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LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

Smart homes are a convenient way for you to control your surrounding environment. Garage door openers are no exception since a properly working one makes it easy for you to enter and exit the driveway. It would help if you considered a garage door opener that links directly with your smartphone, so you don’t have to operate everything manually. Bring comfort and convenience to your garage door by getting the correct installation and a great product.

Importance of Garage Door Openers

liftmaster garage door opener in los angeles
An old Liftmaster Garage Door Opener in LA

Garage door openers manage the weight of your entire door. A properly functioning opener should also have security features that prevent the door from closing in on you. Moreover, some automatic garage door openers have built-in lights so that you can see in the dark late at night. With the right garage door openers, you can enjoy all the benefits of comfort, safety, convenience, and security. With all this in mind, all you need to do is install a garage door opener with a company you can trust.

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply

We are Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply, and we continue to serve our customers with a high satisfaction rating. During our garage door openers installation, we work directly with major brands, most notably the respected LiftMaster. We ensure the entire process is professionally done, suitably – we comply with safety regulations and only use the highest quality materials for our supplies.

LiftMaster Professional Models

Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply uses only the most professional models from the LiftMaster system. LiftMaster is a trusted brand when it comes to garage door openers. From wall mounts to chain and belt drive openers, you have plenty of advanced options for your smart home.

The vast majority of Liftmaster models use MyQ technology, which allows you to operate the opener through your smartphone. Every model has its own specific details that go into your garage door experience. If you are looking for a programing LiftMaster garage door opener, below are several models you can choose:

LiftMaster 828LM

LiftMaster 828LM myq los angeles
LiftMaster 828LM Set in LA

In conjunction with the LiftMaster MyQ system, you can set up a smart home garage. Download the MyQ app so you can use your smartphone to gain access to your garage. It includes programming, a network cable, and a power supply.

LiftMaster 8500

Garage Door Opener – LiftMaster 8500

This model is part of the LiftMaster Elite Series; it’s a side mount garage door opener. The wall-mount installation gives you plenty of overhead space. The jackshaft garage door opener is smooth, resilient, and speedy. A powerful deadbolt lock prevents break-ins.

LiftMaster 8355

LiftMaster 8355 opener
Garage Door Opener – LiftMaster 8355

The LiftMaster 8355w uses an AC belt drive with a three-button remote. With the LiftMaster remotes, you can use a multifunctional control panel for commands. The power system conserves good amounts of energy, which makes it efficient. You can use it with MyQ technology on your smartphone.

LiftMaster 8550

LiftMaster 8550 opener la
Garage door opener – LiftMaster 8550

Also known as the LiftMaster 8550W, it’s a belt drive opener. The smart control panel has three buttons and is Wi-Fi enabled. Dual lighting is provided with a lens cover, with up to 200 watts. There are battery backups in case the first runs out of energy.

LiftMaster 877max

It uses rolling code technology that prevents replay attacks from burglars. A protective cover weatherstrips the garage door opener. The LiftMaster keypad is backlit so that you can see in the dark. It’s compatible with any other LiftMaster garage door opener.

LiftMaster WLED

LiftMaster WLED opener
LiftMaster WLED Garage door opener

The LiftMaster WLED 12v is a belt drive opener with smart control and dual lights. You can automatically close your garage door with a set timer. There is also a warning system in place with visual and audible cues. With the LED system, you get corner-to-corner lighting in the garage.

LiftMaster LA400

LiftMaster LA400 gate opener
Los Angeles’s LiftMaster LA400 supplier

There is a solar-ready system that delivers power with energy efficiency. Installation and troubleshooting are made easy with a diagnostic LED display. You get a power cell, one arm to control the lifting system, and a battery backup.

LiftMaster 8160W

LiftMaster 8160W garage opener los angeles
Garage Door Opener – LiftMaster 8160W

You can enjoy smooth lift transitions with the DC-powered motor system. The chain drive uses industrial strength for maximum lifting power. Amazon Prime delivery packages enable extra security.

LiftMaster 893Max

LiftMaster 893Max transmitter remote
LiftMaster 893Max – Garage Door Transmitter

Also known as the LiftMaster 893LM, you open the garage with a remote transmitter. The LiftMaster garage door remotes and keypads are easy to program. Controls up to three different MyQ accessories.

LiftMaster 8365

LiftMaster 8365 garage opener
Garage Door Opener – LiftMaster 8365

This wall mount garage door opener allows a keyless entry system for extra security. The LiftMaster gate opener consumes less than 75% power when in standby mode. It uses secure codes and safety sensors to protect your household.

LiftMaster LA500

garage door opener LiftMaster LA500
LiftMaster LA500 – Dual Swing gate opener

The gate arm can be attached right to your LiftMaster garage door. The control board makes it easy to use the LiftMaster garage door opener remotes. The built-in battery allows itself to charge while not consuming as much energy.

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Even though reading about garage door openers may be comforting, let us show you just how great it can be with friendly and efficient our services. Help you and your family sleep better at night knowing you have a garage door that you can rely on. Call us today!

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