Garage Door Repair Huntington Beach, CA

garage door repair Huntington Beach

garage door repair Huntington Beach, CAOur garage doors perform a critical function, keeping out the weather, pests, and even criminals. They can even add aesthetic appeal to your home. But your garage doors are something you probably don’t even think about until you press the button on that garage door opener, and nothing happens.

Or, the garage doors only go part of the way down or make loud noises. There are many reasons the garage doors on your home or business might need repair in Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Long Beach, Newport Beach, or Fountain Valley and surrounding areas in Orange County.

Regarding residential garage doors and commercial garage door repair, it is best to hire a professional garage door service for safety and convenience. Let’s look at what could go wrong with your garage door and the garage door services you might need.


information Huntington Beach, CAThings that may/can go wrong with your garage doors

There are many reasons why you might need residential garage door services or commercial garage door repair. If any of these things are happening to you, it’s important to call for repair.

garage door faqsWhy would your garage door need repair?

If you can’t find an easy explanation for why your garage door is stuck open or closed, you need garage door repair.

You might also notice:

  • Broken springs
  • Stretched springs
  • Weird noises when the door moves up and down
  • The rails are bent
  • Cable repair is needed because they are broken
  • The garage doors are damaged with warping and cracks. This can happen with wood garage doors.

If you notice any issues, don’t attempt to do garage door repair yourself. Garage door repair is dangerous, and you won’t have all the resources you need to perform garage door repair Huntington Beach, CA.

garage door opening

damaged garage door iconGarage doors won’t close all of the way

This might be the first sign of trouble with your garage doors. Does it go down halfway and stick or only open part-way?

This could mean your garage door is out of balance, there’s an issue with the track, the door opener isn’t working properly, or there could be a problem with the springs.

ignore garage issuesNever ignore garage door issues

A garage door issue should never be ignored, and you should call for garage door repairs, whether they are wood garage doors, steel garage doors, or custom garage doors.

But garage door repair, again, is not something you should do yourself. It’s time to call a garage door service that can offer fast response and a variety of services.

broken spring huntington beachYou have broken springs

Torsion springs are what make your garage door move up and down. If the springs break, call us immediately to replace the torsion or extension springs.

noisy garage door
Is your garage door making too much commotion?
weird sound from garage doorWhat’s that sound?

If you hear a sound like a firecracker, it’s time to call for a free estimate for garage door repair. That means a spring has broken.

If you weren’t there to hear the event, you’d know your garage door has a broken spring because you’ll be able to see the spring hanging.

worn out iconAre the springs worn out?

Sometimes, the springs don’t break, but they stretch out over time. You’ll notice the doors don’t stay open, or they go up and down more slowly than usual.

There are worn rollers or bearings

Do you hear a popping or squeaking sound when your garage doors move? That may mean a problem with the door rollers, which signals that you need garage door repair.

something is brokenWhat if you hear a pop?

A popping sound means the rollers are likely worn out, and that squeaking sound means the rollers and bearings need lubrication, which should be part of regular maintenance services.

eye sensor

Your photo eye sensors are obstructed

Another reason for garage door repair is; issues with the photo eye sensors. These sensors are what keep your garage door from closing on top of you or any objects in its way.

garage door sensor issues in huntington beachWhat a photo eye sensor does

These sensors offer safety features protecting your Huntington Beach family and vehicles. If they malfunction or become obstructed, they can keep your door from closing correctly, necessitating garage door repair.

garage door opener repair huntington beachGarage door opener issues

A garage door opener can have a number of problems. Sometimes a simple repair can do the trick, and at other times a complete replacement is required.

check out garage door batteryCheck batteries first

The garage door opener may need new batteries, but it could be a problem with the door opener transmitter.

If the door won’t open or close or move at all, it could be you don’t need garage door repair, but help with your garage door opener. Luckily, some Orange County and Huntington Beach garage door repair companies offer same-day service at a reasonable price.

garage door installation ca

new garage door in huntington beach caDo you need new garage door installation services?

If regular maintenance services are performed, garage doors can last up to 30 years, but how do you know when it’s time for new doors?

It’s wise to have maintenance service technicians take a look every year, which makes finding a locally-owned company essential in Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, CA, and Orange County.

garage door maintenance huntington beachWhat a maintenance service technician will do

Maintenance service technicians will clean the dirt and debris from the door and tracks and address any dents in steel garage doors, aluminum doors, and cracks in wood doors.

A professional garage door service is your best bet because it can alert you to problems and let you know if you’ll need to install it soon in your Huntington Beach home.

garage door insulation huntington beachIs your garage door insulated?

Even though your door might be working great, it could be wasting energy if it’s not insulated. You could save money if you install insulated doors–they can make things more energy efficient and lower energy costs, as well as keep your home more comfortable.

car damage garage door

Your garage door has non-repairable issues

Sometimes garage door repair just doesn’t work any longer. Maybe you have dents and cracks that just keep getting worse every year.

garage door repair near meYou a constantly calling for door repair

If you have a garage door service on speed dial, it’s probably time to get new garage door installation services.

professional garage door huntington beachIs your garage door just plain ugly?

Sometimes when it comes to residential garage doors, they are just ugly, taking down the overall aesthetics of your property, and you keep hoping to make the call that your garage door broke so you can replace it. Garage door service for new door installation is a low-cost way to improve curb appeal.

Garage door replacement has a minimum 98.3% return on your investment, so it’s undoubtedly worthwhile to install garage doors, especially if you are going to sell your house. So, you might think twice about garage door repair and opt for garage door installation.

garage door damagedYou lack garage door safety features

If your doors are missing essential features like photo eye sensors, it’s time to upgrade and get a new garage door installation done in your Huntington Beach home.

noisy garage door opener
Is it time to replace your garage door opener?

garage door opener service near meWhat’s wrong with my garage opener?

It might be your opener when your door won’t open, and you know it isn’t time for a garage door repair.

Check the batteries

Of course, checking the batteries in the remote is the first step before calling for a garage door service near you.

far from serviceAre you too far away?

Maybe your remote won’t work when it’s too far away from the garage. Stand in front of the garage door and try it before calling for repair.

garage door antenna issuesWhat about the antenna?

If you’ve decided it is not the remote, look at the antenna on the garage door opener. This should be hanging from the motor and should not be blocked. Also, make sure the antenna hasn’t been damaged, and if it has, you should call garage door services in Huntington Beach.

garage door replacement huntington beachMaybe it is time for a replacement

If you have an older opener, you might want to schedule service technicians to come to take a look. They can tell you if your issue is fixable or if it’s time for a new opener.

garage door maintenance-4

maintenace and diagnoseThe importance of regular garage door maintenance

Your garage doors and openers get used a lot. Just like everything else with your home, these garage doors need regular maintenance.

Things you can do yourself

While many things need to be done by a garage door service, there are easy things you can do yourself to maintain your garage doors.

garage door windowsLook at the garage doors

Every time you use the garage doors, notice how it operates. Does it work smoothly, or does it jerk in places? Does everything look symmetrical, or is one side of the opener higher or lower than the other?

garage door noise iconListen to your garage doors

Are there grinding and scraping noises, or do the garage doors make scraping or grinding noises?

Test auto-reverse

Auto-reverse is a safety feature. It consists of two mechanisms. One is mechanical, and the other is the photo sensor.

garage door laborTest the mechanics

To test the mechanics, put a piece of wood, a brick, or some other inanimate object on the ground in the path of the door. When it comes down and touches the object, it should go back up, reversing direction.

photo eye sensor garage door

Test the photo sensor

Test the photo sensor, which has beams on each side. Close the door and pass your leg across its path. The door should then reverse.

old vs new garage doorYour opener may be too old

Is your opener more than 20 years old? It probably lacks this safety feature and should be replaced.

weatherstripping services in huntington beachCheck the weatherstripping

Inspect the weather seal strip on the bottom of the garage door. If it is cracked or brittle, you should replace it promptly to keep out bad weather.

best garage doorsKeep your garage doors looking their best

Take a look at the doors. Check for water damage and warp with wood. Steel doors can get rust spots that will need to be sanded, primed, and painted. Wash your garage doors regularly when you wash your car.

free estimate garage door-2

service call informationThings you should call a garage door service for

Most tasks to maintain your garage door should be done by a garage door service. A reputable garage door service will offer free estimates.

Hardware tightening

Movement and vibration can loosen hardware. A technician will inspect and tighten the roller brackets and bolts.

un balanced garage doorIs the door in balance?

An out-of-balance garage door means your opener will have to work harder. If the springs are not balanced properly, they need professional help.

Roller replacement

Rollers need inspection twice a year, whether they are steel or nylon. They also need replacement about every seven years. If the rollers are chipped, cracked, or worn, the technician will replace them.

lubricate and maintenance Moving part lubrication

Your technician will grease the opener’s chain and overhead springs to add years of smooth operation.

garage door cablesCable Checking

It is extremely important that you don’t touch the high-tension cables. These lift your door and have enough force to either maim or kill you. Call a garage door service immediately if you see any broken strands or damage.

garage track cleaningTrack clearing

The technician will clear any debris, check the plumb, and make any needed major adjustments.


garage door company huntington beach caBen’s: A Champion Garage Door Repair Company in Huntington Beach, CA

Ben’s Garage Door and Gates Supply is a family-owned business that offers speedy and same-day service with a reasonably good price and personalized approach.

When it comes to installing or repairing that garage door or gate that you rely on every single day, you need a local company with honest and professional staff who will give you the lowest prices without sacrificing quality.

We’re here to serve you in Long Beach, Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, and Orange County. You’ll get a free estimate, fair price, and friendly service from the best company in the garage door industry. Just give us a call at 323-302-1223.

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