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With a mix of suburbia and urban living all in one, Reseda is a place that supplies the very best of both environments!

From local coffee shops, music venues, outdoor spaces, and comfy neighborhoods to sink into, it has remained one of the most sought-after communities in the Los Angeles area. 

Professionals have flocked to this region of the San Fernando Valley as it is a business district with much promise for those looking for growth or change in their career path. 

But the best part of living in Reseda is for each homeowner to discover themselves!

While there are many magical things about living in the area, no one can get around essential home and garage door maintenance. 

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Expert Solutions for Garage Door Repair in Reseda, CA

Garage doors are the most convenient structures for home entry, car protection, and general security for the property. 

It is difficult to live life without fully functional garage doors. Yet, there comes a time when legitimate garage door repair is necessary in every homeowner’s life. 

When this happens, Reseda garage door services are critical for resolving the issues quickly and seamlessly!

When something goes wrong, it is easy to get distracted or sidetracked by all the negativity and imbalance it can bring to your life. 

Allowing these issues to affect you is entirely avoidable with a quality garage door company in the neighborhood.

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Choosing Your Future Garage Door Repair Company

Residents should carefully choose their garage door repair Reseda, CA, as plenty of service options are less than worthy. 

Locating exemplary professional service in California doesn’t have to be stressful. 

You are probably already going through enough mental and emotional pressure when the initial breakdown or damages reveal themselves.

Ben’s is a locally owned garage and gates company and a well-known high-quality service provider that prioritizes our client’s needs and safety!

We operate with great pride, taking on garage damages and repair needs that seem daunting to most homeowners throughout the Reseda.

Meet the Garage Door Experts: Trusted Professionals in Your Area

Our experts offer free estimates and quality products. Our clients are entitled to a great service and even better technicians. 

Our entire crew comprises licensed, certified, highly trained specialists who remain available day and night for all your garage door repair needs!

We understand the importance and significance of having experts in the area accessible, as garage door breakdowns can occur at any time.

Learn more about our garage door company and how our family-owned business has grown and expanded throughout the Golden State.

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Comprehensive Guide to Garage Door Repairs: What You Need to Know

Garage door repair Reseda has similarities and differences to the rest of the country. 

The environment can create vulnerabilities for garage doors, causing them to wear down due to heat and humidity more than other regions of the nation. 

However, there are the usual garage door repairs that just about any homeowner can experience. 

Awareness of the most common garage door repair possibilities can set you up for success when a breakdown or damage occurs.

Keeping a valuable garage door company on file can also help lend a hand when you are in need!

Same Day Service in Los Angeles: Fast & Friendly Emergency Repairs

Ben’s Garage Door Service techs are always prepared to assist customers as quickly as possible.

Our crew knows everything to know about garage door repair, garage door replacement partsand anything related to the garage sphere!

We offer Reseda residents a free estimate and same-day garage door services. 

We understand how frustrating it can be when your safety sensors are being blinded by the sun or garage door springs have snapped, and we want to be there when needed most.

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Local Garage Door Opener Repair Options

The other half to any garage door is their garage door opener!

It is easy to overlook something hanging over your head or vehicle because the garage door opener will always be there. 

It has modernized how people think about these home spaces, but a garage door opener can break down just as quickly as the doors. 

If you are noticing any of the following, it is likely time to reach out to the pros for comprehensive garage door opener repair:

  • A garage door that has issues when opening or closing. 
  • Problems with the safety sensors. 
  • Strange or loud noises are coming from the system.
  • An uneven garage door.
  • Slow operations.
  • Issues with the remote or keypad. 

Replacing Your Garage Door Springs

The whole purpose of garage door springs is to help carry the weight of the garage doors, and those structures are very heavy. 

Most springs will last up to 10 years, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be trouble along the way or problems that arise prematurely.

Torsion and extension springs have to carry a lot of weight through those years, and without proper maintenance throughout their many cycles of use, they can eventually wear out and break or snap.

Sometimes, homeowners will hear the structure snap; other times, they can see a break or gap in the spring. 

When this occurs, it is critical to contact Ben’s technicians for broken spring repair, as this is an issue of safety and security for the household.

If you have noticed any of the following, the garage door spring may be past the point of repair:

  • The garage doors are jerking when attempting to lift and lower. 
  • The door is uneven or crooked.
  • The door won’t open when prompted with your remote or manually.
  • The garage door falls quickly to the ground when closing.
  • There are high-pitched squeaking noises caused by a broken spring.
  • There is a visible break within the spring device.

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A Garage Door Business to Get Things On-Track

Garage door tracks also help to support the weight of the garage doors, but they provide a lovely space for the rollers, springs, and cables to work together for seamless, everyday operations. 

While every garage door has different needs, one thing remains the same: its tracks should be well lubricated and maintained throughout use. 

Having a garage door that falls off track is not always noticeable at first; sometimes, it is as simple as a misalignment, creating issues when opening and closing the unit. 

Other times, you may have the garage door hanging on for dear life!

If you are currently experiencing any of the following signs or symptoms with your garage door, then it may be time to call on door repair specialists for off-track repairs:

  • There is visible wear or corrosion to the garage door tracks.
  • Homeowners notice an uneven garage door when opening and closing the structure.
  •  The garage door shakes or vibrates when in use.
  • Things are opening and closing slowly.
  • The tracks are dented, or there is ample space between the garage door tracks and rollers.
  • The garage door is stuck in place.

In any of these situations, Ben’s Garage Door Repair in Reseda, CA, offers quick and easy solutions, and we can provide additional assistance with cables and rollers!

new garage doors

Realize the Possibilities of New Garage Door Installation

Most homeowners want to make the most out of the garage door available to their property, but this does not always make sense.

Garage door replacement options and new garage door installation options are not typically the first things on people’s minds when something goes wrong with the doors unless this is the hundredth time it has happened. 

At other times, the household has outgrown the garage door, and residents are looking for a change.

Opening yourself up to new garage door options can change how you interact with home security, regular conveniences, and the comforts of owning a house in Reseda.

Installing a New Garage Door: Benefits and Considerations

Opting out of further garage door repair and moving towards the potential a new garage door can bring your family is a significant decision that often weighs heavily on homeowners across the country.

The age-old repair versus replacement can be challenging to overcome without knowing what you are currently dealing with and what is possible with a new garage door.

New doors bring plenty of benefits to homeowners, and it is likely you, too, can reap the following advantages with a new installation.

  • Enhanced security options with modern garage doors. 
  • Contemporary technologies and safety features.
  • Homeowners save money on energy bills with more efficient garage door options.
  • An increase in property value.
  • New garage door characteristics like durability, functionality, and even beauty.
  • Upgrading the overall curb appeal of the home.

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How Servicing Garage Doors Increases Lifespan and Safety

It is common sense to maintain features throughout any household. 

When new installation or garage door replacement is something you have invested in, then a regular tune-up can help tremendously!

Everyone must invest in maintenance for everything from homes and property to relationships. 

Maintaining your new garage door is equally important and simple with local professionals.

As the leading service provider in Reseda, our experts suggest completing maintenance appointments twice annually.

With Ben’s Garage Door technicians, our crew provides excellent workmanship, a detailed investigation, and even preventative options like garage door insulation and weather stripping!

Latest Innovations in Garage Door Openers: A Buyer’s Guide in Los Angeles County

When residents choose to upgrade or replace a garage door, the opener is usually next in line.

The garage door opener must align and fully support the garage doors in everyday operations, so many new options are available to the public. 

Smart garage door openers are the future and will continue to evolve and grow to make everyone’s lives more convenient. 

These options allow clients to access their garage directly from a smart device, create personal passcodes for entry, and control and even see the space no matter where they are located!

Ben’s Garage Door Service in Reseda is dedicated to bringing innovative garage door openers to clients in the community when and if they are prepared for new installation or replacement.

Our company carries top-of-the-line manufacturers and a wide variety of opening systems to enhance security, safety, and the newly found comforts of home!

garage door faq

FAQs with Professional Garage Door Services

What are the best garage door materials to use in Reseda, California?

Locating the perfect set of garage doors begins with choosing the suitable materials. 

Garage door materials are the fabric matter of how durable, flexible, and capable the structure is of withstanding the elements they are exposed to every day of the year.

There are many options on the market, but only a few stand as the best garage door materials in the Los Angeles area.

The southern part of California has a coastal vibe and coastal environments.

Heat and humidity are factors to consider when moving forward with new garage door installation or replacement services.

Glass and aluminum materials are generally the best defense against the elements, and they can provide a beautiful aesthetic to complete the property.

How much does it usually cost to fix garage doors that are jammed?

Jammed garage doors are one of the more frustrating garage door repairs in Reseda, CA.

However, when homeowners call their local garage door service, the cost of those repairs is likely a significant factor in scheduling that assistance.

Fixing a garage door jam can cost anywhere from $250 to $800, depending on the circumstances and complexity of the jam.

garage door problems

What is the most cost-effective way to replace a garage door?

So many factors feed into the cost of enhancing your home’s aesthetics with a new garage door.

There isn’t necessarily one thing that will be on everyone’s radar, but mindfulness is required when people make this kind of investment. Money is often a significant factor in a homeowner’s decision, but cannot rule the entire choice.

Getting what you pay for remains a statement for a reason, but finding the perfect option within budget is entirely possible with legitimate professionals to guide you through the project.

Customers should consider the following:

  • Requesting free estimates to compare and discounts from garage door companies in Reseda, CA.
  • Considering material options, some are cheaper than others but may not be suitable for the Los Angeles weather patterns.
  • Size of the garage door required & insulation options.

Are weather seals needed in Southern California?

Living in Reseda, CA, there is no question that weather stripping is always worth it. Weather sealing can help to seal off noise pollution, offering additional comforts and privacy from the outside world.

It also can prevent moisture and water from entering the garage space, affecting the vehicles or anything stored inside. 

Stripping is there to seal out the elements, and if you notice moisture coming into the garage, it may be time to make a replacement.

Can I replace a portion of garage door panels rather than the entire garage door?

Parts of your garage doors can be damaged due to storms and accidents. When a garage door panel is worn or damaged, it can affect how the door operates, commonly called an eye sore.

When this happens, homeowners in Reseda, CA, wonder if they need to replace the entire garage or a single garage door panel.

It is possible to repair or replace a single garage door panel or group of garage door panels without tuning up and installing a brand-new unit. 

garage door services


Securing Your Home with the Best in Garage Door Repair 

As a trusted and family-owned business in the Los Angeles area, Ben’s Garage Door Service is committed to helping clients with everything garage-related. 

Whether you have a broken spring, need a tune-up, or need replacement parts, our team of technicians is fully accessible for help.

Call our technicians for a free quote and complete consultation on your upcoming garage door repair service in Reseda, CA. We look forward to becoming your sole garage door repair service provider!

Customers Share Their Experience on Our Top-Notch Service

personaOne of the best garage door companies in Los Angeles County!

“Our family is so impressed with the company’s quality workmanship, professional manner, and dedication to our needs. They diagnosed an issue with the rollers and had everything replaced in under an hour!”

The Smith Family Reseda, CA

personaThe crew helped us install new garage door openers at an affordable price!

“We have double garage doors, and the opening systems have been there for quite some time, so when it came time for replacement, our friends in Santa Clarita referred us to Ben’s. They offered a free consultation and quote and helped us locate the perfect garage door openers at a fair price and with a fabulous warranty!”

Eric & Morgan R. Reseda, CA

personaThey did a great job fixing our garage door when it fell off track!

“Our garage door was hanging much lower on one side when opening and closing, and the entire thing was making loud noises when in operation. These technicians were able to repair the tracks quickly, and now everything is back to normal!”

Killian & Anya F. Reseda, CA

personaProfessional technicians dedicated to complete customer satisfaction!

“When our garage door wouldn’t open or close, I considered calling the local hardware store and troubleshooting everything from home. Luckily, I found Ben’s emergency services available, and they could get out there within an hour to diagnose and provide an estimate for repairs!”

Joseph M. Reseda, CA

personaAn excellent service for garage door spring repair in Reseda, CA!

“I recently moved from Van Nuys, and while getting to know my new house, a garage door spring broke. This was the worst time for it to happen as we prepared for our newest addition. I thought I was part of a series of unfortunate events until Ben’s Garage Door Service showed up, and they were able to make a replacement!”

Lucas V. Reseda, CA

personaThe crew helped replace the garage door opener motor quickly!

“Our garage door was making its usual noises, but it could not open, so we began looking for a local service provider we could trust.  Ben’s technicians immediately made us feel at ease, supplied a straightforward quote, and completed the new installation all in one fail swoop!”

Gio & Ryan T. Reseda, CA

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