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We at Ben’s Garage Door Repair offer various kinds of garage door services, including:

Garage Door Repair

garage door repair san fernando

If you search for an effective and reliable garage door repair in San Fernando, we are the company to call. Ben’s team are your local garage door repair company, always reading and available to help solve your issue.

Garage Door Repairs for Residential and Commercial Property

It doesn’t matter if you manage a commercial building or own a residential property, and you depend on a garage door to work effectively. If unforeseen damage or busted components have made your garage door less than serviceable, we provide the efficient, fast and cheap garage door repair service you need. We offer the whole thing required to get your garage door back into its original condition.

Our expert crews handle an array of garage door repairs such as:

  • Off-Track Garage Doors
  • Residential Garage Doors
  • Commercial Garage Doors
  • Garage Door Service Calls
  • 24/7 Emergency Repair
  • Spring Replacement

garage door repair cost

How much does a single garage door cost?

The average cost of an insulated garage door ranges between $700 and $1,600. However, this cost can exceed $2,500 per single garage door for the high-end alternatives. The price does not include hardware and labor. Generally, the cost of the garage door will also depend on the material type and quality.

professional garage door replacement
Send in the professionals when it comes to beefing up your garage and home security. Call Ben’s Garage Door today for a free consultation!

Let Our Professional Do the Job

An off-the-track garage door can result in further structural damage or an unsafe situation. However, our team will take action fast to ensure that you get the best and professional repairs you want. Ben’s team will take a detailed look at the issue with your door during a consultation and provide you an honest estimate for services supported by warranties on labor and parts.

Garage Door Replacement

san fernando garage door

We have many years of experience offering garage door replacement in San Fernando and the surrounding areas. Ben’s experts finish all jobs to a high standard of superiority, with value and respect for your property and budget. Working with renowned manufacturers, we are experts in turnkey service, which includes assisting you in choosing the best door and parts for your needs, doing the installation, and supporting our job with maintenance.

If you plan to replace your old garage door, call our team to ask for a consultation at your convenience. It doesn’t matter if it is a single residential garage door installation or a big commercial project; you can be sure to get the task done right. Our professional installers have many years of experience and get extensive training on the job. This makes sure we can work with the latest and most sophisticated products on the market at this point. We are an authorized installer for some leading manufacturers as we have made the assurance and dedication to excellence they need.

garage door installation

Garage Door Installation

We offer a professional garage door installation service you can rely on! Replacing a dented, old and broken garage door with a new, stunning and tough one can immediately transform your home’s appearance and enhance its value.

If you decide to replace (and recycle) your garage door, we will schedule an in-home consultation to see trending and new trends. Browse our samples to see what suits you best. Figure out what doors are in stock, or order one to your liking. We have set up garage doors for decades now; we have the state of tools, knowledge, and garage door experience to do the job effectively and fast.

Some people think that they can do the job without the help of experience. Perhaps you have watched videos on YouTube or read some books on the subject and believe you can do it. Think again. A garage door is heavy (about 130 pounds) and hard to lift. It is composed of many components, and to set it up, you must be aware of each part’s function. DIY can lead to accidents or issues that can surface afterward. Keep you and your garage door safe; hire Ben’s Garage Door Repair for a professional garage door installation.

garage door opener
Your garage door opener is the beating heart of your garage door system. Is it time to upgrade to a smart option?

Garage Door Openers

Besides being convenient, garage door openers also save you energy and time each time you utilize them. It doesn’t matter if you are a commercial or homeowner. However, that is just if they are working as supposed to be. If not, you might find yourself with a malfunctioning garage door.

If you think there is a problem with your garage door opener, do not expect the issue to resolve itself- call Ben’s Garage Door Repair for fast and professional door opener repair. Regardless of what the door problem might be, we have the experience and tools to address any issues such as:

  • Residential Garage Door Openers
  • Commercial Garage Door Openers
  • Garage Door Opener Repairs

At Ben’s Garage Door Repair, we are happy to provide an array of safe, reliable, and durable garage door openers. Made for affordability and dependability, our openers are available with state-of-the-art features. Some of them are the chamberlain garage door opener, Liftmaster garage door opener, craftsman garage door opener, and many more.

liftmaster garage door opener remote in san fernando ca
Liftmaster garage door in San Fernando, CA

Garage Door Springs

If your house is one of the thousands of homeowners in San Fernando City, you tend to have one garage door in your home. Even if modern types are efficient and straightforward, many homeowners will need the service of an expert at some point. A garage door is consists of a door made of various materials. The door slide is controlled by openers, which utilized the torsion or torque in the garage door spring to move up and down the door. Garage door spring damage can hinder the functionality of your door.

Garage door springs are available in many types. A lot of low-quality springs are made in China that will put you at risk of damage. We can assists pick the best and high-quality garage door spring that will last for many years.

We can also help you diagnose issues with your garage door springs. A lot of garage door springs lose the torsion in due course. This leads to the door falling freely. We have licensed technicians that can help you adjust the garage door spring torsion. You must never try to fix the issue alone as it can lead to more damage or worse accident.

We are Ben’s Garage Door Repair, the best garage door repair service provider in San Fernando. If you are searching in San Fernando for a reliable garage door repair company, call us, and Ben’s team will give you the cheapest quote for the best and high-quality solution. Want a precise and accurate quote? Contact us, and our staff will visit your home. We will keep in mind your design preference and the area to calculate the estimate. We offer an honest estimate without hidden charges.

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About San Fernando, CA

Situated in San Fernando Valley, San Fernando City is an attractive place. Coming into the city, you will be welcomed by captivating lines of palms. San Fernando was named after a famed saint king, and it flourished in the 1800s. This city saw many settlers, and a lot of nuggets were found out in an adjacent canon during the 1840s gold rush. San Fernando residents enjoy a sunny and warm weather. To ensure they don’t need to experience the stress of getting down from their auto to open or close the garage doors, they opt to an automatic garage door.  And when it comes to installing and repairing the garage doors, residents call Ben’s Garage Door Repair.

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