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Garage Door Repair

Ben’s Garage Door Repair has the best garage door repair and garage door installation services in Valley Glen and the surrounding areas. It doesn’t matter if you (or your spouse…) need garage door installation, garage door repair, and garage door replacement; we got you covered. We can repair the most complicated automatic garage doors, and we have access to an extensive array of garage door replacement components and garage door accessories. Our friendly and skilled technicians can handle each job, big or small. We have the experience and talents to service an array of garage doors, including Liftmaster garage door (in stock), Clopay garage door (in stock), Wayne Dalton garage door (in stock), Amarr garage door (in stock), Raynor garage door (in stock) and a whole lot more.

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We are a fully bonded, licensed as well as insured company. If you need high-quality garage door repair services, we are the company to call. Ben’s Garage Door experts have many years of experience and expertise in the service; we offer the most comprehensive service in Valley Glen, CA. Whether you want to set an appointment or enjoy instant assistance, you can rely on us. Call Ben’s Garage Door Repair for the best technicians if you want high-quality and superior garage door repair in Valley Glen, CA.

Garage Door Replacement

There is only one company near you that stands out for garage door replacement in Valley Glen, Ben’s Garage Door Repair.

At Ben’s Garage Door Repair, we have decades of experience providing the best garage door replacement service all through the Valley Glen area and beyond. We finish the replacement job on time with a high standard of quality within your budget. We partnered with renowned manufacturers like Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Amarr, Etc. We are experts in turnkey service; this helps you choose the best door according to your needs and budget, doing the installation, and supporting our job with maintenance.

If you plan to replace your broken or malfunctioning garage door that is beyond repair, call us. We offer free consultation and assessment. We can replace single residential garage door installation and a big commercial project. There is no big garage door or small garage door opener job with us. Professional garage door installers have many years of experience and get extensive training on the job. This makes sure we can work with the latest and most sophisticated products on the market at this point. We are experts in the replacement of garage doors regardless of styles, brands as well as models.

For a superior and fast garage door replacement, call us for a free quote!

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Garage Door Installation

We are your leading garage door installation contractor in Valley Glen and beyond.

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You can count on Ben’s Garage Door Repair for a professional and prompt garage door installation. Replacing an outdated and malfunctioning door with a new one can transform your property’s ambiance aside from the fact that it can boost your property’s resale value.

If you need a garage door installation service, call us. We will deploy a technician to conduct an assessment to determine what is best for you. However, we have many samples of garage doors to choose from, including the most popular ones such as:

  • Liftmaster garage door
  • Clopay garage door
  • Wayne Dalton garage door
  • Amarr garage door
  • Raynor garage door

We have set up garage doors for many years now, and we have the tools, experience, and knowledge needed to do the job the first time.

Garage door installation is not a do-it-yourself task. A garage door system is extremely and composed of different components. This makes setting it up needs skills and many years of experience. Doing the right way can put you, your belongings, and your loved ones at risk. So, you have to leave this job to the expert. But when it comes to the best garage door installation in Valley Glen, CA, only one company stands out: Ben’s Garage Door Repair.

Call us to know how we can help you with your garage door installation needs!

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Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are vital parts of a garage door system that can damage and need repair and replacement. These parts are rated for a restricted number of cycles. But, this is only one possibility because there are other causes why your opener is malfunctioning. For instance, the garage door opener photo eye cannot be locked. The power source is disrupted, the garage door opener’s remote control is malfunctioning, loose or snapped cables, the extension spring is broken down, and many others. No matter the case, we would highly suggest you not attempting to fix this part yourself despite all the tutorials and DIY videos available. It’s a very technical job and a risky one that could cause injury when done incorrectly.

Ben’s Garage Door Repair’s main objective is to make sure that you are getting the right products and parts and the best possible service as well. Our skilled technicians will first perform a detailed inspection of your garage door and, after that, provide the best solutions based on security, cost-effectiveness as well as value to you. We know that you might have restrained and are eager to customize solutions suitable for you. Therefore, if you want some assistance with your garage door openers, call us immediately. We are more than willing to help you!

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Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs in our sunny area are among the most common parts that require repair and replacing quite often. This minor component is vital to the flawless functioning of a garage door system. The garage door springs take the garage door’s torque, making that weighty garage door easy to open and close. Once this part is damaged, everything will be hard. So, it is a brilliant idea to get the garage door torsion spring checked and replaced regularly before it breaks.

We at Ben’s Garage Door Repair know that having a broken or damaged garage door springs is not the only inconvenience. It is also a threat to the safety of your loved ones and property. That is why we employ the best well-trained technicians with many years of experience to finish the work as soon as possible.

If you want a garage door spring repair or replacement, call us, and our skilled technicians will be there at your location in Valley Glen in just a few minutes. We respond fast to your call!

If your garage door is off its tracks click here!

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How much does a new garage door opener cost?

The average cost in 2022 to install a new garage door opener is $355, with the typical price range of $215- $730. For a garage door opener installation project, expect to pay $250-$750 for parts and $70- $120 hourly for labor. The cost of a new garage door opener will largely depend on the brand and manufacturers.

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How to Install a Garage Door?

Are you planning to install (AKA DIY) a garage door on your own? You need to know that it is not an easy task as it requires experience and skills. But, Ben’s experts wrote a few steps on how to do so:

  • The first is to release the tension
  • Cut off the current opener and door
  • Set the garage door panels
  • Secure the hinges (tightly) and set up the track
  • Link the spring assembly to the garage door track
  • Bolt the tracks
  • Set up the springs
  • Set up the pulleys and Torsion Rod
  • Attach the garage door cable
  • Tighten the garage door springs

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About Valley Glen, CA

Valley Glen is a region located in the southern portion of the San Fernando Valley, LA, CA. One part of North Hollywood and Van Nuys became a neighborhood in the year 1998. There are lots of amazing houses in Valley Glen with modern facilities, including an automatic garage door. There is no reason why there are a lot of garage door repair companies in this region that offer various kinds of services. Ben’s Garage Door Repair is one reliable company you can count on when it comes to all types of garage door repair.

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