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Reseda, CA garage door servicves

Garage Door Repair

For a superior and unmatched garage door repair service in Reseda, CA, call Ben’s Garage Door repair. Your garage door system keeps your family, home, and belongings safe and sound from harmful elements, including thieves. Therefore, you deserve a superior door that you can rely on to hold up to many decades of use. We provide high-quality garage door repair at Ben’s Garage Door Repair and an impressive selection of functional, stylish, and rugged replacement doors to meet our clients’ different requirements.

garage door repair reseda

We at Ben’s Garage Door Repair believe that high-quality service is vital, and we work diligently and hard to keep our unbeatable reputation and excellent reviews. If you choose us to do the garage door repair service, we will do more than fix the issue, and we will include safety inspections and maintenance checks. As our mobile service is fully stocked, we can finish the repair on the sport. Our Reseda garage door repair services including:

  • Springs
  • Inside wall units
  • Garage door remote controls
  • Cables
  • Rollers
  • Keypads
  • Openers (all makes and models)
  • Garage door panels (and new doors, too)
  • Weatherstripping/bottom rubber
  • Miscellaneous parts as well as accessories

Call Ben’s Garage Door Repair now to know how we can help you with your garage door repair needs!

Garage Door Replacement in Reseda, CA

Finally, it is time to upgrade that old or aging garage door system for your business or home. Our high-quality garage door replacement service in Reseda will surely meet your needs and budget. We represent the top and reliable garage door brands. Our products come from companies that are renowned for durability and quality. We have Amarr garage Clopay, garage door, LiftMaster garage door, and a whole lot more.

Ben’s Garage Door Repair employs service technicians with many years of experience in the service with professional garage door replacement. We can replace and install every type of garage door, from classic doors to the most modern and stylish garage door designs on hand for your home at this point.

Ben’s team pride itself on being capable of providing you both the best in value and quality. We are skilled in bringing to your awareness many varied choices for you to select from, so You will make your decision from an array of style choices available- each option representing our value for you.

If you are exhausted from dealing with a broken-down, outdated garage door, worry no more. With our replacement service, you can obtain the efficiency, high quality, and value of construction you want to add superb value to your home. Our professional technicians can assists you pick the right garage door that will meet your exceptional needs. Ben’s team also comprehensively selects replacement parts to keep a new entry in tip-top condition.

So, if you need a garage door replacement service in Reseda and beyond, please call us at (323) 302-1223 to speak to our experts. Ben’s team is looking forward to doing business with you!

Garage Door Spring

garage door spring replacement

We at Ben’s Garage Door Repair can and will assist with your garage door spring repair and installation or replace them when needed. Our technicians have been skilled and knowledgeable in garage door springs and have been doing this for decades now, so they are very much qualified to deal with your garage door springs and help get your garage door system up and working again.

A garage door spring is one of the essential components of a garage door system. Once you open and close the garage door, they perform all the heavy lifting. They are also responsible for the smooth lifting and lowering of the garage door. Therefore, if they stop working, it could be a complex and bad situation. Regardless of the case, we are here to help.

Life happens and sometimes at the most tiresome times. The garage door springs requiring repair in Reseda can occur without warning. You want someone who can make themselves available regardless of the time of the day to fix or replace the door springs. That is Ben’s Garage Door Repair. Here, with us, you can count on 24/7 service to assists you with your door springs repair, replacement, and installation needs.

If you want to know more (and learn) about garage door springs repair and installation, please feel free to call us anytime you want!

Did your garage door fall off the tracks?

Garage Door Installation

Choosing a new stylish door for your home with many other service providers can often be challenging. At Ben’s Garage Door Repair, looking for the best one and getting it quickly installed is our specialty.

With Ben’s Garage Door Repair, we have a fantastic choice of stylish garage doors ready to install. They are storm-resistant as well as code-approved.

Our garage door installs in Reseda are assured to be set up to code and let you qualify for a cut in homeowner insurance premium with wind mitigation standards being reached and met.

We just provide installations with the best and renowned brands you trust and are familiar with. With the work our technicians do, we can perform the task cheaper than another service provider. We buy our products in bulk, so we are passing the considerable savings to our customers.

Ben’s Garage Door Repair provides the most reliable garage door installation service not available anywhere in Reseda. You can call us at (323) 302-1223 to learn more about our installation service!

How many struts do I need for the garage door?

Garage door experts recommend installing three reinforcement struts on a standard double garage door as a general rule. If you own a garage door with windows in the top section, install as many as four struts. Typically, steel garage doors need just one strut. However, a 16′ wood garage door is likely to need at least three struts.

Garage Door Openers in Reseda, CA

We are your leading garage door openers repair and replacement company in Reseda!

We are proud to serve Reseda and carried the best series of garage door openers, including the following:

  • Chamberlain garage door openers
  • Liftmaster garage door openers
  • Genie garage door opener
  • Craftsman garage door opener
  • And a whole lot more!

Our garage door openers in Reseda come with a lifetime motor warranty and are accessible in a chain drive, jackshaft, and belt drive configuration. Contact us now and get the openers of your garage door installed today!

liftmaster gate opener in reseda ca
Liftmaster garage door Reseda, CA

Regardless of how much you enjoy Do It Yourself projects, many garage door work, including garage door opener repair and replacement, is best left to the hand of professionals. Let our skilled and professional team handle the repair and replacement of your garage door openers. Our specialists are well trained, screened as well as certified to make sure complete peace of mind.


How to Insulate a Garage Door

  1. Below is a short and concise guide by Ben’s experts on how to insulating a garage door:
  2. Measure, mark and set up the retainer pins
  3. Cut the battling and then lock it in place
  4. Mount doorstop weather stripping
  5. Realign to get hold of the movement of the garage door
  6. Set up a new bottom seal
  7. Slide in the bottom seal

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About Reseda, CA

Reseda is considered one of the best and beautiful neighborhoods located in San Fernando Valley in LA, CA. The locality of Reseda was founded in the year 1912, and its major business district began growing in 1915. This locality was devoted to agriculture for several years, but at this point, there are other essential services available, including garage door repair.

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