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Knowing what your project will cost before getting started is vital when you need a new double garage door. Understanding the various factors involved in installing this type of structure and deciding whether or not that price seems reasonable for someone who hasn’t done work like this yet can help ensure there aren’t any surprises once everything starts going up!

When installing a second garage door, it can be easy to determine what costs should come with it. Many factors will affect your installation cost, and before taking anything off-site for inspection, one must consider these to make an accurate estimate at home or work.

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What kind of double doors?

For those on a budget, an aluminum or steel garage door can be installed for less than $400.

The cost is slightly higher for homeowners looking to spend some extra money and has their homes grade up in style with something more special like glass ($5K per door) or natural wood (3.2K per door) doors.

The garage door technician must meet safety codes for structurally sound installations with any garage door installation. In most cases of two doors being installed on one structure, safety will not be an issue, given that you need a header at least five feet wide and four inches thick to keep both parts supported safely under all conditions.

Different materials and pricing. Every garage door is priced based on your preferences. Also, prices vary by location.

glass double doors


Glass garage doors

Glass doors are the most expensive – no doubt. But the overall look will increase your home value for sure. On the other hand, everyone has different preferences for their houses. Still, most will agree that a new garage door is one of the best ways you can upgrade your existing style without any major renovations or financial investments in the process. Depending on your specifications, a glass garage door costs $2,500-$7,500.

wood garage doors


Wood garage doors

Before saying Yes! There are wood-like door styles and real natural wood doors. The difference is in the price, look, and quality.

The average two-car garage door made of wood would cost about $6,600.

vinyl garage doors

Faux Wood & Vinyl doors

Faux wood and vinyl doors are a more affordable way of making your garage stand out. These doors carry a starting price of around $1,800-$2,500 per door.

aluminium garage doors


Aluminum garage doors

Aluminum double doors are popular for durability, looks, and long-term value. It is about half the weight of steel or iron doors. Aluminum has 50% more resistance to corrosion than steel (and that’s important, especially to the Los Angeles area). All this makes aluminum doors a great choice.


Garage Door Cost by Brand

The finest, the mediocre, and the cheapest garage door brands. They aren’t identical, but some might be better for you.

The Luxury Brands

The top garage door brands are Wayne Dalton and Hormann. One door’s labor and parts cost can get up to $7K. Take, for example, the fantastic 8800 model by Wayne Dalton.

Wayne Dalton’s aluminum glass doors are the perfect way to complement your home, with clean lines and an array of finishes. You can also use these versatile models with indoor spaces like windows or patios – effectively fusing them! The average cost of a double door at this level is $13K, depending on the specifications.

aluminium and glass garage doors


Wayne Dalton offers a wide variety of custom tinted glass options for our customers. They provide clear (1/8″ standard) bronze and gray shades, as well as satin, etched privacy panels that are available in green or white color tints to match your preferences best!

Get me two great medium-grade garage doors

This group includes garage door brands that offer doors costing up to $4,500 with labor. Clopay, Raynor & Overhead Door are two well-known garage door manufacturers. Take, for example, the AVANTE model by Clopay. It has a starting price of $8,000 for two doors, and labor is included.

Clopay® Avante® garage doors are aluminum and glass panels, giving them a clean, modern look to any house or facility. The finish is covered by a five-year warranty, while a three-year warranty protects the hardware. There are two models in the collection: the Avante AV and the AVANTE AX.

composite garage doors


Another worth mentioning is that it’s been a trend in the past few years. Clopay’s Coachman model

The authentic-looking insulated steel and composite carriage house garage doors will blend seamlessly with your home’s architecture. The perfect balance between beauty and practicality, these garages look just like wood. Still, they are crafted from durable, low-maintenance materials topped off by an attractively textured overlay that reminds us of our favorite childhood garage doors!

The cheapest door you can get!

The winner is CHI’s 2250 Raised Panel door. It’s a low-cost model priced under $2,000 for the 8′ by 8′ door.

The entry-level series is big on style, with a very pleasing appearance. With a price that’s right for you, this series incorporates everything you expect in one easy package!

c.h.i. overhaed doors

Another cheap door in this category is CHI’s 4150 SKYLINE Flush.

The CHI Skyline Flush is a great cheap door for any garage. It measures 2 inches thick and comes in standard or 25-gauge steel and 188 colors! The flush panel construction provides an uninterrupted surface at eye level as well, so you won’t have trouble seeing what’s going on inside the space outside these sleek-looking panels.

The CHI 4150 SKYLINE Flush is an excellent choice for those on the go. With its sleek, stylish design that won’t stick out like a sore thumb when you’re driving down any street, this door will fit right in with your car’s interior and make sure nothing gets wasted – even time!

Our Double Doors Customers’ Reviews

Steve & Ellen B., Los Angeles, CANatural wood double garage door installation in Los Angeles

“We bought a new house in Valley Glen, CA; we needed to replace the old rusty double garage door setup. We found Ben’s Garage Door service and gave them a call. We worked with his team to install our new garage doors with outstanding technicians; these guys are unbelievable! They were on time, very professional, and ensured that the job was done right. I’d give them a ten out of ten for their service.” – Steve & Ellen B., Los Angeles, CA

Ted T., Reseda, CAThe best double glass door replacement in Reseda, CA

“Our 17 years old vinyl garage door looked awful. We wanted to increase the house value and maybe move to Denver. Ben’s Garage Door had the best price around and installed a double glass door within two days. The technicians arrived on time; they finished the job in 2 days (they even washed my windows!). I highly recommend them if you need new garage doors or repairs” – Barb & Ted T., Reseda, CA

Daniel B., Van Nuys, CAThe Clopay’s Coachman double door is amazing!

“Since our garage is in our back yard, the style was essential to me. This is why I chose Clopay’s Coachman garage door. My wife is pleased now. Ben’s team arrived on time, installed the door, and made sure I was happy. They cleaned up everything after their work. The job took two days to complete, so they even washed my windows! What a great service!” – Daniel B., Van Nuys, CA

Gary H., Panorama City, CACHI’s 4150 SKYLINE Flush at the best price near Panorama City, CA

“We were on a budget but wanted a new garage door. We saw an ad on the web and called them. Within 3 days, they installed it with perfection! I had to repair some things after the installation, but Ben’s team was very good at what they do. I would recommend their service anytime!” – Gary H., Panorama City, CA

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