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Simi Valley, California, is a place that offers residents a little slice of heaven, and it will continue to reveal new places, things to do, and community members that have helped to create the town that it is today.

It is one of the largest cities in Ventura County and remains one of the most popular suburban-style regions to live in without having to move into Los Angeles.

Living in Simi Valley comes with its perks. 

As a homeowner, everyone is familiar with the daily nuisances and struggles that can occur, as this is something property owners experience across the nation.

Just like the rest of the country, people in the city often utilize their garage doors to enter the home or even the workplace, and when that garage door doesn’t open, is only opening halfway and then closing, or is uneven during its lifting and lowering operations life can also get thrown a little bit sideways.

garage door repair simi valley

Locating Quality Garage Door Repairs in Simi Valley, CA

Contacting a local garage door repair company in Simi Valley relieves residents and business owners from any problems they are experiencing.

Finding the right technician to work with is an excellent place to start.

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply is a licensed, bonded, experienced, and insured garage door repair company in the area, providing free estimates on all garage door services and quality products and parts when replacement is needed.

A Locally Owned Garage Door Service for Residential & Commercial Garage Doors

Our garage door service was cultivated over two decades, and over that time, we have continued to gain knowledge and experience and developed relationships with our customers throughout Simi Valley.

We provide garage door repair options 24/7 for commercial and residential needs, so no matter what time you request our help, our crew will send trucks out to assist in the repairs!

garage door problem simi valley

Unpacking the Possible Garage Door Problems

Setting an appointment with a professional garage door technician for your single or double garage door services is a good place to start, but understanding what needs to be fixed and why is likely your next question.

With Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply, we are only one phone call away, and our team is focused on the current day and future health of your garage doors.

Rusted Rollers

Garage door rollers can often stand between your physical garage door and its typical functions.

Your rollers are meant to serve as wheels that guide your garage door up and down its tracks.

When those wheels become rusted, are coated in dirt or debris, or have simply endured too much wear and tear, it might be time to replace them.

Sometimes, the job is as easy as adding lubrication, as your rollers should always remain properly lubricated for everyday operations.

before and after garage door broken spring repair la

Broken Garage Door Springs

Springs are often a part of garage door repair Simi Valley and remain a vital part of your garage structure.

Your garage door springs are there to distribute the weight of your garage doors and help lift and lower the weight of your wood, aluminum, or steel garage doors while they’re being operated.

Over time, springs are exposed to the elements, extreme cold, fluctuating temperatures, regular wear, etc. – spring repair is necessary, even full replacement if your springs snap!

Low Hanging Cables

Cables also assist your garage door with balance and force to lift and lower the structure when prompted.

Over time, your cables may become frayed, can over-exert their power when springs are broken, and wear down, becoming loose.

Loose cables are a sign that garage door repair is needed as soon as possible because without your cables working in tandem with all other components, you could end up with more significant issues.

off track garage door repair

Damaged Garage Door Track

When you have a garage door wheel off track, or your garage door has completely fallen off the tracks, it used to travel up and down; this is an urgent matter.

Your garage doors utilize tracks, similar to that of a train or public transit systems, to travel their route up and down in your garage.

This can occur for several reasons; it may be as simple as a garage door roller issue, damaged tracks, or a door that has simply fallen out of alignment.

Ben’s Garage Door Repair Simi Valley is always prepared to assist in a garage door repair, no matter if things have fallen off track or if deeper issues are at play.

Unveiling the Possibilities of New Garage Doors

Garage door repairs are not the answer for everyone in Simi Valley, and sometimes, new garage door installation is the next best step for your household or business.

There is nothing quite like a new set of garage doors, but getting to that end result requires some serious support from a professional garage door technician.

Ben’s garage door specialists are highly skilled and have been thoroughly trained to work with customers through garage door repairs when the problems are more minor and new garage door installation when fixing things isn’t a viable option.

commercial garage door simi valley

Residential and Commercial Garage Door Shopping

Once you have officially decided to surpass the idea of a garage door repair and move forward with a set of new garage doors, selecting the right ones is essential to how they will function for your property.

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply offers state-of-the-art manufacturers and plenty of material options. 

Hence, shopping for your new garage door is fun, exciting, and supported by our expertise.

Steel garage doors are among the best options when picking out materials for your new garage doors. They are incredibly strong, secure, durable, long-lasting and low-maintenance!

Wood garage doors have been the traditional choice for many years; however, they can be easily damaged by rain and humidity and even warped by the sun and weather in Ventura County.

Fiberglass garage doors offer adequate strength against damage, cracking, and warping. This garage door option

Vinyl garage doors usually have steel frames for additional strength and are a solid option for those living or running a business in Simi Valley.

Glass garage doors offer a cool contemporary feel and enhance your home’s curb appeal with the community. Still, it doesn’t leave much up to the imagination, as others may have the ability to see inside your space.

Insulation options remain available for your new garage door in Simi Valley, and perhaps you may even need a new garage door opener to pair with your system!

Garage Door Installation Procedures

With Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply, installing new garage doors is easy, as our crew will complete the process in a timely manner!

We begin by offering a free estimate and then starting the consultation process to review all your options and garage door details.

Then, our team will replace your previous door with a new one to elevate your garage to heights that you could have never previously imagined for yourself in Simi Valley.

garage door maintenance info

Continued Care and Maintenance for Your New Garage Door

Locally owned garage door companies always suggest continued maintenance, which home and business owners in Simi Valley, CA, should prioritize.

Choosing to continue with the upkeep for your new garage doors will prolong their lifespan, prevent the need for expensive garage door repair services, and help to keep the structure supported through its use.

Understanding the Importance of Garage Door Openers

Your garage door opener may seem like a simple operating feature, but it is, in fact, a complex component of your garage structure and must be present for your garage doors to do their job.

Without a functioning and reliable garage door opener, your garage doors are completely useless and cannot be operated without the user committing to manual operations.

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate supply is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, so whether you are looking for new garage door opener installation or garage door repair, schedule an appointment with our locally-owned business to get started on your adventure!

garage opener repair simi valley

Access to Garage Door Opener Repairs

Garage door repair is just as necessary for opening mechanisms as for any other system element.

It may be incredibly challenging for Simi Valley residents to pinpoint why their garage door openers are failing; that is where Ben’s garage door opener repairs come into play.

Our technicians specialize in supplying simple repair solutions for garage door openers throughout the Simi Valley area!

Free Estimates for Garage Door Opener Installation

Just as door repair doesn’t always satisfy customers’ needs, repairs for garage door openers aren’t always enough, either.

But when working with the experts at Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply in Simi Valley, preparing for garage door installation isn’t required.

Our garage door technicians provide free quotes on garage door opener installation, will work closely with clients to pick the perfect opener for your garage doors, and offer many opener options, including garage door openers with innovative technological features.

garage door questions simi valley
Garage door problems always raise hundreds of questions. We’re happy to answer as many as you can ask!

Things People Also Ask

Why is my garage door stopping when the structure is opening?

Left to wonder why your garage door isn’t closing or why isn’t the garage door opening?

In either instance, different factors feed into the problem, but if your garage doors are starting their lift-off process and cannot complete it, it may be any of the following scenarios:

  • Rusted or damaged garage door parts rollers.
  • Broken springs.
  • A garage door that has fallen off track or is misaligned with the tracks.

What are the best materials for a new garage door installation?

Steel is currently the most modern material in Simi Valley, which is true across California and carries over throughout the rest of the country.

It offers amazing strength against the possibility of damage or denting, climate control, a sleek look and feel durability, and a long-lasting structure that shouldn’t require much maintenance.

garage door old rusty
Sometimes, the telltale signs of garage door wear and tear won’t be so obvious. Keep an eye out for when it’s time to order a replacement!

How much does repairing rust on a garage door or gate in Simi Valley cost?

The pricing for any service can vary depending on the extent of damage and rusting on your garage doors.

The average cost of removing rust also depends on the material of your garage doors and the size of the area affected; however, the price will usually range between $150 and $350.

How long does a garage door opener last?

The majority of garage door openers will last approximately 10 to 15 years.

However, new technology and the evolution of garage door openers have created better options for those in the market for residential or commercial openers.

Some Liftmaster garage door openers can last over 20 years with the proper care.

garage door installation services in santa monica ca

Contact Our Professional Technicians for Convenient Garage Door Repair in Simi Valley

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply is a locally owned and family-run business created by locals for locals.

Our team of garage door experts is prepared for anything that comes their way, and we are dedicated to supplying our community with elite garage door repair options!

Our professionals are always available to help, so steer clear of DIY garage door repair

Don’t be subject to any unnecessary stress when dealing with your garage doors, installation of new garage doors, or garage door repair in Simi Valley.

Contact our company to get started securing the garage doors your property deserves!

Our Recent Customer Reviews

Reesa T. Simi Valley, CABen’s did a great job repairing our garage door panels!

“This is an amazing company and garage door service in Simi Valley.

Our son had severely damaged our garage door panels after an accident with his new car, so we had two replacements to make.

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply made everything easy, provided a reasonable quote, and switched our garage door panels out quickly!”

Reesa T. Simi Valley, CA

Sammie R. Simi Valley, CAOur technician was friendly and knowledgeable and put safety first!

“I recently moved to Simi Valley from the Woodland Hills area, and our new home needed some work.

The garage is where we started things because we needed to ensure things were working properly.

Ben’s technician provided a free estimate and friendly and fast service.

Their tech was very conscious of industry standards and ensured everything was safe and operating at its best!”

Sammie R. Simi Valley, CA

Larry & Gina P. Simi Valley, CAQuick & efficient garage door opener motor replacement services!

“Our garage door opener was making extremely loud noises, and we feared the unit needed replacing.

A neighbor suggested Ben’s as they had previously used them for garage door installation.

The crew were highly knowledgeable and professional and worked quickly to install a new motor for our garage door opener!”

Larry & Gina P. Simi Valley, CA

Allie E. Simi Valley, CAThis team brings their A-game to every job site in town!

“After interviewing Precision Garage Door and a few other services in town, I chose to schedule an appointment with Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply.

I couldn’t be more happy with their level of professionalism, care, and support throughout our broken spring repairs!”

Allie E. Simi Valley, CA

Derek and The Staff. Simi Valley, CAExcellent garage door repair at reasonable prices in Simi Valley!

“I highly recommend Ben’s Garage Door Service in Simi Valley for your commercial garage door repair!

Their crew of technicians arrived quickly, completed our repairs in a timely manner, and truly went above and beyond to ensure all of our needs were met during the process.”

Derek and The Staff. Simi Valley, CA

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