How You Can Keep the Garage Cool In the Los Angeles Summer Months

keep your garage cool in LA summer tips

The garage is one area of a home that can get extremely hot during the summer months in Los Angeles. There are more than just a few things that you can do to keep the garage cool and comfortable to continue working on projects or enjoy spending time in this space. Why Does the Garage […]

Affordable Garage Door Makeover

affordable garage makeover

A Simple Method to Enhance Your Curb Appeal Your garage door is one of the first things people see when they pull up to your house. It can really drag down your home’s curb appeal if it’s old, dented, or just plain ugly. But don’t worry, a quick garage door makeover is easy and relatively […]

Garage Door Repair Los Angeles: What People Also Ask

garage door repair questions los angeles

How much does replacing a garage door in Los Angeles cost? Garage door replacement in Los Angeles can cost anywhere from $690 to $1,750, depending on the size and type of garage door. If you need a new garage door opener, that will add a cost of around $300-$900. If a garage door is damaged or […]

Garage Door Repair Los Angeles – FAQs & Tips

garage door faqs and tips sign

How to keep a garage door working properly? We suggest that you clean your garage door as often as possible. Dirt and dust can cause so much damage to a garage door because they could create an overload of pressure on the tracks. This breaks the track, puts too much stress on it, does not […]

Garage Door Springs – Know the Basics Before You Buy Them

book of basics of garage door springs

Garage door springs are used to help open and close the garage door. When the garage door is closed, the tension in the current spring is increased, using it to pull up on the garage door track. Garage Door Springs have a history of breaking down over time because of repeated stretching & contracting. This […]

All you should know about garage door opener installation services

garage door opener service

A garage door opener is important because it’s the most reliable and lift-assisting lift. This can help reduce common problems such as straining your back and outdoor vandals from entering your home after you’ve gone to bed. Some openers also serve as a monitoring system for the garage door itself. The garage is one of […]

Ben’s Garage Door specializes in double garage doors

double garage door

Knowing what your project will cost before getting started is vital when you need a new double garage door. Understanding the various factors involved in installing this type of structure and deciding whether or not that price seems reasonable for someone who hasn’t done work like this yet can help ensure there aren’t any surprises […]

The backup battery regulation – California SB 969 FAQs

sb 969 california law

SB-969 is a California statute that, as of July 1, 2019, requires all residential garage door openers purchased or installed to have battery backup. Here are some FAQs about the new regulation, as well as ways it may affect individuals living in Los Angeles, CA – Like us! SB-969 – Who needs it? The 2017 […]

Garage Door Winter Tune-Up

garage door winter tune up

Garage doors are vital. Not only do they protect your home and business, but they can also save lives in the event of a house fire or natural disaster. Ben’s Garage Doors service employs professionals who are knowledgeable about how to maintain your garage door. This includes sealing all cracks, insulating the bottom of the […]

Garage Door Springs-Things You Should Know

garage door springs tips

Garage door springs are in charge of raising and lowering the garage door. They open and close the garage door. It also requires heavy strength to open and close the door, so they need to be periodically replaced. Aside from that, you may also be able to hear a humming sound when the garage door […]