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Garage Door Services in Calabasas, CA

The land known as Calabasas, California, has developed a reputation as an elite region of the Golden State.

While it is one of the wealthiest zip codes in the country, residents and business owners still have to deal with the ups and downs that can come with being a property owner.

Everyone needs garage door repair services, and knowing who to call when your garage door is getting stuck, won’t open, close, or all of the above is critical for those within the community.

garage door repair services

Stress-Free Garage Door Repair Services in Calabasas, CA

Are you frantically searching for garage door repair near me on your computer or smartphone following a problem with your garage door or internal components?

Booking the right garage door services in the area is pivotal in determining your experience with the process and the outcome of your garage door repair.

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply offers premium garage door repair Calabasas, and can get your door repair completed fast with our friendly and knowledgeable technicians.

We are a locally owned and family-run garage door repair and installation solution available to the community at all hours of the day and evening to ensure your garage doors always work for you!

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Requesting Your Free Estimate

Garage door repair costs can add up quickly, and understanding the details of your charges can help you make a more informed decision on who to hire for the job.

Without a trained and licensed crew to complete your garage door repairs, you could end up in a worse situation than where things started.

Without a locally owned garage door company, you are guaranteed comprehensive quotes and complete consultation with helpful garage door tips to help clients handle their garage repairs effectively.

garage door specialists

Licensed Garage Door Repair Specialists in Calabasas, CA

Our team is appropriately licensed and insured to complete garage door and gate repair in Calabasas, CA!

You cannot trust just any garage door repair company that comes up on your internet search bar, and you need to look into the licensing and insurance information of every business you are considering.

Without licensed technicians, the work completed is not guaranteed.

All garage door repair techs should be able to provide their pocket card to verify licensing and insurance information on the spot!

garage door repair

Same-Day Garage Door Services Available

When you require legitimate garage door spring repair services, this is not something you can wait on.

Same-day service technicians are necessary to get things done and adequately restore your garage doors to their normal functions.

Locating garage door repair Calabasas, CA, can be an urgent or even emergency matter, requiring immediate response and diagnosis to fix the problems.

With Ben’s technicians, our team is available 24/7 in Calabasas, CA, and we are committed to supplying clients with same-day garage door repairs.

Our response time is next to none and cannot be compared to any other garage door company in the area!

customer service garage door

Great Customer Service Team

Every garage door repair job comes with phone calls and customers with questions.

Without a legitimate customer care team to effectively handle these matters, clients are left to do their research and have nowhere to turn.

Our reliable customer service team is always there to answer the phone and provide answers to any questions about garage door repairs, installation options, cost evaluations, etc.

Learn more about our garage door services and our excellent customer service team by giving us a call.

We are always prepared to support customers in their garage door repair and installation journey!

garage door maintenance

The Most Common Reasons Calabasas Residents Request a Local Garage Door Service

Have you ever walked out of your house only to realize your garage door broke?

Is your garage door only opening halfway or not opening at all, or is your garage door opener making loud grinding noises?

Having regular access to your garage doors is something people take for granted until you are on the phone with a local garage door service trying to figure out how to get things working again.

The second you lose access to your garage doors, the frustration kicks in, and locating a garage door service for assistance is imminent.

There are plenty of garage door repair options available in Calabasas, CA. 

Still, before you hire the first technicians available to help with your garage door spring replacement or garage door opener, it is good to have general knowledge about typical garage door options.

torsion garage door springs

Broken Garage Door Springs

Your garage door springs help play a significant role in your garage door system, and you work hard to keep your garage doors up and running.

The second you notice your springs look worn or rusted, you shouldn’t spend valuable time on their continued use.

If your garage door springs are damaged, break, or snap, your garage doors will be unstable and unsafe to open or close.

You may still be able to open the garage manually if needed, but your springs will no longer support the garage doors’ weight or balance, and things can come crashing down easily.

When your garage door spring broken, many people assume they can simply make a phone call for garage door spring repair, but you will need to replace the broken springs.

Garage door spring repair is commonly confused with general repairs, and in some cases, when the spring is simply worn down, there are means of upkeep, but you cannot repair the springs once they are broken.

With Ben’s garage door service options in Calabasas, CA, you can access the city’s most accessible garage door spring replacement options!

garage door opener

Faulty Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are another vital component of your garage door’s efficiency.

The modern garage door opener can bring new levels of convenience to our lives; they are the piece of the puzzle that has created automatic garage doors and safety features.

But just like garage doors, they don’t always work as designed.

Sometimes, it is easy, such as power issues or battery dying, but other times, it may be something much more complex that calls for help from local garage door opener repair services in Calabasas, CA.

With Ben’s, our technicians can effectively handle anything that comes our way; our crew is dedicated to great service and fair pricing when your garage door opener is malfunctioning.

Customers can try the following to see what is going on with their garage door openers before calling in a professional for the job!

  • Check your backup batteries to ensure they are not dead.
  • Double-check the power source to rule out an electrical problem.
  • Make sure the sensors aren’t blocked by dirt or debris.
  • Listen for unusual or loud noises from your garage door opener; the issue could be a dying motor.

garage door opening

Roller Issues

Residents in Calabasas, CA, frequently contact garage door services for problems with smaller parts of the garage door system that homeowners don’t usually see or have to think about, and your rollers are one of them.

Garage door rollers help to guide your garage doors up and down the tracks, and if they are not properly lubricated or blocked by dirt and debris, they won’t be going anywhere.

Old, rusted rollers will stop your garage door in its tracks. You can use lubrication to work temporarily, but a new replacement is sometimes needed to get things back to normal.

Like the rest of your garage door parts, rollers have their life expectancy, and garage door repairs cannot suffice for those who have run their course.

Garage door rollers usually last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, but securing some new ones will keep everything rolling correctly once they are past that point!

With Ben’s garage door repair Calabasas you don’t have to worry about issues with your rollers ever again!

Garage Doors Falling Off-Track

A garage door that has fallen off its tracks isn’t the easiest thing to get back on, and garage door track repair or total track replacement is needed.

This can happen for several different reasons:

  • Damage caused by the impact of your vehicle will cause the tracks to bend, making it so your garage and rollers are no longer connected. This is one of the most common reasons garage doors end up off their tracks.
  • Sometimes, the tracks installed initially for your garage cannot carry the weight of your garage doors. This can push the tracks off the alignment and cause them to become damaged over time, eventually giving out.
  • Your rollers may be rusted or aged, causing things to get stuck or veer off course.

When any of these things happen, it pushes your garage into an unstable place.

The garage door can physically fall off its tracks on one side, placing all the weight and pressure on the other, furthering the problem.

Ben’s Garage Door Repair Calabasas, CA, is here for all your garage door service needs. 

When you notice your garage door is off track, our team can effectively handle the repairs and replacements necessary to provide a quick and comprehensive resolution!

garage door new

A Garage Door Company Providing Seamless Installation Opportunities in Calabasas, CA

If you are unsure if garage door repairs are the answer to your problems or are just ready for something new, garage door installation specialists are here to help!

With our professional garage door installation options, you can spruce up the curb appeal for your house or business with new garage doors and gates instead of going through another repair; all your service needs are met in one place!

The installation process is simplified to be straightforward for customers; you can request a free estimate from your service technicians and work with a representative to choose the perfect doors for your house.

There are all types of garage doors to choose from. 

With these reliable replacement options, you can help customers in Calabasas, CA, completely transform their properties with a new installation service.

The same is true when customers contemplate repair versus replacement for garage openers; your garage door opener is just as essential and may require something beyond the usual garage door service repair.

If you are leaning on the side of a new garage door opener or a complete replacement, then you are in the right place with our garage door repair and installation specialists!

garage door installation

Superior Garage Door Installation with Trained Technicians in Calabasas, CA

Garage door installation is often viewed as this massive project, and it can feel like a task that many homeowners in Calabasas, CA, would rather avoid.

Instead of pushing these garage door services to the side, explore garage door installation options to meet your service needs; it all begins with a free estimate.

Our service technicians are skilled in offering garage door installation and additional repair services for all types of garage doors, from steel garage doors to sectional garage doors, wooden garage doors, and double garage doors!

But if you still are wondering how the garage door replacement and garage door installation process works, here is what you can expect with the following services:

  • Request a free estimate for new garage door installation. This differs from garage door repair because the consultation will be more in-depth. You will want to provide the vision for your new garage doors!
  • The consultation process allows Calabasas, CA, customers to participate in the planning stages! You can choose from several reputable brands for your new garage doors: Wayne Dalton, Clopay, CHI, and more! Our service technicians will help you offer the best materials for your garage door as we work alongside our clients every step of this garage door service.
  • For replacement services, your technician will remove the previous garage door to prepare for the installation!
  • Our professionals will install your new garage doors, the opener will be reconnected, and everything will be properly sealed, with options for new weather stripping, insulation, or any additional garage door services required. The entire garage door installation process is crafted to be easy for customers in Calabasas, CA.

garage door opener

New Garage Door Opener Replacement Options

When customers proceed with the new garage door installation, new garage door openers will be added, too!

Investing in these components will upgrade your garage space and enhance your new garage door opener, help restore convenience to your life, advance your security, and advance the overall safety of the garage door operations.

You cannot have a garage door without its opening system, and when yours is no longer reliable, it may be time to replace your garage door opener with a new Lift Master, Chamberlain, or any assortment of reliable brands to keep your garage doors

You may want to move forward with new installation or a replacement garage door service if you notice any of the following with your garage door opener:

  • Your garage door is aging and is over 15 years old. Most opener systems will last anywhere from 10 to 20 years, but newer models have been developed to last even longer than their previous counterparts!
  • You have been investing in frequent garage door repair services.
  • The garage door opener is only able to work sometimes or is working intermittently.
  • The opening system is incompatible with your current or newly installed garage door.
  • It cannot provide the features you want from a garage door opener, and it is time to change.

With our elite garage door services, you have an entire team of specialists to provide superior installation or replacement options!

commercial garage door

Commercial Garage Door Repair Calabasas, CA

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply in Calabasas, CA, is not only available for residential garage door services, but we can also assist with your commercial needs.

Our commercial garage door repair options are available around the clock if your loading dock garage doors break, you are experiencing issues with your rollup gates, or you require additional gate services.

As a local business in Calabasas, CA, we are here to serve our fellow community members and business owners with convenient options to restore their garage doors!

No matter how large or complex the job may be, our service technicians are there to get things done because we are not only restoring your garage doors or making replacements; we are restoring stability and security for your life and business.

Our commercial garage door services in Calabasas, CA, can assist with garage door repairs, replacements, new installations, and general maintenance solutions!

client garage door faq

People Also Ask Our Garage Service Technicians in Calabasas, CA

diy garage repairCan I fix my garage doors by myself in Calabasas, CA?

Taking on garage door repair yourself is not something residents should consider without the knowledge and experience necessary to complete the job.

Garage door repair is never something you should approach alone, as a lot goes into fixing garage doors. 

They are cumbersome, posing a severe safety risk to anyone making that attempt in Calabasas, CA.

Attempting DIY garage door repairs can be very dangerous, and most people will choose to avoid DIY garage door repairs for the following reasons:

  • You may not have the skills to diagnose the problem with your garage doors.
  • You have a high chance of utilizing the wrong part for replacement, which can result in further damage.
  • You also have an increased chance of using the wrong tools for the repair services.
  • This can be time-consuming when you don’t know how to address the issue.
  • It is also hazardous, and it could become increasingly dangerous.

garage door panel repairCan garage door technicians repair a section of my garage doors?

Your garage door repair Calabasas can help repair garage door sections without needing to replace the entire unit.

When garage door sections are damaged, most homeowners immediately assume a replacement is needed, but don’t jump to conclusions too fast!

Our garage door repair team can replace sections, which is much easier than proceeding with a new installation project.

These elite repair services are only a phone call away in Calabasas, CA, so if you have damaged garage door panels, contact our experts for help with repairs.

slanted garage doorWhy is my garage door bending in the middle of the structure?

Curb appeal is a significant priority in most neighborhoods across America, and this is further heightened in Calabasas, CA.

No one wants the aesthetics of their house to be damaged by a garage door that is bowing or bending in the middle of the structure.

This could be happening to your garage doors for several reasons:

  • The doors were poorly constructed, or your garage doors and their materials are deteriorating. Steel garage doors are generally the top pick because of their beauty and durability.
  • Exposure to extreme weather or temperature fluctuation has caused the garage doors to begin buckling, which will only result in further damage to the materials.
  • The garage door could be out of alignment because of misaligned tracks.
  • Your door arms may have been improperly installed.
  • It also may be as simple as a lack of lubrication and general garage door maintenance, which is necessary at least once a year per garage door professional!

garage door repairHow can I straighten out a crooked garage door in Calabasas, CA?

If you notice that your garage doors are crooked and incapable of raising and lowering correctly, you are likely looking at a garage door off-track.

It is hazardous to approach this situation without the help of a garage door repair professional, and when or if this is something you encounter, you should pick up your phone and contact a local garage door company for support.

Your tracks could be damaged, out of alignment, or require a complete replacement, depending on the level of damage.

It could also be an issue with your cables, rollers, or garage door springs, requiring help from a licensed garage door service in Calabasas, CA!

life expectancy garage doorHow often should I complete a garage door maintenance service?

Maintenance is necessary for all parts of your home or property, and your garage doors need just as much love as the rest of your home.

Most garage door service companies recommend you commit to it at least once a year, but aging garage doors may require additional appointments.

You can remain proactive about this by keeping all the garage door components clean, debris-free, and adequately lubricated.

Maintenance can support an extension in the lifespan of your garage doors, help customers avoid the need for costly repair services, and enhance the overall security and well-being of the unit.

broken spring replacementCan I open my garage doors manually if my garage door springs are broken?

Broken springs are seen as a relatively common issue with garage doors, and it is one of the most typical service calls in Calabasas, CA, for garage door services in the area.

When you need garage door spring replacement, you likely need your garage door to open!

You can manually open your garage doors when your door springs are broken if you really need to, but it is still not recommended.

If possible, you should cease all operations, manually or using your garage door openers, because it is not stable or safe.

Contact Ben’s Garage Door Repair Calabasas, CA, for superior garage door service options to replace your springs and get everything back up and running!

call bens garage door today

Call Our Team for Fast Service, Quality Technicians, and a Reasonable Price on Garage Door Repair

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Repair delivers technicians the community can depend on.

Whether you are experiencing issues with your garage door springs, steel garage doors, or garage door opener, our expertise provides a straightforward resolution.

Contact our garage technicians for a hassle-free estimate for garage door repair, replacement, or installation solutions.

Our local crew of specialists will ensure that your garage doors always offer safety, security, and comfort for the homes and businesses throughout Calabasas, CA!

Client’s Review Our Garage Door Services in Calabasas, CA

personaMy garage door technicians replaced our broken springs quickly & efficiently!

“It was late on a Sunday evening, and of course, our garage door springs broke.

Ben’s were prompt in their response time, provided a quick and reasonable estimate, and a quality replacement for our garage door springs!”

Eli & Emily W. Calabasas, CA

personaOur crew worked diligently & did excellent work!

“When our garage door fell off track, I wanted to make sure that we were using a reliable garage door company because there are a lot of different services on the market today.

Our tech offered a free estimate, was highly professional over the phone and in person, and got our garage door back on track!”

Mike R. Calabasas, CA

personaFair pricing, professional technicians, & amazing door repair in Calabasas!

“Our garage door keypad wasn’t working correctly, and we could not operate it.

Our neighbors referred us to Ben’s Garage Door Repair Calabasas, and we were in awe of their dedication and excellent service!”

The Duran Family Calabasas, CA

personaThe team did a great job installing our new steel garage doors!

“We recently moved into our new house in Calabasas, but we had no idea the garage doors were in such bad shape.

Even with the negative surprise, this team of garage door experts made our new garage door installation process easy, and we can finally enjoy our new home!”

Daisy & William G. Calabasas, CA

personaIf you are looking for a reliable garage door company, these are the repair services to book!

“Our Lift Master garage door opener has never had any issues until recently, and sometimes our garage door opened usually, and other days it didn’t.

We are so glad we called this company; they did a great job diagnosing our opener issues and providing a simple solution at the right price!”

Danny L. Calabasas, CA

personaThe perfect garage door service for garage door opener installation!

“I could not take going through another garage door repair service and decided on a new installation instead, but I wasn’t going to complete the process with just any garage door service in Calabasas, CA.

These garage door services are exceptional, the team is very professional, and I love my new steel garage doors!”

Marcus H. Calabasas, CA

personaA fantastic selection of garage door openers in Calabasas, CA!

“We were in the market today for a new garage door opener, but we needed something modern, sleek, and practical.

These garage door services could offer a wide selection of garage door opener options at a fair price!”

Mack S. Calabasas. CA

personaBen’s Garage Door Repair Calabasas is the best garage door service available in the area!

“When our garage door wouldn’t open or close, I wasn’t sure where to turn or how to book high-quality garage door services I could trust.

I am so happy to have worked with this team of technicians on my garage door repair; they were highly attentive to all my service needs, had a fantastic response time, and now my house is back functioning as it usually would!”

Jenny & Ricky B. Calabasas, CA

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