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All you should know about garage door opener installation services

A garage door opener is important because it’s the most reliable and lift-assisting lift. This can help reduce common problems such as straining your back and outdoor vandals from entering your home after you’ve gone to bed. Some openers also serve as a monitoring system for the garage door itself.

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The garage is one of the most important investments in your home. It’s where we store all our prized possessions and expensive toys so we can easily access them when we need them. For this reason, it’s important to install the best garage door opener because it provides your family with optimal security and enhances the aesthetics of your home. However, installing a new garage door opener is not an easy job for everyone. You should leave such tasks to professional mechanics that have years of experience in the industry.

Garage Door Opener FAQ

Due to a mass of phone calls we get at Ben’s every day with questions about garage door openers, we decided to write down a complete FAQ to help you find the specific answer you need to your garage door opener question or problem.

What do you know about the SB-969 law? Read our FAQs

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How long do garage door openers’ batteries last?

The battery in garage door openers usually lasts one to two years, depending on use and correct battery maintenance. It’s simple to replace the battery when prompted by the battery status LED, which indicates that it’s time to change it.

How long can a garage door opener last?

The average life of a garage door opener is approximately 10-15 years. This isn’t to suggest that your operator won’t live longer than this. Remember, it’s an average number. Some openers survive longer and some shorter periods of time, but regularly performing maintenance can assist them to live longer.

garage door opener adjustment


What are garage door opener adjustments?

Turn the down limit adjustment screw counterclockwise to increase down travel. 2″ of movement is equivalent to one turn. Turn the down limit adjustment screw clockwise to decrease down travel. One turn equals 2″ of travel.

How common is it for garage door openers to break down?

Garage door openers generally last 10 years before they need to be replaced. While your old machine may still function, it’s time to think about whether it has the most up-to-date safety features and works well. Also, keep in mind that many older designs no longer have repair parts or hardware available.


How many times can you open the garage door with the battery backup on?

The opening ability of a battery backup system is longer-lasting than that of an electric opener. Most battery backup systems can open and close 50 doors or closings within 24 hours after losing electricity.

Does the garage door remote have to be reset after replacing the battery?

When the batteries in a garage door opener are changed, it’s necessary to re-program the device. Although this is not required for all garage door openers, many of them now need to be reprogrammed after battery replacement.

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How much does it cost to install a garage door opener for the first time?

Garage door openers start at about $1,279, but prices vary depending on the brand, type, and horsepower rating. On average, installation costs between $500 and $2,500. Depending on the job and your specifications.

Do garage door openers ruin when exposed to heat?

Your garage may reach over 100 degrees on a typical summer day. Los Angeles, California’s heat can cause malfunctions in your garage door opener’s electronics, requiring adjustments to its sensitivity or travel restrictions.

Liftmaster's Chain Drive Garage Door openers


Which type of garage door opener is superior: a chain or belt variety?

Chains are stronger and have a bigger lifting capacity than belts on residential garage door openers. In certain circumstances, they may also last longer.

What might be the causes of interference with garage door openers?

Electrical transformers, military bases/homeland security, Airports, and even the light bulbs in or near the garage door opener all emit electromagnetic fields that may be blocked by radio waves.

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What is the best way to increase the sensitivity of my garage door?

Turning it clockwise with a wrench will cause the door to raise a bit more and then come to a stop. Turning the lock nut clockwise at this time will boost the garage door opener’s pressure, resulting in improved sensitivity.

How do I know if my garage door motor is broken?

There are a number of ways to tell if your garage door opener is working properly. One easy way, which will work regardless of whether you suspect any other issue with it or not, involves checking that the springs on both sides push against their respective plates: this should give some tension when pushed from either side but lack thereof indicates an interruption somewhere along the line.

garage door opener repair installation


Is it possible to repair a garage door opener without drilling new holes in the rails?

The rail of a garage door is the component that guides and supports your vehicle as it enters into or leaves from within. If you’ve ever had one replaced then this should be no surprise: they’re not easy to find! To ensure accuracy in measuring each individual installation requires precise instructions provided by the manufacturer’s specific standards which vary over time due to changes made throughout the manufacturing process-even among different models made within the same company.

Which garage door opener is the most silent?

The quietest garage door opener is the Sommer Direct Drive 1042V001. This type of motor moves smoothly without making much noise, so it will not wake up people living in your house if you use this on a Saturday morning for example when there are car auctions happening outside or just want some peace and relaxation before getting ready!

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Do garage doors expand because of temperature fluctuations?

Not in California. But in many areas in the US, the garage door is a complex system made up of many parts. In the wintertime, when it’s cold outside and everything contracts slightly with each passing day; however there are also fluctuations throughout each component – from panels to springs & hinges- which will expand depending on how much sunlight has entered your property over time!

Ben’s Garage Door Garage Door Opener Services

Garage door openers can fail for several reasons, and we’ll help you determine the cause of your opener’s issues. We provide all garage door opener services and repairs to keep your home’s security and safety at its best.

bens' garage door services

From our garage door service company in Los Angeles, we offer:

  • Broken spring replacement service
  • Opener tune-up, repair, and installation services
  • Belt drive garage door opener installations
  • Chamberlain® professional garage door opener repairs and installation
  • All Garage door opener repair and installation services

Garage door opener services reviews

Chamberlain B550 installation in North Hollywood, CA

Rose C., North Hollywood, CA“We have two separate garage doors, one for us, and one for the Airbnb unit. The garage door opener in the unit broke down, so I looked online for a garage door opener installation service. I called Ben’s Garage Doors, they gave me an estimate over the phone, and arrived earlier than expected to install a brand new opener. I got the Chamberlain B550 for a very good price and labor fees!”

– Rose C., North Hollywood, CA

- Eli M., Lake Balboa, CAReplacing an old opener with Genie Silent Max 1200

“The Genie Silent Max 1200 garage door opener is the perfect choice for our home. It’s been a week since we have it installed and I’m enjoying everything about it! The quietness of this model is incredible – especially at night when you don’t want to wake up your family or baby. We also love how fast it opens and closes! Thank You Ben’s Garage Doors for coming so fast to Lake Balboa, CA, and installing this great garage door opener!”

– Eli M., Lake Balboa, CA

Michael C., Burbank, CANew garage installation with Chamberlain RJ020 Direct Drive Opener

“I’m very happy with my new garage door! It’s a Chamberlain RJ020 direct-drive opener. It looks great and works very well. The installation went smooth as well – these guys are professionals. They arrive at Burbank, CA within 45 min!”

– Michael C., Burbank, CA

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