garage door and earthquakes in los angeles

Preparing Your Residential Garage Doors for California Earthquakes

Geological Risks and Recent Earthquakes Pose Risks to Garage Doors and Structures in California

California natives and newcomers understand the risks of stepping into this world.

Earthquakes, forest fires, heavy rain, and even tropical storms sometimes blow through the region of Los Angeles.

Still, continuous seismic activity has remained a constant for dozens and hundreds of years.

While most Los Angeles residents seem to approach things with a laid-back attitude but remain on the go, the tone will change very quickly when it comes to their homes.

If you live in a home with a room above the garage or an attached garage, you may have some worries about the magnitude of specific earthquakes in history.

It is human nature for people to protect the things they love, and starting today, it is a good idea to take a deeper look at the design of your home and garage door to ensure you are prepared if sensors detect something larger heading your way.

southern california garage door after earthquake

damaged garage door iconSouthern California Has Suffered Many Smaller Earthquakes Throughout the Years

Recent earthquakes in the Los Angeles region and surrounding area have residents thinking about how their garage door may be affected.

When you live in an area with over 10,000 earthquakes of different magnitudes every year, it is difficult to ignore.

garage door opener service near meUnderstanding the Magnitude of an Earthquake in Your Region

Depending on where you are located, the largest earthquake magnitude experienced in the Los Angeles area was in 1994.

The Northridge Earthquake registered at a 6.7 magnitude, nearly 7 km, and pushed through the entire region and beyond into Nevada.

The magnitude was so significant that it created a fault within a Saint Susana mountain range.

high magnitude earthquake in los angeles

Are your Garage Door and Home Currently at Risk?

With an earthquake of that magnitude hitting your home, you may question whether or not your garage door design is strong enough to withstand anything of that strength or more significant.

With the right garage door company in Los Angeles, it is easy to gain expert insight and advice and hit the button toward taking action and making the changes necessary to ensure it is!

Preventing Damage of Your Garage Door During California Earthquakes

While there are many great garage service options across Southern California, gaining access to one familiar with standing up to an earthquake of significant magnitude and smaller ones is the most essential factor.

To proactively remain alert and aware of how homes and garages have been damaged or destroyed, you need to get on the same page as your local garage door pros!

Most Recent Earthquakes Have Revealed a Reason for Building Codes

There can be as many as 30 earthquakes a day, and while many of those are of a smaller magnitude, the region has many fault lines that put it at risk for something more substantial: an hour, a day, a week, or many years from now.

To avoid the need for garage repair, it is a good idea to have the proper forms of protection, materials, and design so that your garage door is prepared for an earthquake of a more substantial magnitude.

building without code in los angeles

Keep Your Storage Away from Windows

Most people store their cars, tools, and general items for storage.

But you may find that no matter how you section things off, you still need to ensure that everything is placed far away from the windows, and there isn’t the possibility of something tumbling over or a bulky item falling into your garage door.

Do You Have a Quality Storage Plan in Place in Case of a Strong Earthquake?

No one wants to have to urgently call on a local garage door service for emergency repairs that could have easily been avoided!

Putting things in their place, locking up your toolboxes, and placing things in secure areas away from the garage door, windows, and cars will give you peace of mind if an earthquake hits.

garage door after earthquake in la

Add Support to Your Garage Door Design

There are many ways in which you can upgrade your current garage door in case of an earthquake, but you need to pay attention to the magnitude of seismic activity and anything that is shifting on the horizon.

Working with elite garage technicians in Los Angeles will offer a deep dive into how your garage doors and garage structure could be vulnerable to an earthquake – even those that are a 7 km magnitude or beyond.

In any case, remaining prepared is essential to keeping your garage and home intact if an emergency occurs.

What Kind of Support Does Your Garage Door Need?

Garage doors in SoCo need reinforcement to stand tall and strong, remaining a legitimate defense against earthquakes.

Homeowners don’t want to end up with a subpar garage when they need something flexible, durable, and protective.

Reinforcing your garage door with plywood and even reinforced steel can help keep your structure safe and secure.

customer safety firstStay Committed to Garage Door Maintenance

You won’t want to mess around and fall behind on your garage door maintenance.

This should be done at least once a year, but if possible, it is a great thing to complete with your local professionals twice a year!

What are the Benefits OF Maintenance Beyond Earthquakes?

When you commit to general maintenance, you are arming yourself, your home, and your garage against the destruction earthquakes can wreak.

  • You can catch weaknesses in your garage door and structure before a large earthquake occurs.
  • Many different things can go wrong outside of the average earthquake in California, and having garage door experts who can complete regular inspections will save you time and money.
  • Being prepared is always better than ending up in a shaken or unstable situation when natural disasters strike.

garage door earthquake manual

garage door services listKeep Manual Options in the Event of an Earthquake

While not everyone prefers to use manual options or make them available, many garage door places prefer these options for California homes.

Without them, you may be up the stream without any paddles if things go left during an earthquake!

How Can Manual Opening Provide Advantages?

Suppose you are to lose electricity during an earthquake of any magnitude. In that case, you won’t have any way to access your garage, so the manual option ends up being something you will need to rely on in California.

Identify Factors of Weakness in Your Garage Door and Home for Repair

Just like maintenance, you will need assistance from garage door repair companies to review any problems you are experiencing as they happen and resolve them as quickly as possible.

These issues could cause extreme vulnerabilities during an earthquake of low or high magnitude.

low hurricane can take your garage door off

What is the Typical Cost of a Garage Door Repair in California?

With Pasadena garage door installation companies, you may not pay the exact rates in Glendale, California.

Still, garage door damage and repairs can typically cost you anywhere from $250 to $450, so long as you don’t suffer extensive damage.

garage door InsulationPay Attention to the Materials Your Garage Door is Constructed With

Modern and new garage doors are pushing towards more contemporary looks combined with a longer lifespan and durability.

The substance of your garage doors matters, especially when dealing with up to 30 earthquakes a day.

What are the Best Materials for Preventing Earthquake Damage to Garage Doors?

Steel seems the overwhelming choice when hoping for positive reinforcement for extreme weather, harsh temperatures, natural disasters, functionality, and beautiful aesthetics.

future hurricane in los angeles

garage door damagedStay Vigilant for Future Earthquake Possibilities

It is critical to keep a reputable garage door doctor in Hidden Valley, California.

Still, as a resident in the state, you also will need to remain alert and aware of what is going on underneath your two feet.

Staying in touch with those around you and keeping informed on any possible earthquakes measured by the USGS will also help you remain prepared.

door installationStay Aware of Your Location & How That Affects Your Reality

Where you are located matters, as being located on the San Andres fault makes a difference as it runs straight through Los Angeles and can cause significant issues for those living there.

With your home and residential garage doors being in the same region – there are additional options to remain proactive and offer padding and protection to your garage structure.

Have You Considered Retrofitting Your Home?

Many California residents are forced to retrofit their garages when there is no in-line wall because they don’t have suitable reinforcements for an earthquake.

Retrofitting is still necessary for some of the very best garage doors in Santa Ana, Santa Monica, and across the SoCo area because it is not so much about the doors but securing the structure as a whole.

secure your garage door in los angeles

garage door remote iconAre the Items In Your Garage Secure?

We cannot stress enough that items inside your garage are secure.

Malibu door specialists may even suggest that you park with your E brake on – especially if you are on a hill, as crazier things have happened.

If you have the chance, don’t make large piles or stack things too high, as it is more likely those could topple over and cause more damage to their immediate surroundings.

Try to organize everything you have onto secure storage shelves that offer their own form of wall reinforcements in case of an earthquake of higher magnitude.

This helps with general garage safety and will allow your garage to remain clutter-free, functional, and pleasing to enter at the end of your day!

garage under earthquake in los angeles

Do You Know What to Do in the Event of an Earthquake?

If something does go wrong during an earthquake, there are safety precautions that you should take to protect yourself and your property.

At the end of the day, any emergency garage door repair can happen later with reliable companies like Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply – as your family’s security is the most essential priority.

something is brokenIs it Time for Garage Door Replacement?

Another means of prepping for an earthquake is considering garage door replacement.

This is likely something you will want to take a closer look at if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Your garage door has surpassed its assumed lifespan.
  • If your garage doors are already showing signs of wear and tear and need continual repairs.
  • If you do not have the necessary materials or reinforcements, it may be time to think about switching to steel.
  • If you are hearing weird noises, want to upgrade the aesthetics, and increase the value of your property.

is it worth to replace garage door

custom garage door services hansen hillsHiring Garage Door Company for Repair, Installation & Maintenance

Your final step to preventing garage door damage during an earthquake is interviewing and assessing the many options for garage door companies that you have throughout the Los Angeles area.

But, as you are in the beginning stages of sorting through them, there is an essential checklist you will want to follow.

garage door repair Verifying Licensing and Certifications is Important

When a company promises you same-day garage door repair, you want them to follow through with their advertisements – otherwise, you may feel as if you are being duped.

The same goes for licensing; if your garage door specialists are not legitimately certified through the state of California, then they should immediately be tossed from your pile of options.

You can easily verify whether or not the businesses you are speaking with are licensed by referring to the California State License Board and conducting a complete check by referring to the business name, license number provided, the owner’s name, or phone number used for the business or direct salesperson.

garage door repair near meReview Experience and References in the Area

You can always ask garage door replacement companies for previous references, how long they have been in business, experience level, and galleries of work.

Most of them should have these details posted publicly on your website as their experience is a massive part of their references and a quality customers want out of any company they choose to work with.

home insurance options

affordable garage door services fullerton caCheck on Their Insurance

Residents will hire a Burbank garage repair man and licensed business because they offer a safety net of insurance.

When you are working on things by yourself, you are walking into things mindlessly and will have to pay out of pocket for any mistakes, damages, or faulty products and parts used.

affordable garage door huntington caRequesting a Quote Built for Your Needs

The most crucial part of new garage door installation is assessing and understanding your quote.

Estimates are provided so clients can see an itemized list of projected charges, compare those to other quotes, and the budget developed for the project!

recent earthquakes around los angeles

strange sounds iconRecent Earthquakes Have California Residents Securing Greater Garage Door Opportunities

No one knows when another repeat of 1994 can occur.

While the quakes plundered through the ground throughout aren’t quite the magnitude as they were, all of the minor seismic activities may eventually lead to something more significant.

While many documentaries, articles, and stories are told about when the big one may finally happen, this fear is projected to lie mainly on the coast and in the Bay Area region.

However, that doesn’t mean the state’s Southern portion won’t be affected.

The Golden State is familiar with waking up and experiencing smaller earthquake activities throughout the day.

Still, even more minor shifting can cause significant damage to your garage space and garage doors.

garage door materialBen’s Garage & Gate Supply – Strong Technicians for Seismic Activity

Instead of waiting around for an accident to occur or damage to strike your garage – gear up with your local garage door company and allow the technicians to inspect and offer repairs, reinforcements, upgrades, and replacements when required.

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply in Los Angeles, California, supplies residents throughout the region with excellent earthquake reinforcement possibilities, elite repair teams, and highly educated and certified technicians for replacement, installation, and routine maintenance.

Our business provides free estimates on all your garage door needs and is dedicated to upholding safe and secure garage spaces throughout the state!

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