garage door winter tune up

Garage Door Winter Tune-Up

Garage doors are vital. Not only do they protect your home and business, but they can also save lives in the event of a house fire or natural disaster.

Ben’s Garage Doors service employs professionals who are knowledgeable about how to maintain your garage door.

This includes sealing all cracks, insulating the bottom of the door, and replacing any malfunctioning springs. These repairs will allow your door to work efficiently for years while also increasing energy efficiency.

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A garage door tune-up from Ben’s Garage Door service will include:

  • Lubricating the tracks and rollers
  • Replacing any faulty insulation
  • Sealing cracks in the frame
  • Restoring garage doors to factory settings
  • Adjusting cables and other hardware for smoother operation
  • Ensuring your garage door is balanced Inspecting safety sensors
  • Maintaining your garage door opener

These services don’t only provide comfort, but they can also improve the resale value of your home!

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Ben’s Garage Door are the leading professionals in garage door repairs, maintenance, and upgrade. Call us today for a free consultation!


Benefits of Choosing Ben’s Garage Door Service Company in Los Angeles, CA

Our professional technicians are available seven days a week for emergency repairs. We have the most affordable prices that you can find in the area.

Every client is important to us, so we offer competitive rates and fast responses. We don’t charge an arm and a leg for our services either.

Our expert technicians can arrive at your home or business in less than 60 minutes, so you don’t have to wait that long to get the problem fixed. If your garage door isn’t working correctly or is extremely noisy, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. If not, the problem is only going to worsen over time.

We offer high-quality services with excellent warranties. The service warranty covers parts and labor for 90 days after our technicians provide their work.

This way, you can make sure your door is working perfectly without worrying about any future expenses.

Ben’s Garage Doors offers professional, high-quality service for each of our customers in the Los Angeles area with a satisfaction-guaranteed approach.

We are available for emergency services, which can save you money in the long run! Please get in touch with us today to learn more about any of our repairs or tune-ups.

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What Kind Of Garage Door Problems Could I Face?

Track, Springs, and Rollers

There are three general categories of garage door problems: springs, track, and rollers. Springs account for most garage door repairs because they do more than just open and close the door.

They also provide tension, so the door is unbalanced and unlevel. Spring-related problems include broken or corroded springs, bent or twisted brackets, loose connections, and snapped cables.

Track-Related Problems: Bent or twisted tracks, misaligned pulleys, improperly aligned brackets that prevent the door from closing on its own, and broken or missing bolts that attach to one end of both tracks.

Roller-Related Problems: Improperly installed rollers – either too high (blocking the track) or too low (causing the door to bind), and worn-out rollers.

garage weather damages

Weather Damage

It just takes a little rain or a lot of snow to cause problems. While snow in LA may not be much of a problem, there is rain to consider.

How does water damage my garage door?

The water seeps into the cracks and openings in a garage door and then freezes during the winter nights – expanding as it freezes – causing the glue holding the door together to give way.

What are some common signs of weather damage?

  • Warped door
  • Warped frame
  • Cracked or split wood
  • Rusty torsion springs

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How do I prevent damage from the weather?

Prevention is always better than the cure, so the best way to protect your garage door is to ensure it’s working correctly.

However, if you suspect problems have already occurred, call us to inspect, and one of our professionals can protect your door from damage.

Warranties will cover weather-related damages for most new garage doors, but you have to act quickly to get the repair work done before more problems arise.

garage door lubrication


Lubrication of the garage door is an essential part of a tune-up service. If the door slides up and down the track quickly but doesn’t go back down when you let go of it, the roller likely needs more lubricant.

This problem is often caused by debris on the rail or on the roller itself. It will become harder to open over time, which is why regular cleanings are essential.

Lubricating a garage door will help prevent wear and tear on the moving parts that keep it functional. Debris from leaves outside accumulate over time and can cause problems when they fall into the tracks or onto the rollers themselves.

We recommend having a professional tune-up done every six months to prevent problems from occurring in the future.

pulleys problem

Misaligned Pulleys

Misaligned Pulleys in your garage door can cause several problems. One of the most common is warping. Warped tracks and rollers often result from a broken spring or bent or twisted brackets, causing the door to close on its own.

This causes damage to the cables and cables being slackened. Another problem with pulleys is that they can get off track, which will cause excessive wear and tear on the other components.

Misaligned pulleys are a sign of a more significant problem within your garage door system and should be addressed before the door becomes irreparable. Misaligned pulleys are also a potential fire hazard since they can lead to sparking.

Finally, misalignment can cause weaker springs, which then causes more stress on the garage door.

garage door Brackets problem

Improperly Aligned Brackets

Improperly Aligned Brackets can cause the door to bind when it closes, which signifies that brackets are not appropriately aligned.

Misaligned brackets can be caused due to several reasons, including broken or corroded springs, bent or twisted frames, loose connections, and snapped cables.

All of these things can cause binding, which means the door cannot slide up or down without immense effort. It also severely limits the functionality of your garage door.

It’s important to remember that the brackets need to be immediately fixed if there are broken or snapped cables since this is a sign of tension on the wires.

If they are not correctly aligned, the wires will fracture over time. This can be extremely dangerous because it means the door could swing open while you are outside of your vehicle.

Broken Or Missing Mounting Bolts

Garage doors have two mounting bolts at each end of both tracks. These mounting bolts attach to the wall or ceiling, where they help support the door’s weight while also keeping everything aligned.

The door bolts must be tightened regularly for a garage door to open and close as it’s supposed to. A loose bolt will cause the track to warp as the bolts move up and down during use.

Additionally, if your bolts are missing, your track will begin to sag or even detach from the wall it attaches to. This will cause irreversible damage to your garage door and may lead to other problems, such as misaligned pulleys.

saggy garage door problem

Sagging Door

A sagging door is a condition where the rubber in the door loses its elasticity. Typically, this occurs when it starts to age, so if your garage door is sagging, it is probably near the end of its lifespan. Sagging will diminish over time as the garage door’s components continue to wear down.

A garage door that sags will not be able to close correctly. It causes problems with other parts of the system because it removes all tension from the springs and cables meant to hold it up.

This lack of pressure affects motion sensors that trigger safety lights and safety alerts since they rely on a working garage door to function correctly.

Another potential problem is a lack of tension on the emergency release cord since it is designed to catch the door when it is falling and hold it in place.

A garage door that sags will not close properly and may even cause injury if someone walks under it while it’s open because cables and springs are free to move without limitations.

Finally, a sagging garage door can indicate more significant problems within your system because it indicates that the tension keeping is not working correctly.

Broken Cable

The cables run from the bottom of your garage door track to a pulley at the top. These cables keep your garage door in motion and are necessary for movement.

These cables are usually covered with clear plastic tubing that is also essential to the system.

When your lines are broken, they can snap at any moment, which means the safety sensors will not pick them up and prevent your garage door from closing fully.

If you have a broken cable, it’s essential to fix it immediately so that you can guarantee protection against injury or death.

garage remotes

Remote Control Problems

You may notice that the remote control is not working correctly. If you take a look at your remote control, there may be small cracks in it.

These cracks show the stress that has been put on it. If this has happened to you or if other parts need repair, it’s best to call an expert who can come out and assess the situation so they can find out what is wrong with your electronic equipment. This way, they can avoid any issues for future clients.

Broken Safety Sensor

Safety sensors are installed on each side of the door to let you know when it’s safe to open and close it. This sensor is placed at feet level so if a person or pet walks under the door, they will be alerted and can move out of the way in time.

If one or both of these sensors breaks, you’ll need to replace them as soon as possible. If you do not, people who walk under the door will not be warned of the moving object overhead. It can lead to injury, so we need to fix any broken parts in your garage door system as soon as possible.

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If you notice any of these problems with your garage door system, you must call our professionals right away. The longer you wait, the more difficult and expensive your repair will be, so it is best to catch these issues before they happen.

Our professionals are available for emergency garage door repair. Call us today at (323) 302-1223, or use our contact form to schedule a tune-up before it’s too late!

Remember, we are here to help! If you suspect weather damage, give us a call, and one of our professionals will come to your location, free of charge, for an inspection. We’ll make repairs if needed, and we’ll provide estimates before starting the work. In Los Angeles, CA, you can trust Ben’s Garage Door Service!

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