the memory. By resetting the access code, you prevent anyone from using the remote to enter your garage.

If you have to replace the remote control for any garage doors, the side of the door unit will have the manufacturer’s name and model number. You can call your garage door manufacturer for a new opener or buy a universal remote from a garage door company and have it programmed for your garage.

garage door faqsWhy Garage Door Repair Santa Ana, CA, has to be done quickly?

Faulty garage doors can cause severe problems and cost you more money if the garage door repair is done after a period of time. You can try repairing garage doors yourself, but only professional services in Santa Ana can give you all the options regarding details and price–you might need a new garage door. Be sure that you get a free estimate.

A broken garage door in Santa Ana, CA, can get worse, and without the proper service, you can end up causing even more damage–what could have been routine maintenance or repair can end up being new garage door installation.

garage door diagnose santa anaDiagnosing Doors and Gates

You need a diagnosis from a technician. Is it the garage doors? The garage door opener? The torsion spring (torsion tube)? The hinges or rollers? The hardware or some other equipment malfunctioning? Only skilled technicians can tell you if parts require repairs or replacement, need a fix, or if those old garage doors need an entire garage door installation job in Orange County.

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damaged garage door iconDamaged garage doors are dangerous

Broken or damaged garage doors can pose a significant threat to the security of your house, which is why you need great service when it comes to garage door repair. And a malfunctioning garage door can cause severe injury.

garage door lockout services santa anaDon’t get locked in or out

You also might get locked out of or in the garage, leaving your car either out in the elements or stuck behind a garage door you can’t open. Whatever the case, you need garage door repair in Santa Ana, CA.

garage door opener service near meThe Garage Door Opener

Your garage door opener is the motorized device that opens and closes the door. Your garage opener device comes with a radio remote control and switches, making opening and closing your garage door much more convenient in Orange County.

Garage openers come in many styles and functionalities. A broken garage door opener is hazardous. Call an expert technician. They can either repair your garage opener or install a replacement.

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garage door installation in santa ana caNew Garage Door Installation

In Orange County, how do you tell if you need new garage door installations? Garage doors can last for decades with proper maintenance and service if a quality garage door service correctly installs them.

Garage door technicians are your best source of information and price and whether your garage door needs repairs to get it fixed or if you need to install a new door.

But if there is wear and tear to the door itself or its mechanisms, your garage door isn’t opening or closing properly, or sensors and any other tech have problems, you might be able to get away with repairs, but you likely need a new garage door.

Steel doors are trendy, but you can also get a custom dynamic garage door in Orange County. It is also possible you could get your door fixed, but technicians are likely to recommend a new door over a fix if there are any major issues.

garage door repair near meCall Us For Quality Garage Door Repair Service and Installation

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply provides service from our Santa Ana location to a large area of Southern California, including Burbank, Tarzana, Simi Valley, and beyond. We are a family-0wned business with more than 10 years of experience. We pride ourselves on being helpful and happy to answer any questions.

customer service in santa anaWe Love Hearing from Our Customers in Santa Ana, CA!

We offer speedy, reliable, quality services at an affordable price. Our well-trained staff can solve all your garage door problems, and we offer emergency service (you know, when you lock your car in or out of the garage).

We take pride in our customer service, so give us a phone call at (323) 302-1223 with your request, and we’ll get right on the job.

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Ben’s Service Reviews in Santa Ana, CA

google review santa anaGoogle

alvinAlvin L.

5 stars

They are always so quick to help, and their prices are unbeatable!

facebook review santa anaFacebook

Missy H.Missy H.

5 stars

If you’re looking for a Santa Ana garage door company that will go above and beyond to meet your needs, Ben’s is the one to call! Thanks for always being so reliable and affordable. Highly recommend!

yelp santa anaYelp

Kathie W.Kathie W.

5 stars

I’m so glad I found Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply. They were quick to come out, didn’t charge an arm and a leg, and fixed my garage door in no time. 5 stars all the way!

google review santa anaGoogle

Heather M.Heather M.

5 stars

Ben’s has been my go-to garage door maintenance company for years. They always have quality service, affordable prices, and friendly customer service. Highly recommend!

facebook review santa anaFacebook

Ryan S.Ryan S.

5 stars

It was a pleasure doing business with Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply. They took care of my repair needs quickly and efficiently, and their prices were very fair.

yelp santa anaYelp

Erica K.Erica K.

5 stars

They installed a new garage opener for me, and it was done quickly and professionally. The entire job took less than two hours, and they even gave me a great discount.

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