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Ben’s Garage Door Repair Hollywood Hills has been serving the local community since 2008. We service all garage doors and garage door opener brands and provide installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance for residential and commercial clients.

Our reliable team of professional technicians is dedicated to providing excellent service at competitive prices. Whatever your needs may be, our technicians will custom tailor a solution to meet your needs. Call us now for a free estimate (323) 302-1223; we offer the best service for garage doors and garage door installation in Los Angeles, California.

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Ben’s garage door service Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles

We know the inconvenience of being stuck in your garage or that you have a broken garage door can be a hassle. That’s why we are happy to offer emergency services to our customers, which means you can call or message us at any time of the day for the following garage door repair services:

  • Replace a broken spring
  • Garage door opener repair
  • Garage door cable replacement
  • Garage door off track
  • Gate repair

We provide maintenance for all garage doors, including electric door openers and custom-made iron garage door services. We offer affordable prices which vary according to the size of your repairing job.

Garage door repair same day service

Garage door repair is the most common thing we do at Ben’s garage door company. We are always available for our customers and can send a technician on the same day of your call to accommodate your schedule and at a reasonable price. We all know how important time is with the needs of every family, especially with children that have school functions and parents that have to go to work.


Garage door opener repair Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles,

A garage door opener, the device no one pays attention to, is one of those garage door parts you may not think about until they stop working. If your opener is broken, a technician will visit your location and assess whether he can fix it or if a new opener needs to be installed.

Garage door opener sensors

The sensors on your garage door opener alert you as to whether the door has been opened or closed. If they stop working correctly, they must be inspected and replaced at the first available opportunity. Any delay could result in a severe injury or accident happening to yourself or your family members.

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Things you should know before you install a new garage door opener

A new opener can increase the life and usefulness of your garage. Before you install a new one, there are some things you will need to know and do:

Determine the size of your old opener

The opener you purchase must match your old one in horsepower. If it doesn’t, you could have safety issues with the doors’ ability to reverse when necessary. You should also determine if your old opener had a belt or screw drive, as this is another consideration for which you will need to shop.

Determine how much horsepower your opener needs

To ensure the opener will support the door’s weight, you must determine the horsepower of your unit. This calculation will help you to match the appropriate size of the motor to your garage door. If you don’t know how much horsepower you need, hire a professional that can come to your house and do this for you.

Why should you hire a professional to install an opener?

While it may seem like an easy job, installing a garage door opener is not something many people want to take on. It’s much better to hire a professional who has the right tools and training for an installation.

garage door springs

Garage door spring replacement West Hollywood

A broken spring is another garage door part that you may overlook until it is too late. Quality garage door springs are essential for keeping your garage door in good working order. If you notice your garage door begins to sag when opening, the spring may be broken and must be replaced immediately.

Diamond Springs

Ben’s Garage Door Repair is an authorized dealer for Diamond Springs, which designs and manufactures the highest quality garage door springs available. Every garage door spring comes with a lifetime warranty.

off track replacement

Hollywood Hills Garage door off track service

One of the most dreaded things about a garage door is when it gets off track. While not an immediate safety hazard, once your garage door has gone off track, you will need to take it upon yourself to get it fixed as soon as possible.

An off-track garage door poses a risk for accidents and should be repaired immediately. Our technicians can fix a garage door that is off track. We guarantee to have your doors working correctly in no time at all.

garage door replacement

Garage door replacement Hollywood Hills

While we offer a complete range of garage door repairs for our customers to choose from, we also provide the most affordable solution if you need a new garage door replacement.

Ben’s Garage Door Company Hollywood Hills offers an extensive selection of custom garage doors to meet your specific needs and budget.

Can you repair a broken garage door?

The answer is YES! One of the most critical aspects of our business is that we can help you with whatever garage door problem you might be experiencing. As new garage door models become available, we can provide new springs or develop an entirely new design for your specific needs. Available in many modern styles and colors, we can customize a garage door to fit your specifications.

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Schedule an appointment to install new garage doors today

Whether your garage door requires a simple repair or you are ready to install a new garage door, we can accommodate your needs. Call today to schedule an appointment with our professional technicians and get a free estimate and project costs.

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Don’t waste any time if you hear any noises your garage door shouldn’t be making – call Ben’s Garage Door today!

What our clients in Los Angeles say about our services

As one of the best garage door repair companies in Los Angeles, California, we have serviced many customers in neighborhoods in West Hollywood, such as

  • Beverly Hills
  • Hollywood Hills
  • Santa Clarita
  • Woodland Hills

We accept all major credit cards, and you will always know exactly what you pay for before you hire our services.

Jasmine H.Replace broken spring Hollywood Hills, California

“Robert was a great help in fixing the garage door at my home. He arrived on time and came prepared to fix it. His rates were reasonable and affordable.” – Jasmine H.

Julie A.Garage door emergency repair West Hollywood, California

“I called Ben’s after-hours number for an emergency repair. They sent someone out first thing the next morning. The worker arrived on time and managed to fix both garage doors in less than an hour. I’m glad I hired their services.” -Julie A.

Norman B.Garage door spring replacement Beverly Hills, California

“Ben’s garage door services is very responsive to all requests. They are quick, professional, and detail-oriented. They operated on our garage door for half a day and did a fantastic job. I strongly recommend their services! – Norman B.

Rosa L.Garage door repair West Hollywood, California

“I had my garage door repaired by Ben’s garage door services this morning. The technician arrived on time, called before he showed up, and my garage is now in perfect working order. The price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend him.”- Rosa L.

Tanya G.Reliable garage door services Beverly Hills, California

“I have been using Ben’s services for the past five years. They have always been reliable, efficient, and affordable. Their customer service representatives answer quickly, and they offer a same-day service every time I call. – Tanya G.

Mark P.Gate and garage door repair services Los Angeles, California

“Ben’s Garage Doors is the only company I would ever call for any repair or installation. They always give me a reasonable price for repairing garage doors and gates” – Mark P.

Leah A.Garage door opener repair Santa Clarita, California

“I think this is the smoothest transaction with a garage door repair business I’ve ever had. Tim even showed up at my house at 7 am since my garage door was stuck and I couldn’t leave for work. I really appreciate their assistance, and I’ll call them again without a doubt.” -Leah A.

Hazel R.Garage door seal replacement West Hollywood, California

“We had Ben’s Garage Doors come out to take care of the problem we were having with our garage door not sealing well. They were very professional and serviced it in no time! -Hazel R.

Neal P.Garage door spring replacement Los Angeles, CA

“Ben’s Garage Door Repair Company has done many repairs for me over the years. I’m always impressed with their attention to detail and work ethic. It’s always a pleasure doing business with this company” – Neal P.

Lorraine W.Garage door installation Hollywood Hills

“I needed new garage doors as mine were over twenty years old. I called around to get quotes, and Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply was the best one. I am very pleased with my new doors. The installation was quick, and they are very modern looking.” -Lorraine W.

Daniel P.Garage door repair services Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

“My experience with Ben’s Garage Doors was great from start to finish! Their technicians operated with precision and care. I’ll be calling them again soon.” – Daniel P.

Kara S.Garage door repair cable Woodland Hills, CA

“I had a fantastic experience with Ben’s Garage Doors! They gave me a reasonable price, and a team member was able to come out to my house the same day to replace the cable. The customer service was top notch.” – Kara S.

Debbie F.Garage door and gate repair Hollywood Hills, CA

“Ben was a big help to me when I needed a garage door repair. He came out immediately and did what was needed. He was able to save me money on a garage door opener replacement.” – Debbie F.


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About Hollywood Hills, California

Hollywood Hills is one of the most popular locations in Los Angeles. With the giant Hollywood sign announcing itself, there’s no chance you can miss it. If you’re a tourist in Los Angeles, there’s also no chance you’ll skip checking it out. Hollywood Hills is a beautiful community nestled in the hills at the center of Los Angeles. Located along the Cahuenga Pass, Hollywood Hills is close to everything. Living here means people have access to easy commute. Aside from being a great residential area, there is also no lack of restaurants, entertainment, and shops located around Hollywood Hills.

There are also several local shops and businesses around the area that offer a variety of services. One of these businesses is a local business named Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply. They are a family-owned business that provides garage door services. If you are looking for someone to fix your garage door quickly and efficiently, then Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply might be the service you’re looking for. They offer same-day services and have experience in dealing with a variety of garage door problems.

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