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Garage Door Service Panorama City, CA

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply is an expert company providing residential garage door services. Garage doors are essential to ensure safety and security for you, your family, and your property. Are you looking for professional garage door repair or replacement services in Panorama City, CA?

Do not hesitate to call Ben’s garage services for fast, efficient, and reliable garage door services.

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Garage door repairs in Panorama City CA

Garage Door Repair

We are the premier garage door repair company in Panorama, Los Angeles, and the environs. At Ben’s, we hire expert technicians to guarantee our customers the best garage door repair services. Rest assured, you will get top-notch and reliable services at your convenience.

In addition, we repair all garage door brands, sizes, materials, and individual parts exposed to damages or malfunctions. Whether your garage door is broken, old, or damaged and you require immediate repair, you can trust our Panorama City garage door repair experts to deliver beyond expectations.

We provide emergency same-day garage door repair services for all our commercial and residential clients in Panorama City. Regardless of the type of garage door damage or the extent of damage, contact our garage door repair experts for fast and affordable door repair services.

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Garage door in need of replacement!

Garage Door Replacement

For reliable garage door replacements, Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply is the ideal expert choice. Different situations call for other solutions when it comes to a garage door. However, here are some of the significant signs that you need to replace your garage door as soon as possible:

  • Sagging garage doors
  • Repeated garage noise or shaking
  • Cracked, rotten, or otherwise damaged wood
  • Safety and efficiency lacking
  • The garage door design is aged
  • The door is difficult to move and noisy when open or close.

Garage doors and parts also have lifespans. Once your garage door is past its expected lifespan, a garage door replacement is almost due. Unfortunately, most garage owners ignore simple part replacements, which grow into more serious repairs and replacements.

We can replace your entire garage door system with a sturdier, energy-efficient, and visually appealing garage door at Ben’s. We replace and install all major and less popular garage door brands depending on your choice, needs, and budget.

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Broken Spring Replacement

A garage door spring plays an essential role in the functioning of a garage door. The spring is responsible for the heavy lifting when opening and closing the garage door. As such, it becomes easy to lift and lower the door without much effort.

Therefore, a broken spring causes an inconvenience needing immediate attention to avoid further damage and injury. At Ben’s Garage Doors, we can help you with garage door spring repairs or replacements.

Our garage door experts are trained and skilled at handling both torsion and extension springs. We can also recommend the best springs from reputable for replacements. Call us for emergency garage door replacements if you have a broken garage door spring.

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Panels Repair and Replacement

Garage door panels are the main visible parts of the garage. They give your garage door system a personality and also contribute to your curb appeal. However, just like other garage door parts, the panels are also susceptible to damage.

At Ben’s, we take pride in inclusive services when it comes to garage doors. Unlike other garage door companies, we hire professionals who can comfortably repair broken or damaged garage door panels. However, our experts will diligently recommend and conduct expert panel replacement if the damage is beyond repair.

We can replace any damaged panel with the existing design or a completely new and better panel design. All our panels are made from solid and durable materials and increase the aesthetic appeal.

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Garage Door Opener Services

We can repair and replace your garage door openers at Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply, regardless of the brand or opener model. A garage door opener in Panorama City is vital for the closing and opening of a garage door. Failure to function often becomes an inconvenience, especially if your access is blocked.

In some cases, we recommend a simple opener repair. However, in others, a total replacement is necessary. Our garage door opener services are targeted towards:

  • Broken drive belt
  • Electrical malfunction
  • Backup battery breakdown
  • Sticking or rusted parts
  • Drive belt misalignment.

Regardless of your issue, we will repair or replace your garage door opener as soon as possible. Our expert technicians will also recommend the ideal opener replacement choices and provide relevant advice to keep your garage door opener fully functional.


Door Off-track

A garage door that goes off track becomes hard to move up or down. In most cases, this is usually a result of an immediate obstruction or a broken cable. An off-track garage door is highly unstable, unsightly, and extremely dangerous. As such, we do not recommend any DIY repairs in such events.

Our garage door experts can help realign your garage doors in no time. Whether your garage door tracks are bent or damaged, we can repair or replace the necessary parts and have your garage door functioning normally as soon as possible.

garage maintenance work
Even if there are no glaring warning signs at the moment, routine maintenance work on your garage for components will keep any potential problems to a minimum

Garage Door Maintenance Panorama City, CA

Regular garage door maintenance helps to keep things working at all times. Maintenance also enables you to avoid major repairs and replacements that may be costly in the long run. Most garage owners tend to neglect maintenance until something extreme happens. At Ben’s, we provide comprehensive maintenance packages for all our clients.

Our maintenance services include thorough inspections, parts replacements, and repairs. We also clean and lubricate parts for smooth functioning. Talk to us to schedule professional garage door maintenance services for your existing garage door system.

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Ben’s Garage Door are the leading professionals in garage door repairs, maintenance, and upgrade. Call us today for a free consultation!

Hire Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply

We are a professional garage door services company in Panorama City, Los Angeles. For all your garage door installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance needs, contact us for fast, reliable, and affordable services.

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What is the life of a garage door?

A garage door has an average lifespan of between 15-30 years. However, these figures are dependant upon construction quality, usage, maintenance, and local climate conditions. Moreover, the lifespan of an electric garage door may depend on your budget and garage door prices. With proper maintenance, you can maximize the door’s lifespan.

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Customer Experience

We were recently called upon by a lady who had accidentally driven into her garage door and damaged the panel. Since she had individually picked the garage door design at the original installation, she was disappointed in the unfortunate incident. However, upon contacting us, we took it upon ourselves to source the exact garage door design. Our experts replaced the broken panels with similar but newer and stronger panels, leaving the client happy and satisfied.

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