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Nestled within the San Fernando Valley is the beautiful city of Tarzana – a place that is well-known for its restaurants and retailers and offers a suburban feel for those searching for a residential area for themselves or their families.

But living and owning a home in Tarzana, CA, comes with the typical responsibilities of being a homeowner, which includes garage door repair, replacement, and general maintenance.

Choosing the suitable garage and gate repair company when you end up with broken springs, have malfunctioning garage door components, or hope to replace your garage doors is essential to keeping your household running smoothly and maintaining everyone’s safety!

broken garage door services tarazana

Fast Service & Friendly Garage Door Repair Technicians

At Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply, we approach every garage door problem with the utmost care and concern.

Our team is continuously providing exceptional customer service, immediate response, and the best garage door repair in Tarzana, CA!

Your garage doors are a part of everyday operations within the household – kids open and close them to get in the house after school, parents need to access them as they leave for work in the morning, and visitors may require access to housesitting, babysitting, etc.

Without a functioning garage door, you lose that convenience you are used to, and garage door issues may prompt more significant problems in your life and more costly resolutions.

Free Quotes for Your Garage Door Repair Job

Ben’s Garage Door in Tarzana, CA, offers free door repair quotes, garage door installation estimates, and assessments for anything currently going on with your garage doors.

With our professional service, you will receive the following:

  • The benefits of a garage door service with same-day repair!
  • Customer service agents will help throughout the scheduling and troubleshooting process.
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured technicians.
  • A crew that cares about the structural integrity of your garage.
  • A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.
  • And complete customer satisfaction!

Troubleshooting Your Garage Door Issues

Your garage door is a complex mechanism with many different garage door parts working in unison for it to function correctly.

When your garage doors stop working, homeowners will begin troubleshooting garage door problems to understand what is happening.

With a premium garage door repair company around the corner offering same-day solutions around the clock – you don’t have to worry. 

However, knowing the signs of a broken garage door is vital for homeowners.

garage door spring replacement
Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

Faulty Garage Door Springs

Broken garage door springs are one of the common culprits in the scheme of garage door repair, and when your springs break down, you will likely know it.

  • Broken springs cannot lift and lower your garage door properly, so you may notice things look a little crooked or off track.
  • Your garage door may not open all the way or at all with broken garage door springs.
  • A broken spring will have a large gap in the middle of the component once it snaps.
  • This may affect your cables, wearing them down and causing them to hang lower from the ceiling than usual.

Off-Track Garage Door Repairs

Your garage door tracks are there to guide your garage door up and down while opening and closing, so when things are off track, it will cause additional difficulties.

You may notice a gap between your garage door rollers and the track itself, a broken or bent track, or issues when attempting to open and close the garage doors.

garage door off-track should cause homeowners to pause and cease operations.

The experts at Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply are a business you can trust, and they will ensure your tracks are repaired or replaced quickly and efficiently!

torsion cable snapped tarazana
Torsion spring

Snapped Cable

There are typically two types of garage door cables – lift and retaining- both susceptible to damage and the need for repairs.

They work closely with your garage door springs to help hold the weight and balance the weight of your garage door, but over time, they can fray and snap!

You will want to contact a professional service for assistance with this, as it can compromise the safety of anyone using the garage.

When a cable snaps, this changes from a repair job to a replacement, and the locate garage door technicians at Ben’s are available for same-day emergency services in Tarzana, CA!

Sticky or Broken Garage Door

If you are struggling with the proper functioning of your garage doors, there are several reasons garage door repair is necessary.

Whether your garage doors aren’t opening all the way, are stuck closed, and your car is trapped inside, regular operations are noisy, or anything that is interfering with your ability to utilize its functions – Ben’s Garage Door Repair Tarzana offers reputable technicians and an elite garage door service for a speedy resolution!

Are You Contemplating a New Garage Door?

When garage door repairs aren’t enough for your garage doors, many homeowners review the idea of professional garage door replacement.

At some point within a garage door’s standard lifespan of 20 to 30 years, everyone has to consider this – some just choose to move forward with the garage door installation process sooner than others.

With Ben’s Garage Door service available in Tarzana, CA, residents can access an amazing crew with affordable installation options.

garage door inspection tarazana

Analyzing the Condition of Your Garage Doors

Before installing new garage doors and pushing the option of a garage door repair aside, consider the following:

  • The extent of damages or garage door repair needs. The more extensive the damages, the better off you are with choosing installation services.
  • Consider the age of your door; anything close to 20 years of age may require replacement.
  • Is your garage door affecting your safety?
  • Has your garage door recently needed multiple repair services?
  • Does your garage door complement the aesthetics of your home and residential area in Tarzana, CA?

Garage Door Installation Procedures

The installation idea feels like a significant garage door service, but with the team at Ben’s, you are entitled to a stress-free process.

Our garage door repair and replacement specialists are highly skilled and experienced individuals, offering a premium selection of garage door material and brand options.

We want to ensure that all of our customers receive the perfect garage doors for their household, providing long-lasting solutions for families throughout Tarzana, CA, with our garage door installation services!

Garage Door Maintenance in Tarzana, CA

Don’t forget about garage and gate repair and maintenance!

Regular maintenance is necessary for all garage doors to avoid the need for expensive garage door repair projects, a broken spring, and other replacement parts.

Garage Door Repair / Replacement

Garage Door Opener Service Options

Garage door openers are the control panel behind your garage doors.

They signal your garage door to open and close, help keep things safe with sensors, and allow homeowners to operate their space as efficiently as possible.

Without a reliable garage door opener, your garage doors are- back to manual opening and closing, which isn’t conducive to anyone’s modern lifestyle in Tarzana, CA.

Garage Door Opener Repair Options

Ben’s same-day garage door opener repairs are available 24/7 to support the continued safety of your garage door mechanisms and to keep things up and running.

We can help with any of the following repairs:

  • Opener switch problems.
  • Keypad & remote issues.
  • Problems with opening and closing.
  • Opener motor malfunctions.
  • Loud garage door opener operations.
  • Uneven garage door, and more!

Installing New Garage Door Openers

If you are trying to decide between the possibility of repairing or replacing your garage door opener, turning to a professional can help solidify your decision.

With a new garage door opener, you can transform your residential garage door operations and upgrade the technologies in your garage!

Ben’s Garage Door in Tarzana, CA, can assist with replacement parts or having your opening system completely replaced.

With our knowledge, expertise, and opener selection – your house can have a brand-new smart opening system before you know it!

Diamond Springs

People Also Ask

How much does the typical garage door repair cost in Tarzana, CA?

Generally, the average cost for a basic garage door repair service is anywhere from $175 to $650.

The cost of your garage door repair depends on the repair type needed because spring replacement differs from broken cables, etc.

Can I fix a garage door by myself?

It is never a wise idea to attempt repair services on your own, even in an emergency scenario, because you are compromising your safety and the safety of your garage door components.

It is better to hire experienced garage door repair services because not everything is a quick fix, but having someone with expertise on your side will ensure everything is fixed quickly!

What should I do if my garage door is rusting?

Rust can appear on garage doors over time, and with the warm winds and humidity in California, your doors may be subject to the possibility of rust.

If you notice rust on your garage door, you will want to follow these steps:

  • Identify that it is, in fact, rust on your garage door.
  • Begin cleaning with soap and water.
  • Sand the parts affected by the rust.
  • Brush off the dust left behind from the sanding process.
  • Prime and repaint!

Garage door repair and installation is also seen in more extreme circumstances of rusting.

This is a part of the regular maintenance homeowners in Tarzana, CA, may complete on their garage doors, and hiring a team of local professionals ensures the rust is eliminated effectively!

Garage Door Opener Repair Los Angeles, CA

How can I choose the right garage door opener?

Homeowners should choose their garage door openers carefully.

You have to consider your garage door type, weight, functions you would like, lifespan, etc.

Working closely with your garage door technicians, you will have access to their expertise, skills, and knowledge for the installation process.

You must consider the drive, horsepower, backup batteries, power, durability, sizing, price, brand, Wi-fi, etc.

Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply offers customers free quotes and thorough consultations and will work as a team with clients to determine the perfect opening mechanism for your garage!

Why is water leaking into my garage from under the garage doors?

If you notice water leaking into your garage, you are likely suffering from a failing seal.

Your garage door seal will harden and begin failing, typically calling for the homeowner to contact a local, professional garage door company to replace the seal.

garage door services in la

Contact Our Local Professionals for Your Garage Door Repair Needs in Tarzana, CA

Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply has established our business as one of the leading solutions in garage door repair services, replacement options, installations, and continued maintenance.

We leave every job site with satisfied customers and reliable garage door units.

We are committed to superior garage door repair in Tarzana, CA, because every house in the city deserves a local garage door company they can depend on.

The Go-To Technicians for Any Garage Door Service

Contact our office today – if you are experiencing a garage door emergency or need a general garage door repair, replacement parts, or installation services!

We are available 24/7 and look forward to offering you reliable garage door solutions.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Garage Door Services

Reid D. Tarzana, CAOur New Installation Services Were Simple With Ben’s!

“I am beyond impressed with Ben’s ability to provide exceptional customer service, a legitimate assessment of our installation possibilities, and complete the job as quickly as possible.

I absolutely recommend their company for any of your garage or gate needs!”

Reid D. Tarzana, CA

Trey & Teresa S. Tarzana, CAOutstanding Local Garage Door Technicians!

“We have had our opener for quite some time and were well overdue for a legitimate garage door opener repair job.

Ben’s provided a fair quote, replaced the motor, and now our opener works like new!”

Trey & Teresa S. Tarzana, CA

Grayson L. Tarzana, CAFair Pricing, Great Customer Service, & Quality Garage Door Repairs!

“I found the greatest option for garage door repair in Tarzana, CA, with Ben’s Garage Door Services.

Their repair services offer a long-term fix; the crew is professional and incredibly friendly, too!”

Grayson L. Tarzana, CA

Lauren G. Tarzana, CAWe are Loving Our New Garage Door!

“I was pretty nervous about our upcoming garage door installation project, so I researched before proceeding with the replacement process.

Once I met with the technicians at Ben’s, I knew I had found the right business for the job.

They did a fantastic job on the installation process, and we absolutely love our new garage door!”

Lauren G. Tarzana, CA

Meghan B. Tarzana, CAQuick & Easy Garage Door Spring Repair!

“Our garage door springs broke at the worst time as we were moving in my elderly Mom that weekend and needed a working garage door.

I am so grateful for Ben’s same-day repair service options.

Their technicians supplied an accurate quote and replaced our garage door springs in under an hour!”

Meghan B. Tarzana, CA

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