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Garage doors throughout Santa Monica, CA, are used as home entryways, service doors for businesses, a doorway to garage conversions, and more!

Living or running a business in such a beautiful area makes it challenging to focus on garage doors, gates, and general property tasks. 

Still, some moments force residents to pause when their garage door spring snaps, your opener stops all functions, etc.

And suddenly, locating professionals to support and fix your garage door systems becomes the top priority.

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Secure Your Garage Door with Local Professionals

Ben’s Garage Door Services supplies commercial and residential clients with affordable prices on garage door repair in Santa Monica!

Our high-quality, local garage door repair solutions and gate services put the customer first and carry out quick fixes that offer long-term repairs for the property.

We have a significant network and selection of manufacturers to provide reliable garage door components and offer same-day service 24 hours a day!

Santa Monica Garage Door Repair Free Estimates 

Whether this is a garage door repair you have seen coming or an expected garage door service, Ben’s Garage Door Repair services are dedicated to developing a reasonable price that fits your budget.

We provide free estimates on all services for pulleys, brackets, broken springs, tracks, remotes, receivers, general garage door repair, and garage door installation projects!

You can count on our crew to be ready to help whenever you are in need, and we guarantee complete customer satisfaction once the job is complete.

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Requesting a Garage Door Repair Service

It is never a good idea to avoid garage door repairs as they can worsen and affect other elements of your garage unit over time.

With immediate access to reputable garage door services in Santa Monica, you don’t have to procrastinate on these issues!

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply offers technicians with expert knowledge, skill, and licensing for fixing your garage doors and gates.

Our team is available late nights, early mornings, and weekends to ensure that all of our customers can retain access to quality garage and gate repair solutions locally!

Identifying Garage Door Issues

Santa Monica home and business owners are used to experiencing plenty of standard garage door issues. 

Still, it is not always easy to troubleshoot and determine what is going on with your garage doors unless you have the background knowledge and experience to do so.

When you set out to locate reliable garage door repair, you can expect your garage door service to begin with the user’s explanation of what is going on with the garage doors and a full inspection of the issues.

Ben’s Garage Door Service in Santa Monica will offer a complete, thorough inspection alongside same-day repair services to ensure our clients can always access their garage doors, gates, and all points of entry on the property.

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Reviewing Your Garage and Gate Repair Quote

Once the problem is identified, our repair technicians will craft an accurate quote for the garage door repair.

Your Santa Monica garage door company should always provide an estimate for the services ahead.

This includes a breakdown of hourly labor, materials, parts, or specialty services.

Once your quote is received, you will have a chance to review and consult with your garage door business about the total, and you also have the option to gain additional quotes from other businesses in the area.

Proceeding with Your Garage Door Service

The garage door repair process will begin when the estimate is confirmed and agreed upon.

Most simple repairs can be completed in under an hour, but more complex problems can take a few hours or an entire day, and some repair services are more severe than others.

Things like broken springs are more urgent because if you know the ins and outs of garage door spring safety, you will understand the importance of immediate garage door spring repair services.

Our local garage door repair service supplies the following support:

  • Garage door spring replacement and spring repair.
  • Roller repair or replacement options.
  • Broken springs and spring replacement solutions.
  • Getting your garage door off-track.
  • Garage door panel damages and replacements.
  • Garage door opener repairs.
  • Remote and keypad repair.
  • Cables.
  • Rollers, and more!

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Scheduling Garage Door Installation

If you have recently hopped on your laptop or smartphone and began searching for garage door installation near me, you are probably looking for dependable Santa Monica garage door installation service options.

The replacement and installation of garage doors is something that can sometimes be a deterrent for home and business owners in the city because it is a larger project.

With Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply, you can push your anxieties and worries away and allow our technicians to take care of all the logistics, heavy lifting, and installing the best garage doors on the market!

Is this Your First Garage Door Replacement?

If you are investing in garage door installation or replacing garage doors for the first time, you can expect the procedures to look like this:

  1. Initial consultation and quoting process.
  2. Reviewing quality garage door options, brands, and materials.
  3. Make decisions on your final garage door replacement and schedule the installation.
  4. Removal of the old garage doors.
  5. Installation of all hardware and tracks.
  6. Installation of new garage doors!
  7. Continued annual maintenance.

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What to Expect from Installation Services with Expert Technicians in Santa Monica

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply has always been focused on making new installs, garage door repair services, and maintenance as simple as possible for customers in Santa Monica.

Our garage door services are there to make our client’s lives easier, to maintain a level of comfort, and to continually offer the usual conveniences that come with property ownership in the area.

We offer styles for every type of house, industrial grade options for business owners, and work with major manufacturers so our customers have a wide selection of top-tier garage doors to choose from when installing new units.

As a locally owned garage door company, our team is committed to remaining a consistent source of support that our commercial and residential clients can rely on for any kind of garage door service!

Dealing with a Broken Garage Door Opener

Your garage door opener is the key to opening and closing your garage doors.

If you do not have a working opening mechanism, you are left to open your garage doors manually if it is safe.

Just like garage door repair, garage door opener repairs can come about at the most inconvenient of times, disrupting your life or business operations.

There is no frustration like repeatedly typing in your personal code to get into your home only to end up locked out of your garage due to a faulty, dying, or malfunctioning garage door opener.

In situations like this, quality repair services are essential to regaining access to your garage doors and house.

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Troubleshooting the Brains Behind Your Garage Doors

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply offers premium garage door opener repair options and replacement solutions.

If you are stuck on repairing versus replacing your garage door opener, our technicians can help!

Our company can assist in repairing faulty internal components, replacing your motor, installing a brand-new garage door opener, and upgrading your space.

Smart technologies are now available to residential and commercial property owners, allowing users to access their garage doors through smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices.

These innovations are all available with Ben’s Garage Door services in Santa Monica, and our technicians are readily available to walk you through the process!

What People Also Ask

How long do new garage door installations take?

If you want to elevate your curb appeal with your garage doors for your home or business, knowing what you are in for before moving forward with a replacement job is a good idea.

Knowing what to expect gives you more control over the situation, puts customers at ease, and allows them to make a more informed decision when contemplating the possibility of replacements.

The time it takes to complete the installation services depends on the experience and skills of your technicians and the size of the garage door or doors you are installing.

If you install more than one door, this will also add time to the schedule.

Usually, it will take about 4 to 6 hours for replacement, but if you have a more minor, more straightforward job, it may only take 2 to 3 hours!

Talking with your garage door installation business before the services will give you a better idea of how long the process will take.

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Is my garage door opener worth hiring repair services in Santa Monica?

The notorious debate between repairs and replacement for a garage door opener persists for a reason.

It is not always an easy decision; without experience or extensive knowledge of these subjects, it is easy to second-guess yourself and continue to debate internally about what to do.

But there is a quick and easy way to determine if you should replace your garage door opener. If it is over 10 years old and you are experiencing issues, it is time for something new.

There are plenty of garage door openers on the market with advanced technologies, security features, and safety sensors, which can bring a sense of ease to your household or business!

How long does a garage door last?

Your garage door can last up to 15 years and even past 30 years, depending on the materials chosen for your garage door and the maintenance put into the structure over those years.

A wood garage door stands for an average of 15 to 30 years.

A steel garage door will last 30 years and beyond!

An aluminum garage door can last about 30 years and surpass that projected lifespan with quality maintenance.

Choose your garage materials carefully and work with your local garage door service before any new installation to ensure that you have a garage door suitable for your property, usage, and long-lasting investment.

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How can I find the right Santa Monica garage door company?

Choosing a business to assist in garage door repair in Santa Monica, CA, is a critical part of the process because not every company will be readily available, within the price range suitable for your budget, and capable of fixing the problem.

When interviewing or considering garage door businesses in your neighborhood, consider the following before booking your garage door service.

Ensure the business has a physical office and has a long-standing reputation with the surrounding communities.

Check on their licensing and insurance.

Ask for previous work experience and how long they have been in operations.

Check out previous customer reviews and their experience with the garage door service.

Request a formal estimate and review your pricing options.

You can and should even ask for a formal, written document that details the breakdown of your garage door repair or other services.

Connect with Elite Garage Door Services in Santa Monica Today

A broken-down garage door can be a surprising and unexpected element that affects your life, schedule, and business.

When this happens, having support is vital to finding speedy repair and quality materials or products to fix your structure correctly.

In connecting with Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply in Santa Monica, CA, clients find comprehensive repair and replacement services right in their own backyard!

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Serving Santa Monica Residential and Commercial Customers

Our licensed technicians are servicing the gorgeous city of Santa Monica, providing residential and commercial clients with superior garage door repair solutions, extraordinary installation options, and replacement components.

Contact our office to get started on your free estimate, detailed assessment, and consultation today in the greater Los Angeles area!

Our Garage Door Repair Santa Monica Reviews

Adam B. Santa Monica, CAThe best garage door company in Santa Monica!

“This is genuinely the best garage door service in Santa Monica, CA!

After having a few other garage door companies come out to inspect our garage doors, Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply was the most transparent, honest, and affordable company.

We have now hired them for maintenance following our garage door repairs.”

Adam B. Santa Monica, CA

Pamela C. Santa Monica, CAEmergency garage door repairs that turned our night around!

“The technicians at Ben’s Garage Door Service were terrific!

They arrived quickly to help fix our garage door, which had fallen off track, provided quality repair options, and restored our house to normal.”

Pamela C. Santa Monica, CA

Giselle R. Santa Monica, CAExcellent New Garage Door Installation!

“I am in love with our new garage door. It suits our house so well.

The final product is more than we could ever imagine. The communication throughout the installation services was excellent, and everything was stress-free.

We recommend contacting Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply if you are in the Santa Monica area!”

Giselle R. Santa Monica, CA

Jason L. Santa Monica, CAImpressive repair options for garage door systems!

“We recently moved from North Hollywood to Santa Monica, CA, but the garage door needed work.

It was not consistently opening and closing when prompted, and we weren’t sure what was happening.

Ben’s crew arrived for our garage door service, offered a reasonable estimate, and quick repairs!”

Jason L. Santa Monica, CA

Eddie & Shannon M. Santa Monica, CAOur garage door opener was repaired in less than an hour!

“Not having the ability to access our garage was a terrible feeling, and we initially thought our keypad was having issues, but it turns out our garage door opener needed repairs.

Our family is incredibly thankful to Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply!”

Eddie & Shannon M. Santa Monica, CA

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