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The sunny state of California is a unique area on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, and within the state is the lovely city of Ventura.

Ventura Country covers over 2,200 square miles of space in Southern California

Still, Ventura is a smaller region within the county best known for its gorgeous beaches, fantastic business opportunities, and friendly community members.

Those who reside in Ventura, CA, know the lay of the land and how wonderful it can be being a homeowner there, but no matter where you are located, your garage doors remain an active feature of your property.

When or if you cannot access your garage door at any point in time or the garage door opener decides it is done working with the system, you will have to lean on reliable garage door repair technicians for a resolution!

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Proudly Serving Ventura County with Superior Garage Door Repair Solutions in Ventura, CA

Ben’s garage door service in Ventura, CA, has been stable within the community, offering accessible garage door repair options for any component of your unit.

If you are looking for reputable garage door repair technicians, you don’t have to continue your search, as our quality garage door service is available throughout Ventura County.

We have composed our business to provide excellent customer service, exemplary support, and customizable consultations, all while maintaining extreme attention to detail on every garage door repair service!

Customer satisfaction will always remain at the top of our priority list, next to our client’s safety, well-being, and sense of security.

Our team is privileged to work and serve the members of our community in Ventura, CA. We are committed to providing nothing less than excellent service for anyone in need of garage door repair services.

Your Free Estimate and Initial Consultation for Garage Door Repairs

Requesting free estimates is a critical step in repairing your garage doors because you are in control; you have the chance to reach out to companies within your region and discuss the problems you are experiencing alongside the budget you have set for the project.

When you first contact a service person with our garage door repair company, they will ask questions about the problem you are experiencing to understand what is happening with your garage door.

Our crew of technicians can offer free estimates on-site or over the phone so that you can understand the potential costs involved with your broken spring, old garage door opener, or damaged garage door unit.

This is one of the most essential steps in hiring door repair specialists, and our team is dedicated to a complete discussion of your garage door needs and budget!

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Professional Service with Garage Door Repair Technicians

Our garage door repair professionals are licensed and insured in California and Ventura County to assist with your garage door woes.

When entering a garage door repair project, most clients want to learn more about our garage services, and with our certified techs, they can carry out any kind of repair requested.

We utilize an elite range of garage door repair products from established and well-known manufacturers to develop a long-lasting solution for all residential or commercial clients in Ventura, CA!

Our team of local, licensed garage door repair experts is capable of helping with emergency repairs and same-day service needs throughout the county.

Post-Garage Door Repair Support Options

Our garage door repair technicians in Ventura County will always stand behind the work we offer our clients.

We are always focused on developing a long-term solution for our customers and want to ensure that all your needs are met and surpassed!

With Ben’s specialists, we are always available for a follow-up appointment and any additional questions you may have about your new garage door products.

We are also available to provide routine maintenance and upkeep for your garage door, garage door opener, and all internal components to ensure that the structure always remains in the best condition possible!

Certified Garage Door Doctor at Your Service

If great service is what you are looking for, then you have landed in precisely the right place!

Most people don’t know what to do when their what to do when your garage door is stuck, and no matter what is going on with your garage doors, our team is committed to carrying excellent service opportunities to every client we come into contact with.

Our licensed garage door repair will offer their knowledge, expertise, and experience so your system always works safely!

residential garage door repairs

Repair Services for Residential Garage Doors in Ventura, CA

Those living and working in Ventura County typically look for a lasting solution with garage door companies near me

Still, not every company can provide this kind of resolution.

Our team of garage door repair techs is always dedicated to doing an excellent job for our clients!

There is nothing more frustrating than waking up, getting ready, and heading out of the house for the morning only to come across a garage door that is stuck halfway open, is opening and closing sideways, can not close properly, or a garage door that is not moving at all.

Homeowners throughout the Ventura area have likely experienced issues and problems throughout the house. Still, when it comes to the garage door, it is the main entry and exit point, and it can hinder your ability to commute for the day.

It can also create a vulnerable space because you lose that security method for your household or business.

In either situation, this likely poses serious concerns for the home or property owner, and it requires assistance from a legitimate garage door repair company!

Broken Spring Garage Door Service

If you own a home, business, or property management company, you probably depend on your garage door to work every day.

Garage door springs are a significant part of the system and must be in good condition for the rest of your unit to continue its usual operations.

Your springs are physically responsible for carrying the weight of your garage door, helping to keep operations safe, and balancing the garage.

Over time, your springs can become worn and damaged.

Most garage door spring options will last anywhere from 7 to 14 years, depending on the spring type.

If your spring has snapped, garage spring repair options are available throughout Ventura, CA, and garage spring repair and replacement are some of the more frequent needs when clients reach out for garage door repair services in Ventura County.

Our professional garage door techs can help to diagnose any spring repair problems or snapped garage door springs and provide excellent service for total replacements!

rusted garage door springs

Damaged or Rusted Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers help to make your garage door’s opening and closing as convenient and seamless as possible.

They are directly connected to your garage door tracks, helping carry the doors up and down.

While they are vital to the more extensive garage door system, they do not last forever. 

They are exposed to many elements that can significantly decrease their expected lifespan.

Your rollers should last up to 20 years, but you could see them failing at 10 years without the proper maintenance.

Your garage door rollers seem like smaller pieces of more significant components, but many things could go wrong, requiring licensed garage door repair technicians.

  • Rollers require adequate lubrication; without it, you will see poor movement with your garage door, causing things to shake and stall.
  • Your rollers may be worn down; as they wear out, they can break off the tracks.
  • Sometimes, when you are experiencing issues with your door movement patterns, they could be directly connected to problems with the garage door tracks as well!

Garage Door Off-Track Repair Options in Ventura, CA

Every homeowner in Ventura or the surrounding Santa Barbara County will need to replace or restore their garage door tracks at one point or another.

Your garage door cannot open or close when your tracks are badly damaged or bent out of shape!

That doesn’t mean there aren’t viable garage door technicians in your neighborhood with valid solutions for the problem.

Similar to a broken spring or damaged rollers, when one part of your garage system isn’t functioning correctly, you will see a ripple effect in the system.

These structures also carry the weight of your garage doors, and most weigh well over 400 lbs, so when there is any kind of damage, alignment issues, or wear to those tracks, things can go downhill quickly.

If you are experiencing any of the following problems with your system, you may need track repair services as soon as possible:

  • Your garage door is uneven when opening and closing. This may also indicate a broken garage door spring, but it is best to contact a professional for same-day diagnostics.
  • You notice that your garage doors are shaking. This means the structure is unstable and could be hazardous to yourself or others within the household.
  • If there is space between the tracks and rollers or you can visibly see damages to your tracks, it is time to call the experts at Ben’s for repair!

garage door opener services

Garage Door Opener Repairs

A garage opener is yet another crucial part of what makes your current garage system.

Without your garage door opener, people are left to lift and lower things manually and do not have the appropriate safety features or conveniences included with modern opening systems.

When a garage door opener suddenly fails to operate or is not properly communicating with your remote or keypad systems, garage door opener repair services are available soon, and your Ventura County Overhead Door is in great hands with Ben’s!

Consider us your neighborhood garage door doctor; we can treat any garage door opener problem you are experiencing.

Are you dealing with a broken garage door opener motor in Ventura, CA?

Many residents require garage door opener repair due to a faulty motor or one that goes bad.

You can spot a bad garage door opener motor if you are experiencing any of the following with your unit:

  • Loud grinding or strange noises are coming from the garage door opener you have not heard previously during use.
  • Your garage door opens and closes much slower than it usually does.
  • The door gets stuck when it is in operation. It may end up on the tracks halfway up or nearly closed, but when you notice it cannot operate as usual, it may be due to your garage door opener, and the motor is most likely the main culprit!
  • The garage door and garage door opener work sometimes, but not others.
  • Your garage door may also open and close without utilizing the remote.

Emergency Repair Services Available 24/7

Our garage door company is available around the clock, day and night, to ensure that everyone in need of repairs receives them!

So when garage door spring is broken, your garage door has fallen off track, your garage door opener has developed a mind of its own, your cables have snapped, or your rollers are rusted, you have someone to call.

We maintain a reputation for being transparent, honest, and affordable!

Ben’s Garage Door Services in Ventura, California, is here to make your lives easier and to provide our fellow residents and neighbors within the community with access to premium garage door repairs.

new garage door family

New Garage Door Installation Techs Serving Ventura County

Are you contemplating making over your garage doors or sick of investing in repairs for an old garage door opener?

In both of these scenarios, you are left to begin your search for help from local garage door companies for new garage doors or garage door opener installation.

The process sometimes intimidates homeowners and business owners, but when you have the right technicians to support you through these projects, you can reap all the benefits!

With Ben’s, you can access all of the most respected brands and manufacturers to choose from when setting out on your installation journey.

As a large part of the processes, our crew offers a free quote and consultation to ensure our clients receive suitable garage door solutions for their property.

Our professionals are fully dedicated to a comprehensive installation process for every garage door part, from your garage door and garage door opener to cables.

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Premium Garage Door Services for Garage Door Installation

It can be difficult decision to determine between garage door replacements vs repairs. When your garage door is in trouble or damaged, it is pertinent that you work alongside a company with expertise.

Every garage door has many different moving parts, and when something malfunctions, it will directly impact the efficiency of your garage doors.

Sometimes, repairs can resolve things, and other times, they cannot.

When you cannot make repairs, then replacement or new installation is the next step, and we often see this happening with clients experiencing any of the following with their garage doors:

  • Customers have already invested much time and money into their previous unit. They are ready to move on to a structure providing legitimate security for their property.
  • General wear and tear to a garage door between 15 to 20 years of age. This can signal the owner to make a replacement before they begin investing in repairs, as it is often more cost-effective to do so.
  • Your garage door and garage opener do not provide the right aesthetics or technological features.
  • The garage door poses a severe safety risk and does not supply adequate security for the household or business.
  • Your door is creating a lot of noise and disruptions for the property and is running at a slow operational speed. People have garage doors to meet the level of convenience they have grown accustomed to, and when this changes, it may be time to upgrade your own with specialists in Ventura County!

garage door opener services

Quality Garage Door Service with Opener Replacement Options

Many residents will choose to install a new garage door opener while replacing their garage doors to ensure they are a good match.

But whether you are tackling two problems simultaneously or are just interested in garage door opener replacement, the process is simple with Ben’s technicians!

Our team of professionals can enhance your experience because we tailor every garage door opener replacement or installation project directly to the customer and their needs.

You are creating something that can adhere to your environment, so making upgrades is essential.

Several benefits come with opting to replace your garage door opener:

  • With new models of garage door openers and myQ technology, you can connect via Wifi and control your garage components even when you aren’t physically at the property.
  • With this upgrade, you will also have increased security for your household and garage space!
  • You can fully customize your user experience and control access through rolling code technologies and guest keypad codes.
  • There are increased safety measures that a new garage door opener offers your space and family members.
  • You will see increased energy efficiency and lower energy bills throughout the year!
  • Overall, you will have access to an opening system that requires less maintenance, affordability, and durability. Plus, it offers additional convenience with noise reduction, built-in cameras, lighting, etc.


Replacement Parts to Restore & Repair Garage Doors

Installing a brand new garage door and possibly even a garage door opener may seem significant, but you don’t have to take on much of anything with Ben’s technicians in Ventura!

Our crew can install garage door products, replace your garage door spring, and assist with new installation projects 24/7.

With our local team of specialists, you will be supported from beginning to end!

  • We will provide a free estimate on service and can offer same-day response.
  • Our team will work with you to determine the parts required for replacement to ensure your residential or commercial garage door is in its best working condition.
  • Technicians will complete installation or replacement services quickly and efficiently!
  • Our crew also provides continuous follow-ups and additional maintenance options to keep everything in good working order.

garage door faq

FAQS Locals Ask Our Garage Door Service Pros in Ventura, CA

What is the difference between commercial and residential garage door repairs?

When a local business requires garage door repairs, their needs are very different than expected for residential garage doors in Ventura County.

Commercial garage doors are much larger than the average residential garage door and need additional layers of durability for performance and everyday functions.

Because of these factors, door repair can often require additional labor strength from the service person.

Residential garage door repair is provided with the same attentiveness as commercial options; they do not meet the exact requirements for the project or problem at hand.

At Ben’s Garage Door Repair, our professional service extends to both residential and commercial garage door needs in Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, CA, and surrounding cities.

How much does it cost to replace garage door springs?

Calling upon your local garage door doc in Ventura County for replacement of your garage door springs can vary in price.

The final cost depends on the garage door service you hire and the type of garage door springs.

On average, spring repair and replacement are calculated based on the cost of parts and labor for garage door services.

You can get more detailed information on this garage door repair product by consulting with your garage service provider, as all charges should be itemized on your free quote!

These costs can begin at around $150 to $300, and torsion springs are slightly more expensive than extension springs.

garage door lifespan

How long do garage doors last in Ventura, CA?

The lifespan of your garage doors depends on the materials and how often you have had your garage door serviced.

Particular doors will last longer than others, and choosing your materials is critical to the new garage door installation process.

Most major brands of doors can last from 20 to 30 years, but plenty of options can significantly exceed this life expectancy!

Once your garage door has reached its expected life expectancy, you can’t contact just any garage door guy in Ventura, CA.

Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply is a family-owned company with years of experience and offers the highest quality garage door options for installation.

Is my garage door worth repairs, or is replacing a better option?

Knowing when to replace your garage door is not always a straightforward decision, and there is not typically just one sign that will magically lead to an answer.

Every garage door in Ventura, CA, requires upkeep and routine maintenance to ensure it operates properly, but it can be discouraging when things break down.

You do not always have to jump past the point of garage door repairs, but you may want to begin considering a replacement if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • An aging garage door that is over 20 years old.
  • Garage doors that require consistent calls to your locally owned garage door company for repairs.
  • When there is extensive damage to the structure.
  • If you have safety or security issues.
  • If the garage door does not meet your standards aesthetically.
  • When the investments you have made in repairs exceed the point of what it would cost to replace the unit simply.

door insulation experts los angeles

Does insulation make a difference in the quality of my garage doors?

Garage door insulation options are another garage door service that Ben’s family-owned garage door company in Ventura, CA, provides customers!

Insulating your garage doors can help increase your household’s energy efficiency, helping you save money on bills at the end of the month.

It can boost quiet operations, develop a comfortable garage space, and increase the overall durability of the structure.

Insulation can also help keep the area and the rest of your home with climate control options that further benefit your household!

Overall, it will offer multiple advantages, but the trick is finding the proper insulation and the best company to install it!

With all its benefits, it is hard to argue that insulation options don’t make a difference in the overall quality of your garage doors!

How should I deal with a garage door that is rusting?

When living close to the coast and experiencing humid weather, so are your garage doors and internal components.

Rust is one of the larger issues homeowners in Ventura County will experience with garage doors.

Once you notice things are starting to rust, it is not too late to begin the restoration process and cleaning required to bring your garage door back to life.

Ben’s technicians are capable of helping with your rusting garage with the following steps:

  • Everything starts with a good cleaning! Our crew will wash down the area to ensure no grime, grease, or debris is left behind that can further persist the issue.
  • The rust will be thoroughly removed with a special cleaning agent and left to dry before sanding the area down.
  • To prevent rust, a primer will be applied to all metal surfaces.
  • Once the rust has been adequately removed, the repainting begins! This is a chance for you to make changes to your exteriors.
  • Lastly, our service tech will review the work completed and apply lubrication to the tracks and rollers!

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Contact the Leaders in Ventura, CA, for Same-Day Service on Your Garage Door Repairs

Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply is a local, family-owned company proudly serving Ventura County with elite repair, replacement, and installation services!

Whether you have been searching high and low for the right garage door repair product, emergency services, or garage door services to help with replacing your old garage door opener, our technicians are always prepared for all of your garage door needs.

We are dedicated to supplying residents and business owners in Ventura, CA, with a reasonable price and accessible repairs, so contact our garage technicians to get started on your free quote and schedule your repairs today!

garage client reviews

Our Recent Client Testimonials

personaA fantastic local company for quick garage door repairs!

“I contacted Ben’s on a Saturday afternoon, and they were at my home within an hour to help with all our garage door needs.

Their team of technicians diagnosed and repaired our garage doors at a great price!”

Sammy T. Ventura, CA

personaQuick & simple garage door spring replacements at a fair price!

“I contacted this company to assist with garage door opener motor issues, and we required a new motor.

Our technician was extremely communicative, put us at ease, and provided a complete replacement with high-quality products in a timely manner!”

Joyce & Jane M. Ventura, CA

personaExcellent service and new door installation in Ventura, CA!

“Our old garage door had run its course, and another garage door repair wasn’t going to fix the issues we have been experiencing.

Ben’s technicians offered a reasonable price compared to the free estimates we received, and we are glad we hired them to complete the project!”

The Harris Family Ventura, CA

personaThe crew made our garage door repair project their top priority!

“My garage opener was working intermittently, and I wasn’t sure if it would last much longer.

This crew was able to complete an inspection, offer a free quote, and provide quality service with our garage door opener installation!”

Anthony G. Ventura, CA

personaHigh-quality support when our garage door fell off its tracks!

“When our garage door fell off track, we needed reliable garage door services from a local company.

Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply did an excellent job repairing the damaged tracks and ensuring we had a working garage door again!”

Ace & Helen L. Ventura, CA

personaOur garage door service person in Ventura, CA, made emergency repairs easy!

“I woke up thinking my Monday morning would be just another day, but as I left the house, my garage door would only open halfway.

I contacted Ben’s, a locally owned company in the region, and they supported me through the entire process to achieve a quick and efficient resolution!”

Amira C. Ventura, CA

personaSame-day service options with amazing garage door repair solutions in Ventura County!

“This garage door company came to help fix our garage door on short notice, but the crew was able to get to our home in under an hour.

Before I knew it, the entire issue was resolved at an affordable rate, and our family will be reaching out to Ben’s if we experience any problems in the future!”

The Taranto Family Ventura, CA

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