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Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply Can Help Everyone In Manhattan Beach

You’ll need to keep everything in your Manhattan Beach area functional. Your garage door is one part of your property you cannot ignore. You’ll need to ensure your door stays active and operational, especially if you have a high-value car like what you’d find at a dealer on Sepulveda Boulevard.

That’s where our services at Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply can come in handy. We at Ben’s proudly offer garage door repair and replacement services for customers throughout Manhattan Beach and elsewhere in southern Los Angeles County.

garage door maintenance Manhattan beach ca

Ben’s Garage Door Repairmen are Here To Help!

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply is a family-owned and operated company that can help you with your garage door opener, springs, or anything else that needs help. Each garage door repairman we hire will provide prompt and professional support.

We also offer affordable prices that won’t break your budget. Life in Manhattan Beach is expensive enough. We want to provide the garage door help you need without having you spend more money than necessary.

We also provide emergency support for whatever concerns you have. Ben’s garage door & gate supply recognize you might have an immediate need to access your property, or your vehicles or whatever else is inside your garage may be too valuable to leave exposed. Our experts will be there with same-day service.

garage door repairs

We Repair Garage Doors

We provide services for garage door repair in Manhattan Beach, CA that residents can trust. We can resolve many problems with your garage door, including:

  • The door being too noisy
  • A panel coming loose from the rest of the door
  • Cracks around the body
  • A bend in the middle of the door

Our garage door repair service will resolve these problems as soon as possible. We’ll dispatch a garage door repairman to your property the same day you contact us for help.

Off-track door repair

 Get Your Door Back On Track!

A garage door can get off of its track for many reasons:

The panels might start to bend from all that weight. The weight can cause the tracks to get out of place.

  • The rollers might wear from repetitive use. Your door can still work even if one roller breaks, but that will add undue stress to the others that are still operational.
  • A lift cable may break, especially if your garage door opener is older. A door will have two cables. The door will move off of its track if one of these cables break.

We can check how your garage door is working and then repair it as necessary. Our service trucks include all the materials for the job. Our work ensures your door will continue functioning well and won’t look unusual from all the other ones in Manhattan Beach.

torsion springs
We have the best Torsion Springs!

We Can Replace Your Garage Door Springs

Your garage door springs can last for at least ten years, although the timeframe will vary surrounding how often you use your door. You’ll need to replace your springs after a while.

You can tell one of your garage door springs is broken by looking at these points:

  • The door is crooked when it opens.
  • The door falls faster than usual.
  • The door struggles to open. It might open by about six inches.
  • You will hear a very loud noise in your garage when a spring breaks. The sound is a sign the spring has torn apart.
  • There may also be a noticeable gap in one of the springs.

You’ll require a garage door repairman who can safely replace a spring for you. The tight body makes it dangerous for an untrained person to try and replace it on one’s own. Our team at Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply can remove your old spring and replace it with a new one without putting anything at risk.

new garage doors

Get Your Entire Door Replaced

It’s generally best to replace your garage door after about ten to twenty years. You can tell you need to replace your door through these factors:

  • Your door isn’t working as well as it should.
  • The physical appearance of your door doesn’t look well. It might have cracked panels, chipping paint, or rust that you cannot fix.
  • The door isn’t compatible with some new technologies like door sensors or smart home systems.

Our workers at Ben’s can replace your garage door and build a new one that fits your space. We can measure your door opening and find a material that fits in with the rest of your property and local neighborhood rules, ensuring your door is functional and appealing.

Do I need to reinforce my garage door?

Vertical and horizontal garage door reinforcements are necessary to prevent damage to steel, fiberglass, aluminum, or glass-paneled doors. Most garage doors that are considered double-sided have reinforcements built into the door’s interior. However, when in doubt, it is best to add reinforcements to avoid severe operational damages.

garage door opener

Don’t Forget Your Opener.

You can also ask us at Ben’s if you need help getting a new garage door opener. An average opener can work for about ten to twenty years. You’ll need a new model if the motor or other system on your existing door isn’t working well. Ben’s team can help you find a new opener that is easy to control and program. We even work with smart home openers you can control through a smartphone or Bluetooth link.

Contact us at Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply if you need help with your garage in Manhattan Beach. Ben’s team will be there to assist you with whatever unique needs you have with your door on your property.

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About Manhattan Beach, California

About Manhattan Beach, CA

Manhattan Beach is a brilliant part of southern Los Angeles County that is home to one of the county’s most expansive beaches. You can enjoy relaxing (drink Champaign) on the sand or catching a few waves on the beach throughout the year, especially since the city’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean keeps the temperatures down. You could also enjoy visiting the cafes and stores at the Manhattan Beach Pier, or you could see the marine life at the Roundhouse Aquarium.

Manhattan Beach’s location is among the most convenient in Los Angeles County. The town is five miles south of LAX, plus you can reach many other places in the area through I-405 to the east.

All these points are part of why homes are so expensive in the Manhattan Beach area. Most of the houses around the city are at least $1 million in value. These homes can feature distinct garages that will protect their vehicles.

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