Garage Door Repair Fullerton, CA

garage door fullerton ca

garage door repair fullerton caThe garage doors serve as an entryway to your home. At every entrance to a house remains the need for security while allowing easy access for the homeowners.

Your garage doors or gates should act as a means of protection from outsiders while maintaining their proper functions for the household.

When things go wrong with your garage door, it can quickly become an increasingly stressful situation, but it surely doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply is always ready to tackle a challenge and provide meaningful security solutions and entryways for our customers.

There isn’t a job we can’t do, and we understand the importance of quality work and craftsmanship regarding garage door services.

garage door panels Fullerton ca
Garage door panels in Fullerton CA

garage door repair near meA Quality Garage Door Company for California

Our company is committed to excellence and placing quality over cutting corners or saving time – unlike other garage door services in the Fullerton area.

We want to be your garage door hero and provide the services needed to do so.

Whether our client needs repairs, installation, replacement, new doors, new gates, new openers, or routine maintenance – we are always prepared to fulfill any and all garage door services.

garage door services nearbyServices in the Fullerton Area

Ben’s is a company in Fullerton, CA, but we also serve the greater California communities.

We can help with gates and garage door repair in any of the following cities: Fullerton, Anaheim, Orange, Garden Grove, Brea, and Buena Park. Stanton, Rowland Heights, Cypress, La Habra, Cerritos, Yorba Linda, La Mirada, and many surrounding areas!

double garage door repair
Double Garage Door Services Fullerton, CA

garage door troubles in fullertonGarage Doors Causing you trouble?

When your garage door is causing you trouble, it can be difficult to diagnose on your own if you don’t know what you are doing.

In modern times, many people turn to services like Youtube to undertake DIY repairs or replacements.

door panels repair fullerton caDoor Repair in Fullerton, CA

Ben’s never recommends doing things independently when our technicians can provide the support necessary for quality garage door repairs in Fullerton, CA.

We want your house to be transformed back to its original state, including a working garage for the family!

Garage door repair is a necessary evil of owning a home, and we want to make that a little easier for our customers.

garage doors Los Angeles
Double Garage Door Services Fullerton, CA


affordable garage door services fullerton caAffordable Service & Free Estimate

California is infamous for its sky-high costs of living and the continual increase in price when it comes to housing and necessities.

We want our commercial and residential services to be inclusive and accessible to everyone in our community – that is why we offer affordable services.

free garage door quoteYour free quote

We also provide a free estimate before our technicians come out to the home, so you can adequately plan accordingly. Budgeting is essential, especially after coming out of a global pandemic.

We provide quotes free of charge to all of our customers as a form of planning, and it gives us a chance to review the details of any potential service.

garage door opener
Special Garage Door Windows

professional garage door services fullertonProfessional Technicians in Garage Door Repair

Our techs are trained, licensed professionals, and throughout their years of working, they have continued to gain knowledge through their experiences.

They have seen all different kinds of catastrophes in garage door repair and installation, and they know how to fix a thing or two.

We are a tight-knit team, stronger together, and as a team, we utilize our best assets to continue to help customers in Fullerton.

garage door customer service fullertonCustomer service

Ben’s customer service team is readily available to answer questions you may have and assist in walking you through issues over the phone.

They work alongside our sales representatives and help make the installation or repair process as smooth and as seamless as possible! You can contact our team using our online form or reach out directly at (323) 716-0050!

commercial garage door services fullerton caCommercial Doors & Residential Services

Ben’s provides quality garage door residential services for homes in California, and we also provide commercial services for growing businesses in the golden state!

commercial garage door opener serviceCommercial services

Our Fullerton garage door repair options are not solely available to residences – Ben’s wants to be available for everyone, including commercial companies.

We have been working with many businesses in the area, and our relationships have offered our technicians incredible work and professional development.

Our company’s expertise in commercial garage doors and reliability has serviced many commercial services, and we hope to hear from you next!

commercial garage doors los angeles
Commercial garage door services

residential garage door services fullertonResidential services

Residential gates and garage doors are a bit different than what you see with commercial properties.

residential garage door repair fullerton caResidential garage door repair is the last thing families want to deal with – that is precisely what Ben’s is here for!

We supply repairs, installation, replacement, and manufacturing parts and accessories required for garage doors and gates.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive solution to garage door services in Fullerton!

top garage door servicesGarage Door Services

  • If you need an installation of a new set of garage doors because you have moved into a new construction community…
  • If you need a set of broken springs fixed…
  • If you simply read a positive review left online and are interested in possible maintenance for your gates

Bens is available for a wide variety of garage door services!

emergency garage door repair
Emergency garage door services available!

emergency garage door servicesEmergency Services Available

Emergencies are an urgent matter, and the need for immediate response is necessary.

Garage door repair can quickly become an emergency because, at times, it can be somewhat dangerous to have a faulty garage door.

If your door has fallen off track, your garage door is slamming shut, or your spring has broken – these are all issues you will want to fix immediately.

fast garage door services in fullertonSpeedy garage door repair Fullerton

Our business prides itself on offering incredibly quick response, repair, and installation times.

Our garage door repair services are something our company takes seriously, and we want to be available and reliable for our customers.

garage door repair near meGarage Door Installation and Repair Services Fullerton, CA

Garage doors are practical for security measures and great for the home’s aesthetics and heating/cooling efficiency.

A properly functioning garage door is good for more than just entrances and exits; if something goes wrong, garage door repair in Fullerton becomes necessary.

All homeowners must deal with repairs regularly- whether with plumbing, flooring, roofing, or garage doors! It is a part of owning a home or business, and you should be prepared for it.

garage door opener installation services in los angeles

garage door repair fullerton caBen’s offers premium garage door repair services for:

  • Garage Doors
  • Garage Door Tracks
  • Garage Door Springs
  • Alignment
  • Cables
  • Rollers
  • General Garage Door Damage
  • We have many years of experience, and our business truly engages with our customers and the details of garage door repair.
  • It can be the little things that cause a door to go awry, and our technicians have a keen sense of awareness when it comes to the moving pieces to a working garage door.

We are licensed and insured, offering our neighbors in Fullerton the most superior quality of repair services in Fullerton.

We want to ensure the safety and security of your home, and we want to ensure that with every repair we complete, we leave satisfied customers behind.

new garage door installation fullerton caNew garage door

Ben’s offers the installation of new garage doors for residential homes and businesses. We guarantee a stress-free install and complete satisfaction.

We will assess, inspect and provide a free consultation for any installation service.

Our business offers top-tier garage doors and a wide selection at that. Alongside the installation process, every customer is provided service calls if needed.

garage door opener repair-2-2

garage door opener replacementGarage Door Opener Repair and Replacement

Basic garage door repair is not the only thing you need to be worried about with a garage; garage door openers also require repair and replacement.

Garage door openers are a key component in a working garage unit. Ben’s can provide repair or full replacement options if your opener is not working properly.

replacing garage door fullerton caReplacing your garage door opener

Deciding between a repair or replacement for your openers is quite the predicament to be in if you do not have the advisement of our sales specialists at Ben’s.

Our representatives can work alongside our techs to support you in deciding on the best opener replacement for your garage!

garage door spring replacementGarage Door Spring Manufacture and Spring Repair Services

Ben’s provides garage door spring repair and replacement services – when something breaks; we are always ready to spring into action!

When your spring breaks or becomes damaged in any way, it is important to get that looked at and the garage door repair completed as soon as possible.

broken spring replacementBroken springs

A garage door spring is used to support the opening and closing of the door.

When your garage door spring breaks, it is detrimental to the user and can also be hazardous. Ben’s is in the business of fixing the following:

  • Extension Springs
  • Open or Double Looped Springs
  • Clipped Springs
  • Torsion Springs
  • Torque Master Springs
  • Steel Rolling Door Springs
  • Early Set and Standard Torsion Springs

garage cable replacement Cable Repair Services

There are lots of moving pieces with garage doors, and all of those pieces have to be working harmoniously for the doors to function.

Damaged cables are a sign to reach out for garage door repair in Fullerton!

garage door cable repair fullerton caCables have to be replaced every so often, depending on how often your garage door is used. Ben’s can assist in repairing and installing new cables depending on which option is best suited for your garage.

Track Repair

More significant issues are at play when a garage door has fallen off track. When a door falls off the track, immediate garage door repair is required.

Ben’s can assist in repairing a track, installing or replacing new tracks, and making a safety check to ensure the door is safe to operate.

garage door opener light repairOpener Light Repair

Every door opener should have a light within it, which is used for the user’s sight ability and to alert the user of any error.

If your light malfunctions, our techs can repair or replace the light quickly to ensure your garage is in working order!

electric gate repair fullerton coElectric Gates

Our business notes garage doors and gates for a reason – we can assist with garage door repair and electric gates too!

We have an extensive selection of gates for installation, and our techs are vigorously trained to repair any gate issues that may arise.

garage door maintenance
Different garage doors require varying levels of upkeep over the years. Be sure to give your doors the TLC they deserve!

garage door maintenance services fullerton caMaintenance in the Fullerton Area

We maintain our cars to keep them in the best shape they can be in, so why not carry that over to the garage that houses our cars? Garage doors require maintenance too!

prevent garage door from get brokenPrevent the need for gate or door repair

A garage can be used to store cars and other household goods; they are sometimes used as gathering areas for the house and act as an extra room for the home.

Regardless of how they are used – maintenance is required to keep your garage doors in working order.

Ben’s offers routine maintenance, which includes:

  • General Inspection and Safety Checks.
  • Clearing Tracks and Tightening Hardware.
  • Inspecting or Replacing Rollers.
  • Running Checks on all Cables and Pulleys.
  • Lubricating.
  • Testing the Garage Door Balance.
  • Repairing/Replacing Weatherstripping.
  • Cleaning or Painting the Garage Door.

Our Satisfied Customers Share Their Experience

Henry RBest garage door repair in Fullerton, CA

Excellent service. They fixed my garage door problem perfectly and did a great job. Our service technician came to our home quickly.

He called to inform us he was on the way and showed up during the scheduled time frame. I highly recommend Ben’s!” – Henry R,

Joe B.Our garage door hero

“Super helpful and professional! We have come out to help with our garage door, but they have also helped us with issues over the telephone.

Great company, definitely our go-to for all things garage doors!” – Joe B.

Chloe W.Emergency garage door repair needed in orange county

“I was in the middle of an emergency and required work on my torsion springs, etc. Ben’s supplied exceptional service; the techs were very polite and knowledgeable about the job.

I would 100% recommend it for any garage job!” – Chloe W.

Debid W.Reasonable price for door repair in the Fullerton are

“I needed a good garage door repair company, which is exactly what I received! The garage technician was very professional and explained everything to us.

His assistance was prompt in practice, and the price was fair. I had to leave a positive review for the great service!” – Debid W.

Michael B.Installation services for a commercial business

“I highly recommend Ben’s Garage Door Supply for any garage door repair in Fullerton. They helped me to get a great business plan for my self-storage business.

They offered excellent customer service and were really patient with me. highly recommend!” – Michael B.

Greg W.Quality work and quality garage door service

“Friendly and professional. They arrived early, took less than five minutes, and were charged a very reasonable rate. I would highly recommend and definitely use it again!” – Greg W.

Jake C.Garage door repaired quickly

“I was heading out of town for a trip so when my garage door broke down; I needed it repaired quickly. I am happy I turned to Ben’s.

Other garage door companies suggested I install a new one, but Ben’s Garage Door Supply was able to get the tracks repaired quickly and efficiently. The techs were incredibly knowledgeable, and customer service was a dream to work with!” – Jake C.

Dylan R.Better than other garage door repair companies

“I have haggled with many different Fullerton garage door repair businesses, and Ben’s Garage Doors is the best! They did a great job, and my new sectional doors look fantastic!” – Dylan R.

Joshua L.A company you can trust with garage doors

“Ben’s was friendly, professional, hard-working, and above all, honest. I am glad I found a company I can trust to install, repair, replace or provide maintenance for my garage door!” – Joshua L.

Raymon W.Broken garage door opener in Fullerton, CA

“Ben’s was friendly and explained how to deal with my old garage door opener.

I had to replace it, but they were professional and did an excellent job from the initial phone call and quote to the final replacement and install!” – Raymon W.

Terry S.Broken torsion spring repair by Ben’s

“When my torsion springs broke, I did not know what to do or who to turn to. Luckily, a friend of mine referred me to Ben’s, and they completed the job quickly and effortlessly.

They are a company I would trust with anything garage or gate related!” – Terry S.

Jayce C.New garage doors in Fullerton, CA

“When it came to getting new doors, I chose Wayne Dalton, and Ben’s technicians completed the installation and repair services seamlessly. Great service, and I am satisfied with the experience!” – Jayce C.

Eugene T.Excellent Door Repair in Fullerton

“Ben’s did a quick and great job replacing the broken garage door! They walked us through the process over the phone, so we knew what to expect beforehand.

Their prices are very reasonable, and I will recommend them to anyone!” – Eugene T.

Jamie M.Bent tracks in orange county

“I was having major issues with the tracks, and I explained this to Ben’s – they said it would be an easy fix. I had an excellent experience with Ben’s, and their customer service was also wonderful!” – Jamie M.

Daniel A.Commercial dock door openers repair services

“When our dock stations started acting up, we committed to our diagnostic, but that didn’t work out too well. We reached out to Ben’s, and their service maintenance specialists were fast and professional. They had my garage door repaired in no time. We now turn to them whenever we have issues, and I highly recommend this company.” – Daniel A.

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