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Is it Cheaper to Repair or Replace the Garage Door Opener?

Originally invented in 1926 by C.J. Johnson, garage door openers is a piece of technology that we all take for granted – until there is a problem. If your current garage door opener is on the fritz, you might be asking yourself if you should upgrade the unit or if it would be better for your pocketbook to repair the existing model.

noisy garage door opener
Is it time to replace your garage door opener?

What is the Average Lifespan of Garage Door Openers?

The average lifespan of most openers is between 10 to 15 years. There are several factors that can impact this lifespan, including:

  • If regular maintenance was performed
  • The quality of the product
  • The company that completed the original installation

With proper care, including regular cleaning and maintenance, your garage door opener can remain functional for at least 20 years!

Learn to read the problem signs early!

Common Signs There is a Problem With Garage Door Openers

Your garage door opener has always been reliable and worked perfectly when you needed it most. Lately, you have noticed signs of a problem and are wondering if the garage door opener is the culprit. Here are some of the most frequent signs your garage door opener requires a repair or replacement:

not working iconThe Remote and Wall Switch Stop Working

The remote and wall switch allows you to effortlessly open and close the door with a literal push of the button! If you push the button on either and there is no issue with the remote or wall switch, the problem is with the unit itself.

Perform a little troubleshooting on your own before you call the pros at Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Supply. Check the batteries in the remote and ensure there is no disruption between the remote and the opener.

To ensure there is no disruption, stand within 10 to 20 feet of the opener and press the button on the remote. If there is no issue with the remote, check the opener’s antennae to ensure it is not damaged or covered in debris.

Contact the team at Ben’s Garage Door if you have performed these troubleshooting steps but your remote still isn’t working correctly.

moving slow iconThe Garage Door Opens and Closes Very Slowly

On average, your garage door should open and close fully in 12 to 15 seconds. If the door’s speed has slowed down drastically, and it is taking far longer for the door to open and close, the door opener is probably the culprit. The issue could be anything from damaged torsion springs to a bent track.

flick the switch iconThe Garage Door Will Only Close When You Hold Down the Wall Switch

You are frantically tapping the button on your garage door remote, but nothing is happening. You hit the button on the wall switch – but the door will only open and close when you hold down the button. This is one of the most common garage door issues, and it can be caused by a number of problems.

For example, one of your door’s most critical safety features is that it will not open and close if the photo eye is misaligned, dirty, or damaged. If this is the reason why you need to push down on the button to fully raise and lower the door, our garage door technicians can help.

strange sounds iconThe Garage Door and Opener Are Making Strange Sounds

One of the most typical garage door problems, and most common garage door repairs, is a unit that is making strange noises. For instance, if there is a grinding noise, the culprit could be a stripped or damaged door opener gear. This is a pretty straightforward repair that one of the pros at Bens’ Garage Door can complete in a single afternoon.

garage door repair cost
Does your opener need replacing or simply repairing?

How Much Does a Typical Garage Door Opener Cost?

The average cost of a door opener repair or total replacement costs can vary greatly. For example, a simple garage door repair cost, such as realigning or cleaning the photo eye sensor, can cost between $120 to $190. A total replacement of your opener will cost between $700 to $1,500, depending on the type (chain, belt, or drive), manufacturer, and model.

repair or replace garage door opener

Should I Replace or Repair My Garage Door Opener?

Your door opener isn’t functioning correctly, and you aren’t sure if a repair or replacement is the best course of action. A replacement costs more money than a repair, but that doesn’t mean it is always the better option. Here are several factors to consider when determining if a repair or a full replacement is the most cost-effective option:

cost of repairThe Cost of the Repair vs. Replacement Costs

One of the most significant considerations is the overall cost of the repairs. If it would cost you about as much to repair a garage door opener as it would cost to replace the opener, it is often better to opt for a replacement.

openers age iconThe Opener’s Age

If you have an older model opener and seem to be constantly calling pros to schedule repairs, it is best to skip another repair and opt for a new opener instead. However, if the opener is newer and the repair is relatively inexpensive, you are better off having the existing opener repaired rather than replaced.

warranty iconIs the Garage Door Opener Repair Under Warranty?

Refer to the manufacturer’s warranty to determine if the repair is covered. If the repair is under warranty, repairing the unit is always the better option. However, be aware that several things can void your opener’s warranty. For example, if you installed the opener yourself rather than leaving the installation to a professional, the repair might not be covered.

garage door opener repair

Tips to Extend the Life of Garage Door Openers

Whether you are opting for a replacement or a repair, there are several things you can start doing today to extend the life of your opener, including:

maintenance iconSchedule Yearly Maintenance

Contact a professional to schedule a yearly checkup of your garage door and opener. During this appointment, the technician will examine every aspect of the door and opener to ensure there is no problem. Yearly maintenance is a low-cost and effective way to prevent unnecessary repairs and ensure the entire unit is always working correctly.

moving partsKeep an Eye on The Garage Door Opener’s Moving Parts

Your opener is manufactured from a series of components that must be appropriately maintained. This is especially true of all the moving parts or the components that become worn over time. Proper maintenance and lubrication of moving parts is a very simple way to prevent costly and unnecessary repairs.

For example, several components need to be regularly lubricated, including:

  • Tracks
  • Rollers
  • Springs
  • Locking mechanisms
  • Hinges

Choose a rust-resistant, silicone-based lubricant and apply it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

call us today if you see problemsCall for Professional Help at the First Sign of a Problem

One of the simplest ways to prevent the need for a total replacement is to contact a professional to fix a minor problem before it becomes a significant issue. When you contact a tech from Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Supply, we will provide you with a completely free estimate on all the parts and labor costs before we perform any repairs.

smart door opener app

Features to Look for In Replacement Garage Door Openers

After careful consideration, you have decided to upgrade your door opener with a newer, more state-of-the-art model. With all the different varieties to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow down your options. Here are a few fantastic features to consider when shopping for a new opener:

smart technologySmart Technology

Several manufacturers offer different smart technology features, including Wifi connectivity and an app you can download to control the garage door on your phone. Many manufacturers allow you to raise and lower your door even when you aren’t at home!

safety and security iconSafety Features

Newer garage doors have several safety features, including rolling codes. Garage door remotes work by radio signals. When you press the button, the door opens or closes when it recognizes the unique signal. Unfortunately, crafty hackers can remotely alter this code, allowing them to access your garage door.

When you choose openers that feature rolling code technology, a new, unique code is created each time you activate the remote. Other safety features on newer-model openers include advanced motion detectors and auto-reverse.

whisper quietQuiet Operation

Let’s face it: garage doors are noisy. When you press the button on the opener’s remote, you can definitely hear the door raising and lowering several feet away. Several newer openers feature technology that dampens this noise. This might not seem like a major issue, but when you try to take your sleeping baby out of the car, you will be thankful that your garage door is much quieter!

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Ben’s Garage Door are the leading professionals in garage door repairs, maintenance, and upgrade. Call us today for a free consultation!

Contact the Professionals at Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Supply for All Your Garage Door Needs

Are you ready to have your opener repaired or replaced? Look no further than the fantastic team at Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Supply. With over ten years of experience serving our amazing customers throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County, we can fix any problem with your garage door – from installing a new opener to a door panel replacement or installing new springs.

Services We Offer

Our company offers a wide variety of garage door repairs and replacement services, including:

garage door iconGarage Door Repair and Garage Door Replacement

In addition to installing a new garage door opener, we can also repair or replace any type of garage door. If you don’t require a complete replacement of your old door, we can repair or replace your garage door panels, as well. Installing new panels, rather than replacing the entire door, is often advisable – especially if the rest of the door is in good working condition.

garage door springGarage Door Spring Replacement

Over time and after repeated use, the springs on your garage door will begin to fail. Did you know that you should always replace your garage door springs rather than having one spring or both repaired? In addition to replacing both springs, we can also perform several other garage door repairs, including:

  • Track and roller repair or replacement
  • Cable repair or replacement
  • Weather seal replacement

The cost to repair each of these components can vary, so give us a call today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

repair iconGarage Door Off-Track Repair

If your garage door suffers severe damage, it can easily fall off the track. If this occurs, you will often hear a loud bang, which is the sound of the door hitting the garage floor. Although this might seem like a complicated and expensive repair, it is an easy fix that Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Supply team can handle in a single afternoon!

Ask About Our Discounts

We always offer competitive prices on all our services for garage doors and gates – but we will go above and beyond for our customers by also providing a wide variety of discounts. Ask about your senior discounts and military discounts!

same day service

We Offer Same Day Service!

Do you need an immediate repair of one or many door components, or do you need new garage doors right away? Contact Ben’s Garage Door for a same-day service call! One of our outstanding technicians will be dispatched to your house and can immediately and quickly install a new door or perform any number of repairs.

Reviews for Ben’s Garage Door & Gates Supply

persona helen tI Love my New Arleta Aluminum Garage Door

“My steel doors were severely damaged, and I needed to up my home’s curb appeal before I put it on the market. A friend recommended Ben’s Garage Door, and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. My new aluminum garage doors look incredible, and I know in the long run, this investment will help me get top dollar for my house!” – Helen T

persona pablo rThe Best Garage Door Repair Company Near Highland Park

“My daughter accidentally hit my garage door with her car, and we needed an immediate garage door panel replacement. I was worried the garage door repair costs would be astronomical, but the team at Ben’s Garage Door gave me a fair price. The panel was replaced in a few hours, and it looks like I have a brand new garage door.” – Pablo R

persona mitchell gIf You Need a Garage Door Panel Repair or Replacement, Contact Ben’s Garage Door

“My steel garage door was in bad shape, and I contacted several companies for a quote on the overall garage door repair cost. The team from Ben’s Garage Door gave me a break on the price and was even able to perform a simple spring repair without significantly raising the cost. My new doors look amazing, and I love the professional help offered by Ben’s!” – Mitchell G

persona colleen dI Needed a Complete Garage Door Replacement in Panorama City

“After a nasty storm, I needed the most cost-effective way to replace both my garage doors. I contacted several companies in the Panorama City area, but none were as friendly and affordable as the Ben’s Garage Door team. The new wood doors look great, and I didn’t need to break the bank!” – Coleen D

persona dominic lRepairing My Door in Monterey Park, CA, Was Far Less Expensive Than I Thought

“I have an older model door, and I assumed it would cost several hundreds of dollars to repair the doors. They are also custom doors, so I did not want to opt for a replacement. The team at Ben’s Garage Door was very familiar with my custom doors and were able to fix the problem within a matter of hours.” – Dominic L

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